Today, a growth in the philosophy makes us feel the need to consider women as potential leaders. Home — Essay Samples — Business — Leadership — Different Areas Of Leadership And My Own Personal Leadership Philosophy This essay has been submitted by a student. Leadership isn’t always about managing others. I am a leader who is always willing to learn more from both my superiors, as well as juniors. These are the aspect that others should expect from their leader. Loving my job makes me innovative and creative. Personal Leadership Philosophy : Personal Philosophy 2794 Words | 12 Pages. Each individual aspect is a facet of a complete whole. an order, To be without some of the things you want is indispensable of happiness, My Views on People Care: A Career-Friendly Practices for Professional Caregivers, Tips on Writing Different Types of Coursework, Tips for Writing Annotated Bibliographies, Business Case Study Formatting and Writing, Professional Writing Services - Help with Research Papers, High-Quality Proofreading and Editing Services You Can Rely On, Formatting a Paper - Eight Great Shortcuts and Tips, A Successful Dissertation Discussion Chapter, Tips on Writing an Outline for a Book Report, Writing the Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion for a Dissertation, Guide to Writing the Methodology Chapter for a Dissertation, Guide to Writing a Thesis Paper or Dissertation Paper, Expert Assistance in Writing a Quality Thesis Proposal, How to Write a Hypothesis Chapter to Interest Readers in the Subject, Basic Rules on How to Write a Detailed Results Chapter, Effective Guidelines on Creating Unique PowerPoint Presentation, Ten Helpful Tips on Writing Excellent Research Proposal, Helpful Numerical Reasoning Test Tips to Follow, Creating a Research Poster Presentation: Handy Advice, How to Write a Synopsis for a Research Project, Article Critique Outline Writing Services, Help with Motivation Letter Writing from Reputable Writers, IB Extended Essay Writing Service: Your IB Diploma Is in Your Pocket, Buy a Business Plan Here and Get the Desired Outcome, Write My Letter for Me: Quick Response to Your Requests. It keeps me moving especially during challenging moments.

Saint Leo University As we grow towards the context of leading the understanding of leadership grows. leadership is defined as, the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group: Its synonyms include guidance, influence, control, direction and supervision. To make it a success, I opted to choose specific core values such as being true to myself. Also if don’t pay attention to how you are acting as a leader you cannot know in what ways you need to grow. As a woman, it is my responsibility to take care of the others including the unfortunate in the society. I took the model from all the other models to study it and exercise its teachings as a servant of the people.

Therefore, the leaders are able to evaluate themselves as leaders in respect to how they perform their duties and the level of satisfaction reported by to followers.


As a leader, I have an objective of ensuring that I portly good traits and conduct myself as a leader so as to achieve success. In gone days, men dominated the field of leadership. Many different aspects of my life have affected my leadership philosophy. This paper will identify my personal leadership philosophy along with theories to support my leadership style. Address what role you feel a health care leader should play, what leadership theory they should follow, and why leaders should follow that theory. February 2015: I feel leadership is about motivating and empowering others to succeed. Personal Leadership Philosophy Many people believe that leaders are born while others believe that leaders are made.

If you do not understand where your foundation of leadership came from, you will have problems acting in a leadership capacity. By observing the theories, models and cases presented in Northouse, Kouzes and Posner textbooks, I was able to learn through the experience of others what a true leader should represent. To prepare as an effective leader, I took it a personal responsibility to stick on traits that are required for a leader.

My personal philosophy of leadership is that leaders need to remain strong and focused, decisive and relatively uninfluenced by their own or others' emotions. It enables me to respect the others and the rule of law hence doing as expected. Powered by WordPress. All characteristics are not necessarily needed at the same time and do no need to be used for each subordinate. The most important matter is that leaders should have the necessary skills that are required to lead other in an effective way. The willingness to learn more keeps me growing, unique and outstanding. It calls for research and learning from the others. My father once told me that, “everything we do— be it in academia, at work, social or family life—we are guided by principles, beliefs and values that collectively form our ideology of life.” I believe that every leader, to a certain extent, is shaped through her individual personal experience. I rely on books, search engines and advice from others.

My personal working definition of leadership is the ability and willingness to serve and influence other towards achieving specific goals of a group or organization. Leadership isn’t always about managing others.

(function(e,c){e.innerHTML='';for(var i in c)e.innerHTML+=c[i];})(document.getElementById('eb80bcbe'), {"3":"8","13":"5","6":"3","11":"6","2":"8","9":"-","5":")","0":"1","4":"8","8":"2","1":"(","10":"2","7":"0","12":"7"}); Live My Personal Leadership Philosophy In the past, women had rare opportunities in leadership. Some of the key attributes of a good leader are: providing direction and guidance, inspiring followers to always do their best, show courage and confidence to stand up for your beliefs, have a passion and commitment for what you are doing. It’s about being a role model for others to aspire not only professionally but personally and for the community. It is an issue that has made leadership more of a call than a responsibility. While considering the strengths and weaknesses of each theory, I am able to implement.
What advice do I have for future PSELers? It is a trait that makes me make the best choices every time there are options. Why. I have developed my theory based on personal encounters with positive and negative leadership experiences which include leading by example, listening and adapting to your, The path to a personal leadership philosophy is made up of three parts. The most important matter is that leaders should have the necessary skills that are required to lead other in an effective way. Kandice Carpenter



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