26Sometimes it hurts to love someone; The passion is so great; It might seem like you’re having fun; Cavorting with your date; But secretly you fear to lose; The attention of your lover; You dread to think that she might choose; Affection from another, 27To be in love is to expose; Your heart to constant pain; To prick yourself upon a rose; To slowly go insane; Love’s a mystery you’ll never solve; Despite your many years; If you’re not careful, you’ll dissolve; Under love’s many tears, 28The truth is that even when you hurt meI know that deep in my heartI really do still love youWhen we have our nasty fightsI dream of making it rightI am told that our love is wrongAnd that I should run awayThere is something about our love, thoughThat always makes me stayEven when we argue and I start to cryI know that I will love you foreverI just wish for a better lifeFor us both to be happy and rid of painI wish for forgiveness and truthFor a rainbow after all of this rain, 29I can barely remember the daysWhen our love was easyIt seems that nowEveryday is a struggleI used to feel so secure in your loveNow, I wait by the phoneNever knowing if you will callOr if you will be too busyI wish I could remember the daysWhen you gave me all of your attentionI hope that one dayI will be important enough to youThat you come back to me, 30Loving you has always been worth the painEven when getting your attention feels like a gameI know that we have been through alotI’ll always giving you another shotThere’s something about you that makes me forgetAll of the pain and mean things you saidMy friends all told me I should pack up and goBut somehow my love for youOnly continues to growMaybe I’m delusional and all of this is wrongOur relationship plays out like a bad love songI’m sorry if I’m the one who makes you leaveWith your cryptic text messages, you always deceiveI know you are working hard to be a better personI hope you change your ways before my patience worsens, 31i trusted youmore than i shouldi believed youevery lie ithought was truewho knew wordscould hurt so muchi love you somuch it hurtsmy heart lays onthe flooryou betrayed meand caused me painbut i still love you so, 32i told you i love youi loved you for yearsbut you couldn’t hear itloving me meant youhad to changeso you ran scaredloving me meant you hadto chooseso you shut me outi loved you for somany yearsbut you just leftme standing there, 33my heart is brokenmy eyes are weti can’t believe yousaid thati hide my painand keepmoving oni don’t knowwhat to say or domy heart aches for youeven thoughi’m mad at youi hate myselffor still loving you, 34I’m not imploring you to adore me.
To love someone who'll never be free.

24Each new day a rollercoaster of emotion when I remember you are not here.That our love was so fragile it slipped into shards sharper than a knife.Knowing this pain I turn to the wall wondering if it would have been betterto have no love at all.
Some years ago, I got in a problem and that was not my fault, but my family did not trust me and blamed it on me. And look forward instead of back at my past,

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been planning your wedding since you were 5, or if you found out that you were getting married 5 minutes ago; we will help you sort yourself out. Over the years I've liked other people too, but never nearly as much as him. KREA OMNISTYLER: India’s ONLY ALL IN ONE Hair Styling Tool Available Today? As we have all experienced, love is not all fun and games, and not everybody can win all of the time. All other content on this website is Copyright © 2006 - 2020 FFP Inc. All rights reserved. 20You have loved and you have lost,And that really is okay.Everyone has experienced this,Even if it’s not in the same way.Eventually it will be time to moveAnd view what lies ahead.It’s better than sitting in the dark moment instead. I love reading hurt poems, and I write music about hurt.

When you fall in love with someone, you often find yourself expressing your joy and delight through the medium of songs and poems. Miranda S, Eclipse For My Soul By This pain is taking its toll, Sometimes we have to move to get on with our lives but somewhere deep in our heart we hold on to the hope that our partner may change his/her mind and come back to us.

In this poem I am letting people know that you don't have to love with pain. We mask our pain with a “painted” smile while still looking out for the return of the one we long for. 18People are here for a reason,A season, or a lifetime.You will know which is which,Through the pain in your heart.The first will teach a lesson,About who you really are.The next will bring you joy,For a period of time.The last will bring you joys,And small pains aside.But they will leave you full,And with a feeling of pride. They come in waves, Some poems are so gripping they’re impossible to ignore. 16You fall in love with a person,And you think they are your world.And one day they leave you,And it pains your heart.Each person you fall in love with,May bring you some pain.But they bring about joy, too,And they are never the same. You hold on to the memories of the one you love and live each day thinking about how happy you were and could be if they returned. Sometimes we have to move to get on with our lives but somewhere deep in our heart we hold on to the hope that our partner may change his/her mind and come back to us.

Hearing your voice makes it die. There are times when we are unwilling to give up on the relationship even though we know that the one we love doesn’t feel the same way any more.

I am in the same situation.

their pain is not mine, and therefore, no matter how magnanimous I might want to be, their pain is not as important to me as my own. Four letters deep, they penetrateDivided in to equal parts in a human brainFeeling the same inside a heartLove and painBlinding like the sun heatHurting like a sun burnBright like the sun shineFurthest thing from planet earthAround ball of fireThe hottest thing I’ve ever seenLove and pain seems to be the same damn thingYou stained my heart with your loveAnd left a scare on my soul with your name Mr. PainIt makes no sense, you can’t see the differentPain is hope, it will pull you threwPain’s the thing that proves youThat love exists tooBlinding like the sun heatHurting like a sun burnBright like the sun shineFurthest thing from planet earthAround ball of fireThe hottest thing I’ve ever seenLove and pain seems to be the same damn thingCan you feel the love in my painI haven’t given up on our sun shineIt just clouded up, and left me in the rainI’m soaking wet, and waiting for the sun to shine again.


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