The teas are hearty, full of flavor, and are comforting from head to toe & inbetween! The book gave me a lot of good information something the Dr. gave me none of!I've started taking fiber with every meal andThax so much for being their for people with this condition its made the biggest difference.I was at the end of my rope.Know I have a plan. When my stomach feels tight I go to my Heathers peppermint teabags. Thanks, Heather!

Pour 8 ounces boiling water over one tea bag. Is it just the one canister? Now we have a new appreciation for this tea! The peppermint tea works well as well.

I had already gone through one package and ordered 3 more! This is a very good company for purchasing products to help with IBS. Peppermint Tea Bags offer a crisp, refreshing flavour and a simply irresistible aroma. I drink it everyday sometimes 3 times a day. The book gave me a lot of good information something the Dr. gave me none of!I've started … Really works-eases pain and cramping so episodes of IBS are decreased. Wonderful taste and has definitely helped me!!

My boyfriend does have IBS; we got the peppermint and the fennel teas, and the fennel helps him with gas and bloating. I should be ashamed. And you get so many teabags in one tin it really is a great buy. Tea warms me up calms down my stomach after drinking. Quantity: 150 or 300 biodegradable peppermint tea bags. It is the first thing I drink each morning with my fiber stirred in. I have IBS symptoms and follow your blogs. I have IBS and it does wonders for tummy pain. They work right away too.

For the first time in my 66 years someone has offered a product that helps! I've done antibiotics and fecal infusions to much help but the relief is not permanent. It really helps when I have an upset stomach. We love this tea! It keeps me off sodas and keeps me from years of chronic bloating, gas and constipation. I used to have 2or 3 but don't need that much anymore. I'm not a big fan of peppermint flavor, but I need it for my tummy. Call toll free 866-TEA … Thanks to all. I love your products. That should never happen. I continue to be happy with the Tummy Tea...Thanks ..Pat Mattingly. Great product, really helps calm the stomach.

I had tried other peppermint products resulting in no relief. Im a lifelong customer for sure!!!

I make iced tea with Heather's Peppermint and Fennel teas (sweetened with raw honey) - it's the best! Calms tummy instantly. Are you our biggest peppermint fan?! I brew enough in the morning to keep a supply ready to heat up when I need it throughout the day. It is so much better than any other peppermint tea that you buy anywhere else. Dr. TL told me about peppermint. I have been using the Peppermint tea regularly and I can really tell its soothing and I like it. Without a doubt, this tea and all of Heather's Tummy Care products have saved my wife. There were a few times where I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible pain from my IBS and I would drag myself to the kitchen to make a cup of this peppermint tea and drink and it would settle the pain within 5 minutes of drinking this so that I can go back to sleep.

It's very helpful in relieving gas, pain, and cramps. Works great for me when my stomach acts up. They provide great relief. I couldn't live without my peppermint tea!!!

Your teas and tummy fiber has given me the relief as well as peace of mind to control the symptoms. I use the mint tea for warm and cold tea. Great product! I wake up every morning without bloat. I prefer in hot but will even drink it cold or room temperature. Thanks Heather!! I drink at work and at home nearly every night and it helps settle my stomach. SheilaW, I have been drinking your tummy peppermint tea for years. My tummy is feeling better already.

It didn't even cost me for the hot water at the convenience stores.

The peppermint tea has helped with stomach growling and cramping, along with urgency. If I cheat a little on my low fat diet, I have a cup of tea and I don't have any trouble. I love this peppermint tea. the tea has helped calm things down so I havent had to throw away underwear for nearly 2 weeks now. The Peppermint tea is very good its helped me a lot the bags are a little large I feel like I'm wasteing a lot of tea. I love this tea and find it very soothing to my tummy. lol! Thank you so much! No need to put any type of sweetners in the tea. GET 10% OFF WITH THE DISCOUNT CODE "STAYHEALTHY". Thank you Heather. I would rate all your products 5 star. Get it as soon as Mon, Jun 1. Quantity: 150 or 300 biodegradable peppermint tea bags. I first ordered this tea as part of a kit in early May, and I love it. Your products seem to be helping me. I was very pleased with free shipping and the sale price...wish it would last. I enjoy the intensity of the peppermint tea even when I am not having IBS problems. Love the peppermint tea. Even tea in Fresh Market or Whole Foods can't compare with the quality of your tea. This tea works very quickly to reduce or eliminate intestinal pain. Steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Great for IBS. It really does help the pain. I really like it! Used this product for several years. This peppermint tea is the real deal and comes in large bags. But what is so nice is that it is local....I live in Portland and Heather is from Seattle. I frequently brew a pot of tea with two bags of the peppermint tea and two bags of the fennel tea. I buy other peppermint tea to have on hand in case I have company that want's tea, but I keep Heather's tea for myself.

Thats never happened before. I make a pitcher of this tea almost daily and really enjoy drinking it cold. Along with no problems with any purchase or delivery, any questions I've sent about IBS have been answered in 24 hours or less. I've been using your organic teas for a number of years now.

Discover premium herbal teas. As with all our bulk buys and bundles you'll save on the price too! Came in new condition and on time-3 tins of Peppermint Tea.

I love the fennel for bloating. EXCELLENT, REALLY REALLY REALLY works!!!! Love it. It is very refreshing and soothing. 95 Now I brew in a clear cup and have a strainer ready in case I need it. I bought some peppermint (organic) at Whole Foods but yours is much better. For over a year now I've been struggling with IBS for the first time in my life and had to give up my beloved Starbuck's coffee. I really enjoy the tea and the capsules work to ease the cramping, love the tea so refreshing helps settle my stomach. If I need something later in the day I have a few peppermint capsules or another cup of just peppermint tea. He was in pain one night and decided to try the tea. I also use another special organic tea. I drink the Fennel Tea at night before bed. Thank you, Heather, from both of us. Been using Heather's products for a number of years - the teas and the fiber product do exactly what they are supposed to do - and I use them daily! Pyramid teabags allow extra space for leaves to infuse, bringing more flavor into each cup; Each whole leaf pyramid bag can be brewed 2 or 3 times All around great product! Your tea is so much better. Tea has greatly soothed my abdominal discomfort. Super product.

Drink as often as you like. I find it is much more full bodied than a peppermint tea from the store. Delivered quicker than expected. I drink it everyday, and it really helps soothe my cranky IBS tummy! They are stronger than what I get at the grocery store and I need stronger. Top quality mint tea for anyone with IBS or not! Two months ago, while searching the Internet, I found the "big kahuna" kit. I have her cookbook and use it all the time! Provides some help, but my problems could be more in the upper digestive system. Thanks for you support from you web site. Hi Janet - I am so terribly sorry to hear this. Thank you, I have a few allergies to foods and have to keep a balanced diet without any processed foods. really helps tummy problems. iam ok with the teas , there was one of the can that was perforated at the bottom i beleived it was from the post office . I have used a lot of different brands of this flavor and this one is without any question the best. Our bulk pyramid teabags feature: 50 plant-based pyramid teabags, each filled with 2 grams of whole leaf herbal tea; Brew your own exquisite cup of tea for as low as $.38/cup! This product helps so much with IBSD symptoms and helps keep me regular. The perfect and natural way to calm the digestion.

I have tried a Spearmint tea from the health food store and it was much gentler. I'm glad I found your website. We love it is natural, who wants to use chemicals if you already have stomach trouble, right?

My co-workers ask me for it when they don't feel well and certain times of the month when they have cramps.

I drink at least one cup a day and recommend Peppermint Tea. I always take some tea bags with me but notice when I place in plastic bag they seem to lose their potentcy. My husband likes the peppermint and he doesn't even have ibs issues! I was so afraid to go out of my house for fear of an atttack. Can't believe how fast our order got here. Very slow delivery this time which is unusual! Love both your peppermint and fennel teas.

Option: If you prefer loose tea than pyramid tea sachets, we suggest having a look at our Peppermint Loose Leaf Bulk, which is the perfect choice for. He drinks 3-4 cups a day.

Please continue the product. This has helped me so much. Now it also helps hubby with kidney stones. I didn't realize how continuously I was in pain until it stopped. Helps soothe my tummy every morning. Best strongest pepermint tea OI have had. They taste great and are very soothing. (I got the loose tea on accident... just didn't notice that I wasn't ordering the tea bags.) Keep up the good work. My husband enjoys is too so I have to share!

Thanks again for all your help. Yeah. i have notced a little difference w/ the tea & gel capsules. I start my day with one cup and then continue by drinking your fennel tea through out the rest of the day. This tea is great. Not until I found Heathers site did I get relief I was seeking from MD's for over 15 years!

These tea bags came quick! I have never been disappointed by the products or the customer service. Doctors told me I have IBS and cannot do anything for me. This tea is great. Wonderful as usual!!! The peppermint tea is great. Amazing tea that helps regulate my system. It's helped me a lot. Excellent product that I will continue to buy--love you Heater--this tea has changed my very very sick 30 year IBS nightmare. 6 x 50 tea temple packs of peppermint.

I also drink it when I'm under stress. So glad I found Heathers help for IBS. It is so delicious that I would drink it every day whether I had IBS or not. Definitely one of the best peppermint teas I've had. In 6 years I have never allowed myself to run out of Heather's peppermint tea.

i went to taking 4 ammodiium & t3 down to juct 2 amm.a day,have alot of work to do w/ diet , am working on it, have lost 12 lbs.Iv'e seen one more product of yours that i also want to try. Enjoy everyone's favourite brew in convenient Tea Bag form, packed fresh to order here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. I can count on Peppermint tea to calm my symptoms. does not solve all problems, I mix my peppermint & fennel teas and drink it all day long.


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