[270], Architecture in Croatia reflects influences of bordering nations. The most significant ethnic minority group are the Serbs. The Croatian Bureau of Statisticsforecast that the population may even shrink to 3.1 million by 2051, depending on the actual birth rate and the level o… [6], There are 205 companies, government or education system institutions and non-profit organizations in Croatia pursuing scientific research and the development of technology.

The main religions of Croatia are Roman Catholic (86.28%), Eastern Orthodoxy (4.44%) and Islam (1.47%). [245] The University of Zagreb, founded in 1669, is the oldest continuously operating university in Southeast Europe. As of 2019, Croatia has unsolved border issues with all neighbouring former Yugoslav countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia). [206] Its population density stood in 2018 at 72,9 inhabitants per square kilometer, making Croatia one of the more sparsely populated European countries. [4] In terms of age structure, the population of Croatia is dominated by the 15–64 year older segment (68.1%), while the size of the population younger than 15 and older than 64 is relatively small (15.1% and 16.9% respectively). [42][43] To replace the fleeing population, the Habsburgs encouraged the populations of Bosnia to provide military service in the Military Frontier. [47] Similarly, Venetian Republic rule in Istria and in Dalmatia, following the Fifth and the Seventh Ottoman–Venetian Wars ushered gradual growth of Italian speaking population in those areas. ", "History and Development of Croatian Constitutional Judicature - Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia", "Šenada Šelo Šabić, Croatia's response to the refugee crisis, European Expression, Issue 100, 2016", "Earthquake - Magnitude 5.3 - Croatia - 2020 March 22, 05:24:02 UTC", "U Zagrebu oštećeno više od 26.000 građevina, neuporabljivo ih je 1.900", "2010 – Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Croatia", Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Croatia 2015, "Najviša izmjerena temperatura zraka u Hrvatskoj za razdoblje od kada postoje meteorološka motrenja", Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service, "Evolution in Europe; Conservatives Win in Croatia", "Državno odvjetništvo Republike Hrvatske", "O nekim pitanjima društvenog uređenja Hrvatske u srednjem vijeku", "Zakon o područjima županija, gradova i općina u Republici Hrvatskoj", "S kojim državama nemamo diplomatske odnose? [16], Tomislav was the first king of Croatia, styled as such in a letter of Pope John X in 925. [110] As of 2007, 71% of the households owned their own housing and had no mortgage or other loans to repay related to the housing, while further 9% were repaying loans for their housing. But at ages over 64 the ratio is 0.64 males per 1 female. During the Great Turkish War (1683–1698), Slavonia was regained but western Bosnia, which had been part of Croatia before the Ottoman conquest, remained outside Croatian control. Consequently, temperature peaks are more pronounced in the continental areas. That year, there were 1.499 million employed persons, with 45% of that number pertaining to women. [3] 2001 census recorded 1.66 million permanent housing units, including 196 thousand intermittently occupied and 42 thousand abandoned ones. [49], The period between 1890 and World War I was marked by large economic emigration from Croatia to the United States, and particularly to the areas of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois. Coronavirus Population [38][40], Following the decisive Ottoman victories, Croatia was split into civilian and military territories, with the partition formed in 1538. The demographic history of Croatia is marked by significant migrations, including the arrival of the Croats in the area growth of Hungarian and German-speaking population since the union of Croatia and Hungary, and joining of the Habsburg Empire, migrations set off by Ottoman conquests and growth of Italian speaking population in Istria and in Dalmatia during Venetian rule there. [110] Croatia completed EU accession negotiations in 2011 and joined the European Union on 1 July 2013. [8] Primary education in Croatia starts at the age of six or seven and consists of eight grades. However, the full implementation of declaration only came into effect on 8 October 1991. [185] Croatia is ranked as the 23rd most popular tourist destination in the world. [129] The two largest political parties in Croatia are the Croatian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party of Croatia.[130].

A resistance movement led to the creation of the Federal State of Croatia, which after the war became a founding member and constituent of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In that period the stone portal of the Trogir Cathedral was made by Radovan, representing the most important monument of Romanesque sculpture from Medieval Croatia. [9] Croatia is in the fourth or fifth stage of the demographic transition. [28][29][30] However, that claim is disputed and competing hypotheses date the event between the 6th and the 9th centuries. The most famous protected area and the oldest national park in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2005, the National Ecological Network was set up, as the first step in the preparation of the EU accession and joining of the Natura 2000 network. [132] Cases falling within judicial jurisdiction are in the first instance decided by a single professional judge, while appeals are deliberated in mixed tribunals of professional judges.

Between 1797 and 1809 the First French Empire gradually occupied the entire eastern Adriatic coastline and a substantial part of its hinterland, ending the Venetian and the Ragusan republics, establishing the Illyrian Provinces. Inland areas offer agrotourism, mountain resorts, and spas. It is a small yet highly geographically diverse crescent-shaped country.

– 2061", "Vlada uslišila molbe: Povećane kvote dozvola za strane radnike", "Report of the Secretary-General Submitted Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1009 (1995)", "Domovinski rat - Hrvatska enciklopedija", "Savez udruga Hrvata iz BiH izabrao novo čelništvo", "International Migration and Development", "U Hrvatskoj je loše i preporučam svakom mladom čovjeku da ode u Njemačku", "Population by Religion, by Towns/Municipalities, 2011 Census", "Special Eurobarometer 341, "Biotechnology, "Hrvatski postaje 24. službeni jezik Europske unije", "Izviješće o provođenju ustavnog zakona o pravima nacionalnih manjina i utrošku sredstava osiguranih u državnom proračunu Republike Hrvatske za 2007. godinu za potrebe nacionalnih manjina", Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, "Značenje narodnoga preporoda za hrvatski jezik", "Položaj hrvatskoga jezika u svijetu danas", "Istraživanje: Tri posto visokoobrazovanih ne zna niti jedan strani jezik, Hrvati uglavnom znaju engleski", "Europeans and their languages – European commission special barometer FEB2006", "Population aged 10 and over by sex and illiterates by age, 2011 census", "Newsweek study of Health, Education, Economy and Politics ranks the globe's top nations", http://www.dzs.hr/Hrv_Eng/ljetopis/2016/sljh2016.pdf, 2017 Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (Croatia), "Institut za razvoj obrazovanja – Pregled institucija", "60. rođendan Instituta Ruđer Bošković: Svijetu je dao ciklotron, spojeve i novi katalizator", "Socijalna politika u kontekstu korjenite društvene transformacije postkomunističkih zemalja", "Ulaskom u EU Hrvatska će imati najveću potrošnju za zdravstvo", "Puni džepovi: europski smo rekorderi potrošnje, imamo najskuplju vlast u cijeloj Europskoj uniji!

The Yugoslav government retained control of defence, internal security, foreign affairs, trade, and transport while other matters were left to the Croatian Sabor and a crown-appointed Ban. [143] Stated aims of Croatian foreign policy include enhancing relations with neighbouring countries, developing international co-operation and promotion of the Croatian economy and Croatia itself. In 1527, faced with Ottoman conquest, the Croatian Parliament elected Ferdinand I of Austria to the Croatian throne. [277] Croatian artists of the period achieving worldwide renown were Vlaho Bukovac and Ivan Meštrović. [158], Following the 1991–95 war defence spending and CAF size have been in constant decline. [15][16] Most of Croatia's remaining Serbs never lived in areas occupied in the Croatian War of Independence. [100], Net monthly income in September 2011 averaged 5,397 kuna (c. 729 euro), dropping 2.1% relative to the previous month.

[98] In 2008 it was estimated by the WHO that 27.4% of Croatians over age of 15 were smokers.

It has a population of 4.28 million people, of which an overwhelming majority are ethnic Croats. Austrian German, Hungarian, Italian and Turkish words were changed and altered to Slavic-looking or sounding ones). Croatia Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline. [34] The first native Croatian ruler recognised by the Pope was Duke Branimir, who received papal recognition from Pope John VIII on 7 June 879.

[39] There was increasing threat of Ottoman conquest, and a struggle against the Republic of Venice for control of coastal areas. [31], Croatia is inhabited mostly by Croats (90.42%), while minority groups include Serbs (4.36%), Bosniaks, Hungarians, Italians, Albanians, Slovenes, Germans, Czechs, Romani people and others (5.22%). Professional theatres employ 1,195 artists.
As an active participant in UN peacekeeping forces, Croatia has contributed troops to the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan and took a nonpermanent seat on the UN Security Council for the 2008–2009 term. Average urbanisation rate in Croatia stands at 56%, with augmentation of urban population and reduction of rural population.

United Nations projections are also … [170] The average net salary of a Croatian worker in October 2019 was 6,496 HRK per month (roughly 873 EUR), and the average gross salary was 8,813 HRK per month (roughly 1,185 EUR). [3] Its population density is 75.8 inhabitants per square kilometre. [267] It promotes disability rights. [172] In 2017, economic output was dominated by the service sector which accounted for 70.1% of GDP, followed by the industrial sector with 26.2% and agriculture accounting for 3.7% of GDP. Population by ethnicity and religion", "POPULATION BY ETHNICITY, 1971 – 2011 CENSUSES", "Hrvatsko-ugarski odnosi od sredinjega vijeka do nagodbe iz 1868. s posebnim osvrtom na pitanja Slavonije", "Klasifikacija hrvatskih raseljenika za trajanja osmanske ugroze (od 1463. do 1593.
[298] Croatian film producer Branko Lustig won the Academy Awards for Best Picture for Schindler's List and Gladiator. This led to a war and personal union of Croatia and Hungary in 1102 under Coloman. In the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index, published by Transparency International, the country is ranked 60th with a score of 48, where zero denotes "highly corrupt" and 100 "very clean". [2] Croatian is a member of the South Slavic languages of Slavic languages group and is written using the Latin alphabet. The Chakavian and Kajkavian dialects are distinguished by their lexicon, phonology and syntax.[233]. [21], Much later, the region was settled by Illyrians and Liburnians, while the first Greek colonies were established on the islands of Hvar,[22] Korčula, and Vis. It was the result of the resistance to "Serbo-Croatian" in the form of a Declaration on the Status and Name of the Croatian Literary Language and Croatian Spring. [122] There are 444 protected areas of Croatia, encompassing 9% of the country. It borders Hungary to the northeast, Serbia to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the southeast, and Slovenia to the northwest.


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