Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on September 29, 2013: I'm an English teacher and language guru and have never heard of oronym. She wound up with a genuine Star Wars doll – a toy Yoda. He indulged in one scam after another. I prefer to study rather than play. See more. :). ;). -- at an angle; sloping 0228 -- asperity (n.) -- harshness of tone || related word: aspersions (n.) 0229 -- aspire (v.) -- to aim big 0230 -- assail (v.) -- to attack sb violently; to criticize sb strongly 0231 -- assault (n./v.) 0012 -- abjure (v.) -- to give up a belief or idea publicly; to renounce 0013 -- ablaze (adj.) My apologies for the struggle - it happened to me, too, the first time but got easier as I began to understand the sounds of 'anguish languish.' Xfst is a finite state tool that works on character strings assigning previously stated categories to allow, then, the automatic analysis of expressions. Get a Smartphone and dictate into it and I can assure you that you will be kept laughing for hours. Structure (1) ---- Word + and + Word Structure (2) ---- Comparative + and + Comparative Structure (3) ---- Word + after + Word Structure (4) ---- Word + by + Word Structure (5) ---- Word + to + Word Structure (6) ---- Word + on/upon + Word Structure (7) ---- Word + against/of/for/in/with + Word Structure (8) ---- The more, less, etc…, the more, less, etc… Structure (9) ---- Combination of the Same Words Structure (10) ---- Repetition of Various Words Structure (11) ---- Repetition of Words More than Once Structure (12) ---- Repetition of ‘Group of Words’ Structure (13) ---- Repetition of ‘Two Different Words’ Structure (14) ---- Miscellaneous Patterns Exercises: 1(A) and 1(B) Exercises: 2(A) and 2(B) What is “Repetition of Words”? How to say part of speech in sign language? Just a grate peace of righting. They are generally used in the form of pair of words. ‘Again and again’ [meaning -- many times] She was wiping her tears again and again. This often filters out possibilities that "don't make sense" from the user's viewpoint, and leads to improved recognition. This little girl often wore a pretty little red cloak with her little red hood, and for this reason people called her Little Red Riding Hood.

He came after night had fallen. But I must admit I kind of got a headache trying to decipher. I'll drink to that! I get the homophone bit but the oronyms really had me confused and laughing. What a scintillating, descriptive hub that 'wood bee!'. The Frog Prince from Arlington, TX on September 20, 2013: Oh boy! The entire book is written in oronyms which the brilliant author labeled as anguish languish (English language). -- self-confident || related words: assertively (adv. Audrey Howitt from California on October 02, 2013: Well this was certainly cool--and entertaining! The phrase networks of Chinese show small world, scale-free and disassortative mixing features in our previous paper [10]. drbj and sherry (author) from south Florida on October 20, 2013: I have been around, Wayne, long enough to see a number of presidents come and go, and most of them had the good sense to communicate, not dictate. This is a funny educational hub and I enjoyed reading it. [4] Toponymy is a branch of onomastics, the study of proper names of all kinds.


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