Outcome-based education, a performance-based approach at the cutting edge of curriculum development, offers a powerful and appealing way of reforming and managing medical education.The emphasis is on the product-what sort of doctor will be produced-rather than on the educational process. Importancia de trabajar con los estudiantes el portafolio digital para desarrollar la destreza de escritura en el idioma inglés, Use of Portfolio Assessment Technique in Teaching Map Sketching and Location in Secondary School Geography in Jos, Nigeria, Using alternative assessment to improve EFL learners' learning achievement: From theory to practice, Bilgisayar ve Eğitim Araştırmaları Dergisi Okullarda Bir Performans Değerlendirme Aracı Olarak E-Portfolyo Kullanımına Yönelik İlköğretim Öğretmenlerinin Görüşleri Perceptions of Primary Education Teachers Towards the Use of E-Portfolio As A Tool of Performance Evaluation In Schools, From being one-sided to being diverse: the use of e-portofolio as a tool in distance learning of environmental issues for young children, The Use of Portfolio Assessment in English Writing Classes, Critically assessing the selection of beginner students in architecture at the University of Pretoria (1971-2016), Learning by reflection in general practice: A study report, The Assessment of Clinical Skills/Competence/Performance, The Assessment of Professional Competence: Developments, Research and Practical Implications, Portfolio Assessment: A Handbook for Educators, The Local Benefits and Burdens of Large‐scale Portfolio Assessment, AMEE Guide No. Already we have developed a model called "K-SAM Graduate for 21st Century" an, KSA: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes development has been identified as the three main components of the Curriculum, Teaching & Learning & Evaluation of Education system. The introduction of national standardised assessment processes, practices, tools and training for assessors may help improve inter-departmental and inter-rater reliability, respectively. The book provides empirical findings specific to certain sub-skills using alternative assessment strategies in EFL. Classification of assessment based on Miller's levels of assessment, All figure content in this area was uploaded by Gominda G Ponnamperuma, All content in this area was uploaded by Gominda G Ponnamperuma on Jun 04, 2016, Journal of the Postgraduate Institute of Medi c, An example of reflective writing in a portfolio entr, N.B. As flexible boundary objects, digital badges can effectively communicate the learning content of a professional development session, and track types of learning over time. En palabras de. However, many mangers have little experience with or knowledge of employee selection, and they are not likely to understand how it fits within the organization. La collection de traces finit dans ce cas par être une sorte d'annexe documentaire au portfolio luimême. For that purpose, a survey as reported here aimed to identify the needs of individual English teachers and the preferred programs for professional development. Personnel Views Regarding the Use of EPortfolio Portfolio mokytojų veiklai vertinti labiausiai paplitęs JAV, Jungtinėje Karalystėje, šiomis edukacinėmis technologijomis aktyviai domisi ir Suomijos universitetai, Katalonija, Nyderlandai, kitos šalys. To update the Mindsets and Paradigms Life-Long Learning is the key. Interested in research on Education, Veterinary? A comprehensive literature review was conducted using the CINAHL and MEDLINE databases and the keywords competenc*, portfolios and nursing. This was of great help to develop the linguistic competences of the English language and at the same time, it strengthened the writing skill because of students wrote detailed each class scenario as much as in and out of it with their respective activities. A brief overview of education in architecture and its development in South Africa introduces the study. Some schools even use portfolio assessment as a basis for high school graduation! Par ce travail, le portfolio se trouve questionné dans ses finalités, ses pratiques, à partir d’une phénoménologie herméneutique et pragmatique de l’expérience et des acquis expérientiels. The digital folder (e-portofolio) constitutes an educational breakthrough which fulfils the criterion of polymorphism. To study examiner perceptions of Dundee Medical School's portfolio assessment process, in years 4 and 5 of the 5-year curriculum, in relation to: outcomes as a framework for the portfolio assessment process; portfolio content; portfolio assessment process; end points of the portfolio assessment process; The objectives of this study were to identify and analyse students' attitudes to the portfolio assessment process over time. If any letter is missing in this model they become Analog graduates instead of DIGITAL SMART GRADUATES. <> Example: Industrial Paradigm vs Knowledge Worker Paradigm. Nous illustrons nos propos par une description de nos Ces dispositifs « bilan de compétences » et « présentation critique du portfolio » sont comparés.

This study investigates the effects of teacher portfolio construction upon in-service English language teachers' perceived teaching competencies. Plus que d’être orienté, il s’agit d’apprendre à évoluer professionnellement entre maintien d’un cap, saisie des opportunités et culture des possibles. In order to maximize the learning potential of portfolio development, the learner therefore has to take responsibility for its crea- tion, maintenance and appropriateness for purpose. Actual practice is determined by events or individual preferences, and performance is variable. introduction of the e-portofolio was created in two phases during the school year 2014–2015. `Hl)}õüN,”) �§'k1êÄ×êKÒõú.̺6°$JgªLkz M6�´¸Rû†Í/aÙl‰Ö�&›°¸„çJ&. From lessons learned through this review, we developed a Web-based evaluation portfolio for residency training that we describe here in the hope of facilitating this process for others. Besides, the exam has forced teachers to teach to the test and has made teachers stressed. After the process, however, decrease was observed in the teachers' perceived competencies. Using e-portfolio in evaluation of educators ICT competence Our goal, in this study is the research concerning the contribution of the e-portofolio in the promotion of the cooperative freedom during flexible zone to second grade primary school students. Portfolio Assessment 1. Assessment of clinical communication and methods of assessing clinical communication by the programs showed wide variation. , fast changing world students can't stop learning even after graduation from the school or college. understanding, the SCIM-C strategy focuses on five broad phases: Summarizing, Contextualizing, Inferring, Monitoring, and Corroborating.


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