And you might end up paying the price. Luckily, there are some really excellent vodkas that you can get without breaking the bank. The name Monopolowa would suggest that this is a Polish vodka, which is only partly correct. Our research led us to Russian Standard as the best cheap vodka. It is really the ingredients that make most of the difference. The more impure or the lower quality the ingredients, the higher the likelihood that you will wake up needing some “hair of the dog.”. The goal remains as it always has, to make a premium product at an affordable price. The nose on this vodka has hints of lemon. Inferior-tasting vodka is basically the result of too much raw material being left over after the distillation and filtering processes are complete. Today, vodka is the best-selling spirit in the United States! To create our ranking, we conducted hours of online research. After a thorough investigation of the vodkas on the market, we developed a scoring system and came up with this list. There’s the White Mexican, which uses horchata instead of cream, while the White Belgian uses chocolate liqueur instead of coffee liqueur. The amount of water mixed with the vodka can also make a difference. Its appearance is bright and clear. It’s basically a White Russian without the cream. Because of the family’s association with the royal court of Tsar Alexander III, Vladimir Smirnov fled the country during the Russian revolution in 1917. Named after a cosmopolitan 17th-century king, this is a Polish vodka that uses Dankowski rye, a high-quality rye, distilled 4 times. Godinger Silver Art Dublin 8-piece Shooters Liquor Set, Notes of caramel, black pepper, and berries, Fuller bodied than most grain-based vodkas. Though quality of ingredients and production process can certainly contribute to a serious hangover, there is really no better explanation for why cheap vodka gives you a hangover than the psychological reason: Since you spent less on the liquor, you are likely to consume more of it! So, is there a way to make it taste better? New Amsterdam Vodka Peach. Ciroc Vodka French Vanilla. The name Monopolowa is a Polish term for “monopoly,” referring to the exclusive production rights that Polish nobility gave to producers of vodka within their territories. That’s when the Dude came on the scene. If you show up with one of these, not only will you be an ideal guest, you’ll ensure that the party gets going! This 80 proof spirit is the perfect way to unwind with your friends after a long week. How did a spirit associated with Russia and Eastern Europe arrive on American shores, you ask? Like Russian Standard, Tobaritch hails from St. Petersburg. The subtle taste makes this a really good vodka to put in a White Russian or vodka martini, though it really shines when served cold. And — not that I advise this — the relative tastelessness means your breath won’t reek of alcohol after you take a shot or 2 during your lunch hour. Kasser's Vodka 100 Proof. Regular price $13.99 View. The White Russian consists of vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream or milk. Most vodka is made by distilling potatoes or cereal grains that have been fermented. All of these elements make vodka much less costly to produce than other liquors. Here are some questions to consider as you look for the right vodka: Taking these and other factors into account, we have zeroed in on some of the key qualities that make for a high-quality, inexpensive vodka. What is the most popular liquor in the world? Taaka Vodka 80 Proof. Get Popov Vodka 80 Proof Red from Holiday House liquor for $17.99. But it can be tough to find the right gift at the right price. Initially conceived in Manhattan by John Morgan, John Martin, and Rudolph Kunett, it was introduced more broadly to the public in California, where it really took off. That is when the famous Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev — yes, the one who developed the periodic table of elements — was commissioned by the Tsar to craft the royal standard for vodka. Monopolowa has a long smooth fade and is great for drinking straight or in one of your favorite cocktails. What gives? One 1.75 L bottle of Popov Premium Blend Vodka Specialty Spirit Remarkably smooth Special blend of select ingredients Great for mixing, straight up or on the rocks 80 Proof Perfect way to unwind The taste includes some hints of vanilla and pepper. 1.75 L bottle - from $15.49 375.0 ml bottle - from $5.69. The pricing you might find on vodka in a store varies wildly. Please drink responsibly. Please drink responsibly. Summum is a unique vodka that will be perfect for your upcoming soiree or for just kicking back at home! Serve it cold to heighten the sweetness. The vodka helps to release flavors in the tomatoes and keeps the acids from the tomatoes from breaking down the cream. This is an excellent vodka that celebrates its Polish heritage. This substantial wheat-based vodka comes in a bottle with a Soviet-style label and uses water that has not been demineralized. The filtering process gives it a crystal clear appearance. Vodka is usually distilled close to 95% or 96% ethanol, while whiskey is usually no more than 80%. This is a great Polish vodka at an excellent price. The fact that this vodka is produced from corn means that it’s gluten-free. The nose is nothing to write home about, but the vodka makes up for this with its smooth drinkability. Vodka! Almost every vodka tastes better when chilled because it brings out underlying flavor notes. Packaged in an attractive bottle, Russian Standard combines smooth and clean drinkability with a clean, clear aroma and a bright appearance. This classic still sets the standard — the Russian Standard that is. White . An added bonus: The potato base makes this a gluten-free spirit. Svedka Vodka Rose. Regular price $8.49 View. If not enough water is added, or the water quality is poor, the vodka can leave you with a burning alcohol taste. It comes in an attractive bottle, too. Prices and shopping results for popov vodka 80 proof from Though originally made in Poland, Monopolowa is now produced in Austria. With a somewhat strong ethanol scent at first, the aroma also has notes of earthy potatoes, caramel, black pepper, and berries. It is excellent chilled and works well in most mixes. Potato-based vodkas tend to be more expensive than their wheat-based counterparts, because potatoes offer less yield, are more expensive to procure, and take longer to prepare compared to grains. Water quality, however, is very significant in production. A delicious and refreshing drink, this ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka concoction is usually served in a copper cup. He eventually sold the rights to produce and distribute his vodka to Rudolph Kunett, himself an exile and émigré to America. The taste includes notes of wheat, with a creamy feel and a little bit of spice on the finish. Though the aroma leaves something to be desired (we’ll be honest — it smells like cheap vodka), the taste is somewhat sweet with a good bite in the finish. There are plenty of recipes that call for the use of some form of alcohol — and vodka qualifies! has the best deals and lowest prices on popov vodka 80 proof Ice-filtered to remove impurities, it has a bold clear appearance. Get Popov Vodka 80 Proof Red from Webster Liquor for $15.99 Another excellent eastern European creation! Produced and bottled in St. Petersburg, this vodka has been around since 1894. Meaning “comrade,” Tobaritch (or Tovaritch, outside of the States — the name had to be changed for the US market because of copyright issues) is based on a 300-year-old Russian recipe. Holiday parties, birthday parties, dinner get-togethers — it’s always a good idea to show up bearing a gift for your hosts. Our criteria for this ranking included the following: Without further ado, take a look at our ranking of the absolute best cheap vodkas. Summum mixes well and is also excellent when served cold and neat, or on the rocks. Regular price $12.49 View. There are a variety of factors that impact the pricing of vodkas, far beyond a simple name. Sweet Carolina Vodka Sweet Tea. If you get one based on grains, it will have a more yeasty taste. It mixes well, and is especially good for strong vodka-based cocktails. Well, cheap liquor in general can indeed lead to worse headaches, and there are three reasons: If a manufacturer uses substandard materials to make their vodka, not only are you going to notice it in regard to taste, smell, and appearance, you may also feel it the next day. Some say it’s responsible for that mid-morning favorite, brunch, because it can be combined with any number of juices or other mixers.


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