Here’s what someone from the University of Kentucky said on the forum: “Stomach upset eating pawpaw seems worse in cooked pawpaw, and even worse in dried pawpaw/fruit leather- I have heard enough reports of people getting sick to their stomach eating pawpaw fruit leather that I would not recommend making it. Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer After a trip to the restroom I felt a little bit better and went about my day however still not feeling that great. Historically, plants and fruits of Annonaceae (particularly Annona muricata and Annona squamosa) have been consumed in va... Peterson is a well known breeder who patented many varieties. I don’t think we can watch a few minute video of a man we know nothing about and use that to suggest he is sick and that the cause of his sickness is paw paw consumption. If he doesn’t, I’d think there would be a very long list of possible causes that would be more likely than paw paw poisoning. I have no idea whether or not paw paws are a potential health problem. On his table were greenish colored, oval shaped objects some of them still hanging off branches. Immediate thoughts of what I could do with the fruit started filling my head. The experience of one paw paw eater just isn’t a large enough sample size to draw even a suspicion. Neal’s Parkinson-like symptoms have been discussed for at least a year online. I ate it raw. My wife won’t eat them because there’s just something about them she doesn’t like. I understand your position and as I said, nothing wrong with you stating your own opinion- that’s what I’m doing. you would think he would speak up and tell people his symptoms have nothing to do with pawpaw consumption. Annonacin toxicity was enhanced in the presence of crude extract.Pawpaw fruit contains a high concentration of annonacin, which is toxic to cortical neurons. My body is definitely angry! I cut it horizontally, took a spoon and dug in for a little taste. Both alkaloids and annonacin, the most abundant acetogenin, were toxic in vitro to dopaminergic and other neurons. evaluate each food you eat, and its potential toxins, on its own merits. It’s human nature to see someone with a condition and try to determine what the ailment is. Until it is better understood, I will limit/eliminate my consumption of Annonaceae fruits. Pawpaw fruit contains a high concentration of annonacin, which is toxic to cortical neurons. I also have an aunt with severe Parkinson’s disease that we suspect is linked to pesticide exposure. The chemical is known to cause an atypical Parkinson’s disease. For those that can eat it without any symptoms, paw paw has some great benefits. During my research I came upon a forum discussing paw paw intolerances. I had my first pawpaw today and about 1-2 hours later had horrendous cramps, nausea and diarrhea. We finally have an amazing crop of pawpaw fruit on our two trees this year. Some people like me are just more sensitive to the properties of the fruit. Your email address will not be published. Lots of people eat the paw paw raw and cooked with no problems. More importantly, these kinds of inferences that seem to suggest that IF (a huge if) he has some kind of parkinson-type disease that it was caused by consuming paw-paws is an even bigger leap. In other cases, individuals may be allergic to the leaves or the fruit skin (Peterson, 1991).”. Paw paw has high concentrations of a chemical property called annonacin. But this tiny ad has never caused regrets: Rocket Mass Heater Manual - now free for a while, current server time (not your local time) is, Pawpaw and Human Toxicity / Neurodegeneration, Here’s a better approach - Intrigued, I asked the man what it was, he replied that it was paw paw fruit. Your email address will not be published. Pawpaw fruit contains a high concentration of annonacin, which is toxic to cortical neurons. I have been growing them since the early 1990s. Every once in a while I will get a intestinal/bowel reaction and that generally occurs early on in the season & I assume it is because I have not had the fruit for a while. That’s another fact. There are some people right here in this site who have consumed large amounts of paw paws for many years and don’t have any ill-effects. So I have hope that the next ripe one will be no problem. I rushed to the bathroom where I stayed for the next hour (it seemed like eternity) vomiting, sweating and having diarrhea. Are we getting more and worse total toxins when eating a few or dozen pawpaw than what we are getting in the other foods we eat. Annonacin in Asimina triloba fruit: Implication for neurotoxicity I’m glad your sickness subsided before a trip to the ER! I found some interesting information. I appreciate you bringing this up as I had never heard of the possibility before. Heck most drinking water has all kinds of toxic bromides and chlorides added. At least the trees are beautiful! This study determined whether annonacin is in the pawpaw fruit pulp and whether it or the crude ethyl acetate extract is toxic to cortical neurons.Pawpaw extract was prepared by pulp extraction with methanol and liquid-liquid partitioning with ethyl acetate (EtOAc). Another fact. The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or I only had a few scoops of it raw and an hour later almost fell down shaking, vomiting, strong stomach cramps, heart palpitations, dry mouth, and the worst migraine ever. However we have focused our work on annonacin for two reasons: (1) annonacin was toxic in nanomolar concentrations, whereas micromolar concentrations of the alkaloids were needed, (2) acetogenins are potent mitochondrial poisons, like other parkinsonism-inducing compounds. Whether you choose to stop consuming these plants or not is your personal decision. i.e: crossing the street that in most people’s minds far outweighs the cost of not doing so. Crude fruit extract also induced neurotoxicity, highlighting the need for additional studies to determine the potential risks of neurodegeneration associated with chronic exposure to pawpaw products.” As someone who grew up eating custard apple in the tropics, an incredible delicious fruit, this was a rude and scary wake up call. Look for yourself, the video is on this page. Later on still not feeling well I went to sleep around 11:00pm. What one person can digest well, another person might not be able to digest at all. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. I happily left the market with my treasure. Crossing a street could result in your being involved in an accident, so should you avoid crossing the street? The acetogenin, annonacin, from the tropical annonaceous plant Annona muricata, is a lipophilic, mitochondrial complex I inhibitor reported to be more toxic than rotenone to mesencephalic neurons. I don’t know much about it, but saw a post on Our Figs, I did know about the toxin. Lewis and Clark also ate the fruit during their expedition in 1810. The temperate annonaceous plant Asimina triloba (pawpaw) is native to the Eastern United States and products are available online. . I’m so disappointed because it was so delicious, but I don’t think I’ll be having pawpaw ever again. Once that ripening process gets past a certain point the more likely there may be a reaction and the closer you get to the skin or seed is the point your taste buds will sense a change in the taste. Is atypical parkinsonism in the Caribbean caused by the consumption of Annonacae? My son cannot eat them because they cause him stomach problems. Annonacin in Asimina triloba fruit: implication for neurotoxicity. Pecan Media: food forestry and forest garden ebooks Now available: The Native Persimmon (centennial edition), If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I will then leave it to your discretion whether or not you want to try paw paw for yourself. Pawpaws have acetogenins. , So, I live in central Ohio near OSU and I have consumed Paw Paws since age 9 (like over 70 years) all over Ohio & I have grown Paw Paws trees in my yard. We all play doctor in our own heads sometimes. I had a very close family member die from Parkinsons and watching Neal in that video brought back a lot of memories of that. I was the one who posted the link to the original in the forum. I’m thinking when I ate my Paw Paw it was spoiled already. The waffles smelled amazing because of the fruity smell of the paw paw fruit.


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