The pickup and drop off processes were very simple and straightforward. We had no problems using the pocket WiFi during our stay in Tokyo. Secure your privacy with our pocket wifi, with no third party in your wifi connection. SSID and password are printed on the pocket wifi device. Post Office in Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport, [Location] 1st Floor[Hours] Postal services: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00 (Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays). Our Pocket WiFi allows you to connect up to 15 devices. I'm glad I went with The collection of the mobile WiFi was very quick and straightforward. I have used Pupuru Pocket Wifi twice for my visit to Japan because of its fast wifi speed, unlimited connection, extensive coverage and long battery life. Wifi coverage was also excellent. Turn the pocket wifi on and connect to it from your smartphone. Not select a service by the popularity of a company, but select the service which suits best to your travel style. With this ticket, you can go throughout Japan by rail, including Shinkansen (bullet trains). Very fast and steady connection find my way all the time. Probably will rent it next time. 350MB/Day means that you can use about 10GB data communication per month.The average of data consumption by Japanese is less than 3GB/Month.10GB/Month is three times higher than 3GB/Month, and you can say that 10GB/Month is a sufficient amount of data will satisfy you unless you do not watch lots of movies or play games everyday. The WiFi egg is easy to use and functioned perfectly during our 8 days travel. Easy to pick up and return. Will definitely use it again. Google maps was a life-saver for transportations! Three or four people use, the network is very smooth. Used in Tokyo. Connection is stable and fast, reliable machine. We get it from Pocket WiFi, also known as MiFi, WiFi dongle, is a portable WiFi router that works as a mobile hotspot and allows you to access the internet. I definitely would use this service again. In that case, you are better off to register your accommodation as the delivery destination. Amazing coverage and good speed. With Pupuru, I can stay connected at all times wherever I go. Our plan comes with unlimited data, without any type of restriction! Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport has only one post office, and postal service is run during weekdays only . Although they surely are useful, their products are tend to be pricey because they added airport fees on the prices. Contact me at [email protected], Japan Pocket 4G WIFI for Nagoya, Takayama and Shirakawago,, ANNOUNCEMENTS / PRESS RELEASES / STATEMENTS, The Good Fat Company Offers Six Stone Ground Nut Butters, Ichiro Sushi Bar at Eat Paradise Isetan One Utama, 4 Day 3 Nights Bangkok Weekend Shopping Itinerary, Top 20 Chinese Food in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Four New Night Markets To Visit in Bangkok for 2016, The Truth about Musang King Durian Rejected by China, How to Install and Download Pokemon Go in Malaysia and Singapore, New Requirements for Malaysians Travelling to France, 3000 Chinese Tourists Cancelled Trip to Malaysia and Visit Thailand Due to New Tourism Tax, The Cost Of Living in KL for Fresh Graduates. Easy to pick up and return at airport. Please let us know your booking name and dates. It is also easy to rent and return. Pocket WiFi DoCoMo 500MB/daySpeed down to 256Kbps if over 500MB/day.The limitation will be lifted the following day. Always good. Reliable device, would recommend to my friends. Excellent WiFi connection in Tokyo! Best Price Guarantee - Truly Unlimited Data - Airport Pickup. If you need a large amount of data for sharing it with several people, you should check how large amount of data they can offer in their plan. A Father and traveler who enjoys to eat, shop, travel and taking pictures with Samsung S10+. Without any reservation, renting a portable WiFi device just after arriving at the airport could cause some troubles such as: high prices, shortage of stock, and lengthy procedure. We have been using Klook for our travel for the past three years in many countries include Japan, Australia, Macau, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Easy to use and it’s not so expensive! Everything required is printed on the envelop, so you don't have to write anything on it. Now you have really nothing to worry about! Internet data is important while traveling in Japan. Very convinient that I can share connection with my family. You can also specify an office address or your friends' residence. We tried getting a Japan SIM Card and renting a Pocket WIFI and we still prefer getting the pocket WIFI as it is more convenient (especially you are traveling in a small group). We made it as simple as possible. Klook at. have used for many times. Very fast and smooth data roaming service, about 8-10 battery hours. provides pocket WiFi rental service in Japan. I highly recommend Japan travelers who wish to stay internet-connected rent a pocket Wifi. But in general, the earlier, the better as we might run out of stock especially in high seasons. I got this Pocket WiFi 4G device for my 8-days trip in Japan and it was really useful! Was able to go to area in remote places. It works with any WiFi-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops. LightPocket can deliver a portable WiFi device to the post offices at Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport, of course. Share. Convenient to pick up and drop off at airport. the battery can use whole day without charging. The WiFi is very stable and value for price. Just submit the dates and pickup location with your information. It was super helpful and simple to use. With our streamlined ordering system, you will be done with the whole process in a few minutes. We are a leading internet company always looking for new and creative ideas to help you with our products for your better experience. Fast internet good for streaming too, Stable wifi network connection, good battery endurance. The battery can last for 10-12 hours. Had the WiFi for 3 weeks and never ran into a problem. You can order Pocket Wifi online and pick up at most major airports, any hotels and post office all across Japan. More specifically, it just might confuse users because of the following reasons. Simple pickup on arrival at the Airport and simple to leave in any mailbox. But, even at famous tourist spots, Japan sometimes has no connectivity with the internet. How do you know that beforehand? good connection even with 3 devices connected. The pocket Wifi worked without any problems. The battery life has been good. All required connectors are provided. Pocket WiFi SoftBank UnlimitedBasically unlimited speed.It might be limited if 5GB/day consumption continues for several days in a row. With our data plan, you can go out and enjoy Japan without worrying about the internet. I had fantastic LTE coverage through some of the more remote regions of Japan and was able to conduct crystal clear video conference calls over products like Zoom and with my colleagues in North America. Let us know the receiver's name. Pocket WiFi functions the same way as your wireless router at home does. Excellent coverage through out my trip in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe). No problems with picking up from the local post office and returning it via mail. We offer the best portable wifi rental plan with unlimited data on reliable SoftBank network at low cost. The wifi is stable even in more rural area of Tokyo. Tokyo Street Photos That I Love: #Ochanomizu (#御茶ノ水), Can I Still Get Connected with Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi? Easy pick up and drop off. Different from the counters specializing in renting pocket WiFi routers, you cannot receive it if you arrive in the early morning or the late night. The priority of Internet data is not social media but essential apps like Google Translate, Google Map and Google. Simply book through Klook, choose the number of days you'll rent the device and conveniently pick up and return the device at all Japan International Airports Since I was visiting for a month, I was looking for something cost had the best value for longer term rental. / Case 10: Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park (Nagano). You can simply ask the hotel staff at the front desk upon checkin. Put everything in the prepaid envelope we enclosed for free and drop it off in any post box in Japan. Everything was good and I was happy with their services. very good connection and signal in Tokyo all the time! Overall great experience! We can also deliver the pocket wifi to hotels you're staying. A Solution to the False "Unlimited": Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi Service Frequent Misunderstanding (1), The Best Internet Contract for Staying in Japan for More Than 30 Days But Less Than 2 Years. An excellent option to stay connected in Japan. I won't hesitate to order again for my next visit to Japan. On the contrary, if you choose online rental service, there is no need to sign up for renting at the counters and you also can select a device and a plan which suit best for your travel style.Most online services do not have their own counters, however, they can send your portable WiFi router to a post office in Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport. It's recommended to order 3 days in advance as there might be some restrictions on pickup locations if it's later than that (you can still order though). Share. We provide pocket wifi with unlimited data plan, but still at an affordable price. Thanks to our perfect management system and planning, we are able to keep our prices low while still giving you the best plan. Not encountered any problem. Had no complains with the pocket WiFi which we rented for 10 days. Rent a portable WiFi and stay connected when in Japan with a 4G pocket WiFi device with unlimited data! Be sure to check it out. high speed internet! Great connection and good price. Japan Pocket Wifi Rental Providers of Pocket Wi-Fi Rental in Japan In this post, we have a list of companies that have a counter at Chubu Centrair International Airport(Nagoya) as well as those that do not have a counter at Centrair Airport but are able to deliver their packages to the post office in the airport or to your hotel. Price is competitive. I travel around 17 International trips per year. Higly recommended. Even by rail, considering transportation from your home to an airport and from […], How To Receive at Post Office in Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport, Can I Still Get Connected with Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi? 2 years ago Wilson Ng . The network coverage offered by SoftBank and NTT Docomo are practically widest among all the networks offered by various companies. The wifi was reliable, and the delivery return is simple and user friendly. You can pick ones near your accommodations on map when ordering. At night, we watch Youtube and videos using the Pocket WIFI and the internet data speed is fast and good enough for three devices. Very smooth and good connection. Every night I went back to the hotel, I will still have 7-12% battery and I only needed to charge it again before sleep. The device is reliable in connection and the price is reasonable. This is my third time renting from Very useful to have and it worked flawlessly. I definitely recommend getting a hot spot for you travels, and was super convenient and reliable for us! If I wouldn't had have this I would had have been lost in the Tokyo's underground, in the road to Hiroshima! All of our Pocket WiFi rental plans operate under Softbank's 4G/LTE network, most renowned network for pocket WiFi products and smartphones.


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