often results from conditions that are difficult to diagnose and treat, and that may take a

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We also treat osteoarthritis with hcPRP – most of our patients get excellent results including reduced pain and swelling and increased range of motion. What to expect? See our procedures. At, Copyright 2009 © Richmond Pain Management Center | SolutioNZS Corporation. Our clinic offers state of the art image-guided treatments for chronic pain. Find out the permanent solution to your headaches and migraines now. To learn more or to find out if one of these pain management services might be right for you, please call or email: 604-709-8522 / 1-877-709-8522 info@canadadiagnostic.com. To ensure you are a good candidate for an injection at Canada Diagnostic, our radiologists will review your doctor’s referral and diagnostic imaging before we make an appointment with you. Our Services. We take great pride in taking care of our patients and relieving their never-ending pain. PRP – or platelet-rich plasma – is being studied and used by sports medicine specialists around the world. False Creek Health Care Centre.

Effective and permanent solutions to your rotator cuff and frozen shoulder. Pain that goes on for months or years is called chronic pain. Pain Treatments . Acute pain, such pain resulting from trauma, often has a reversible cause and may require only transient measures and correction of the underlying problem. The scientific evidence for its benefits remains inconclusive. It’s a straight-forward procedure where our radiologist first locates the area to be treated using ultrasound, the skin is prepped, a local anaesthetic in injected, and then uslng ultrasound to guide the procedure, our radiologist will break up the calcium and remove it by syringe. ... # 160, 6111 River Road Richmond BC V7C 0A2. Melbourne Chronic Pain Elimination and Treatment clinic specialises in eliminating long term pain that has not responded to other treatments. Conditions Treated Prolotherapy ... North Vancouver, BC, V7M 2K2, Canada 604-709-8522 or 1-877-709-8522, Canada Diagnostic CentresPhone: 604-709-8522 Toll Free: (877) 709-8522 Fax: 604-709-6112 info@canadadiagnostic.com, This website is intended for Canadian residents only, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Ultrasound Screening, Accelerated healing and return-to-play.
13 clinics.

Our patient-centered philosophy involves educating patients about their treatment options; whether it is nonsurgical, interventional or surgical.

Dr. Smith’s hcPRP concentration technique has patents pending in Canada, the United States and the European Union. Our clinic uses a range of chronic pain treatments from pain medication, therapy and lifestyle changes to the most technically advanced interventions and surgeries. A local anaesthetic is used to temporarily dull the pain in the area being treated and often a steroid is also used to help reduce inflammation or irritation of a nerve, tendon or ligament. Dr Ivy Pang Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic (4.1 km) 1263-8338 Capstan Way Richmond, BC, … To learn more or to find out if one of these pain management services might be right for you, please call or email: 604-709-8522 / 1-877-709-8522 info@canadadiagnostic.com.

hcPRP was developed by Dr. Astley E. Smith B.Sc., M.Sc., DMD, Founder and President of Global Autografting Inc. and the Global Autografting Institute.

only transient measures and correction of the underlying problem. Welcome to Richmond Pain Management Center where our motto is "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional". Find out why you have knee pain and how to fix it. *hcPRP uses a proprietary 3-stage concentration technique, resulting in platelet concentrations of 25 – 45 times baseline. Using autologous thrombin means no chance of infection transmission or rejection, Radiologist uses ultrasound or CT images to guide the placement of the needle = Accuracy of delivery.
See details. Barbotage is a technique used to dissolve and remove calcium that can build up on tendons (calcific tendinitis). 258 results for Physicians & Surgeons - Pain Management in Richmond, BC. Examples include pain from an injury, a headache, childbirth, or right after surgery.

When tendon problems don’t respond to traditional treatment (rest or modifying activities, physiotherapy and medications), an injection of your own blood plasma may stimulate healing of the tendon.


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