Corner Cabin Style Pergola With Lantern. Yes. This added layer increases the shade provided by the structure. A DIY pergola with sunshade is a backyard shade solution that’s fun to assemble! Pergolas are how we sit outside comfortably in the height of the sun’s busy day. Some vendors may arrange for an LTL freight company to deliver your order. The frame of your pergola is a natural fit for this type of pergola shade design. Call, email, or fill out our. Ranking a close second place for shade design optimization is the Sombrero. Traditional Pergola Slats Image Credit: Have you heard people talking about pergolas and gazebos... read more, If you take a poll of backyard entertaining enthusiasts, many will say one of today’s top trends is a... read more, This is a great reveal in our customer photos for January with outdoor patio ideas worth considering as additions... read more, Curb appeal is a term typically synonymous with prepping your property for potential buyers. The Sombrero pergola style has half the rafters and top slats for an outdoor patio cover offering moderate shade. We're pleased to announce that Pergola Depot has been awarded "Best Of Customer Service" on Houzz®, the leading platform... read more, Patio shade is incredibly important year-round in states like Arizona, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. hello@wearevita.com1-800-282-9346Monday - Friday8am - 5pm EST, By using our website you agree to our Privacy Policy, 5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Pergola. Specifications . How many boxes will my product arrive in? © Copyright Pergola Depot 2020. A shade sail is truly a beautiful marriage of form and function. Built strong like all of our pergolas, this style offers much greater coverage for your outdoor seating area than many other pergolas for sale online. Attaching the sail to the posts of your pergola with high-quality stainless steel brackets allows you to easily attach and detach your shade sail with ease for unannounced bad weather or for seasonal storage. As the main focus of your overall landscape design, both the look and function of your pergola will alter the way you feel about your yard and how you use it. Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect once said, “Form and function should be one.”  At Pergola Depot, we echo those sentiments. (Don't forget to check your email for your 10% off coupon code!). Pergola Placement for Shade. Please note that our pergolas already come with 1 shade kit at no extra charge. Let’s go over some of the options you have with our pergolas, as well as other ideas we’ve seen that showcase some of the best pergola designs for backyard shade. Our motorized screens work as outdoor blinds and shades that provide privacy and protection against sun, heat, wind, rain and insects. Between all of the different sizes, colors, and materials, the act of shading your patio becomes one of the more important decisions you can make for the overall aesthetic of your backyard. A lot of consideration goes into adding a pergola to your patio or yard. Considering that these fabrics come in many colors and sized to fit our pergolas, the possibilities to tie in your landscaping theme with your pergola shade are endless. (1 Review) This add on aesthetically complements Pergola Roof awning systems by fully enclosing your patio, balcony or terrace, and retracts with a remote control. Crafted from a durable BPA and phthalate free vinyl the slats are maintenance-free and built to last. Source: OSKURA WATERPROOF . The most traditional pergolas adhere to the roof design of at least two beams supported by columns (or an existing structure in the case of an attached pergola) with rafters supported by the beams and running perpendicular to them. The amount of boxes varies according to product. Our Big Kahuna pergola is crafted to create optimum shade from the roof components of the pergola. Using durable, water-resistant fabric a sail allows the pergola to become a more private and protected space free from direct, overhead sunlight. How long does it take for an item to arrive after it’s been shipped? Keep it simple and use our sunshades to cover your new outdoor room. Our products are shipped with either FedEx Ground or UPS. This added layer increases the shade provided by the structure. Pergola shade sails give you control over how you want the light to enter your patio space. Our pergola kits are designed with varying amounts of shade. The grays used for the flooring, cushions, pillows, and tiles in the table top also echo each other. The slanted slats on this pergola create more cool, relaxing shade for hot, summer afternoons. Vinyl Pergola Component Specifications (PDF), Vinyl Pergola Installation Instructions (PDF), Average Customer Rating: Additionally, on those cozy fall nights where you might be enjoying a moment outside, a shade sail could protect against a slight change in weather or light rain. Each Shade Kit comes with an additional set of slats specific to the size of your pergola. These top 20 sunniest... read more, Looking for a midsummer project to spiff up your outdoor living space? A few notable mentions might be adding a fixed fabric cover or thin corrugated roofing. Built strong like all of our pergolas, this style offers much greater coverage for your outdoor seating area than many other pergolas for sale online. Time Commitment: 2 persons, 2 hours. wall-mounted pergola. If you like the price point of this popular wooden pergola but want a little more shade, the Sombrero freestanding pergola kits make a great candidate for our newest pergola accessory, the Pergola Depot Shade Sail! Our quality hand-made sails are smart, economical ways to achieve the most comfortable experience on a bright day on your patio. Material: Crafted from durable BPA/phthalate-free vinyl, Create extra shade from the sun for your pergola, Maintenance free: Easy to maintain and clean, Dimensions 10×10 shade slats (12): 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 133.25″ (3.8cm x 3.8cm x 338.5cm) NOTE: This shade kit does not apply to the Trellis Pergola, Dimensions 12×12 shade slats (14): 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 156.75″ (3.8cm x 3.8cm x 398.2cm), Dimensions 12X16 shade slats (9): 7/8″ x 3″ x 205.25″ (2.2cm x 7.6cm x 521.3cm), Dimensions 12X24 shade slats (14): 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 309″ (3.8cm x 3.8cm x 785cm), Tools required: Tape Measure & Power Drill w/ Phillips #2, Approx. So what are the best pergola shade designs to keep the sun from burning up the nicest moments of summer? Vinyl Pergola Component Specifications (PDF) Vinyl Pergola Component Specifications: All components are 100% PVC. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to APO addresses. The wood of the pergola matches the wood around the exterior of the house as well as the wood used for the seating and tables. When paired with our new shade sail, the Sombrero is an outdoor patio package you can assemble yourself in a weekend. 3. They are typically run perpendicular on top of the rafters. Please check ‘specifications’ on your products page for exact information. Rectangular or square fabric sails offer elegant geometric design options when added to your pergola. Won't yellow, chip, or peel. Won't yellow, chip, or peel. Maximum rafters and top slats on the pergola roofing provides ample protection from the sun in many locations, making any size of this sturdy pergola #1 on our top 3 designs for pergola shade. Perhaps their most intriguing quality, however, is their abundance of colors that can turn a simple protective fabric roof into a work of art or a complementary theme to enhance your landscaping. With the most rafters and top slats of all of our pergola designs, the Big Kahuna gives you a shade solution without needing pergola accessories to cool off! For shipping outside the Continental United States and Canada we will partner with a freight forwarding company (i.e. Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. Crafted from a durable BPA and phthalate free vinyl the slats are maintenance-free and built to last. The Pergola Shade Slats are sometimes used in the construction of vinyl pergolas. Pergolas provide attractive shade options for your attached patio or other areas throughout your yard. We love what we do and are passionate about our customers, products and employees.


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