What kind of prospects do you currently focus on and has this, or will this focus change over time? Dropbox. If investors reject due to (early) stage: keep them informed on a half yearly basis. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is just a document to get you an interview for a job vacancy. Also, it can only be answered on a very high level as companies, products and business models are too different to give exact advices. Do you have team advisors and who is currently sitting in your startup board? Which business models they invest in, focus region and stage. The quicker the investors understand your business, the higher the chance they would want to find out more. Focusing first on the appropriate seed firms will help hone your pitch and lower the number of meetings you need to take, which can save you a significant amount of time. While it used to be standard to have an “elevator” pitch ready in case you found yourself talking to an investor, it can actually be helpful when creating pitch deck. Ultimately, to deliver a great pitch is to tell a great story and that narrative has to be supported by the right outline. There are more KPIs (depending on your business model) you could show. our financial model https://medium.com/senovovc/b2b-saas-financial-model-v3-0-e6962c538d14. Ein gut durchdachtes Pitch Deck ist dabei Voraussetzung für den Erfolg. Therefore, a solid deck order for pre-seed fundraising is the following (we’ll discuss each below in detail). AirBnB. When did you found the company, what happened until today? Instead of putting together a deck with a bunch of data that probably doesn’t even exist yet or some pie in the sky predictions, put together a simple Executive Summary outlining the problem, your solution, the team, and your current fundraising ask. Share your deck with your team and mentors. We empower the 8 in 10 Americans with debt by accelerating their journey from borrowers to wealth builders. Your business is running well, between 40–120k€ MRR, however sales is mainly done by you and you burn 50–100k€ per month. Ever wondered exactly how your pitch deck stacks up against those of other early-stage founders? Once you’ve got all the pieces in place, take a look back at your deck, and try to be as objective as possible. Sci-Tech Daresbury, your share of the market - to be well into the billions (and for them to think it could dramatically bigger), since realistically you will only ever capture a fraction of that market and VCs want to see the sale price of your company well over a billion. Mobile: +44 7769734491 However, thanks to great designs out there, investors now expect to see beautifully designed pitch decks. Let’s assume your business is in the B2B SaaS space (which we love ). What’s their CV and why did this CV bring the core team to founding your startup. It’s easy for an investor to think they know enough for “no” from looking at your deck, but meeting in-person gives you a much better chance for a yes because you are establishing a more personal connection and communicating vastly more verbal and non-verbal information for them to make a decision. Did you invest some of your own money? You can change your ad preferences anytime. Compare our blog post on B2B SaaS KPIs https://medium.com/senovovc/the-key-b2b-saas-metrics-every-start-up-should-track-7ab75222a336. A presentation deck is for an actual meeting and should be much longer. If you have an incredibly experienced team, you may want to lead with that. What you want to address in the Traction section is simply that your company has gained any level of momentum with outside parties. Percent of pre-seed pitch decks that include it: 92% Average number of pages: 1.9. In fact, if it takes you more than three slides to successfully explain your Business Model you likely need to make some changes to how you’re going to monetize. Here's why we love it: Because they had to explain how the internet works and predict how users would use the internet in the future. In your email deck, especially, don’t get overly liberal passing it around. Above format is most appropriate for Pre-Seed and Seed investment. All rights reserved. You want to create curiosity through the pitch deck: excite the reader, don’t overload your deck (less is often more), confusion leads to a lack of interest, think big but be honest and realistic. If you’re truly “pre-seed”, then that means that you’re raising money from friends and family (and/or friends of friends and family). Also highlight your other revenue streams and show the total revenue of your business. For example: Uber recognized that the medallion system was not optimal for both drivers and clients, and that hailing a cab digitally was going to be disruptive. This is just my take on what I like to see in the pitch deck outlines. But it also shouldn’t be one simple slide showing your pricing structure. an existing shareholders already committed) make sure to highlight this information. How much consulting and one-time fees are connected, CAC: a crucial KPI to understand how scalable your business is, or might be after the financing round, Churn: also, an extremely important KPI. APIdays Paris 2019 - Innovation @ scale, APIs as Digital Factories' New Machi... Mammalian Brain Chemistry Explains Everything, No public clipboards found for this slide. https://www.slideshare.net/david_terrar/ota-pitch-workshop-handout?from_m_app=ios. These slides will be very unique to the KPIs that matter most for your business, but here are a few examples: You get the idea. All of our research has found that investors spend less than 3.5 minutes on average on each pre-seed pitch deck. Here’s part 1: https://www.hustlefund.vc/part-1-pitch-deck-mistakes to get you started. 1x/quarter) can be a good idea in order to loop them into your next round. Were you bootstrapped in the beginning and did you e.g. You don’t need to get too into the weeds here. it should succinctly communicate what your startup is all about and generate curiosity from an investor. If you are presenting your pitch to a large audience, the fewer words on your slides the better. Does the amount of information you included require investors to do too much decoding to figure out what’s actually going on in your deck? Make it concise and make it clear. Essentially putting down a marker of 10 slides delivered in 20 minutes using 30 point font. For example: For a pre-seed pitch, here you’ll want to show the best possible data that demonstrates to investors that you are getting your act together and are on to something, even if you haven’t launched a product yet (e.g. This can be a nice way to communicate to investors that you are on point with your social media game. But this section is about showing investors what you’re actually building, whether it’s screenshots, mocks, a prototype, or a finished product. Percent of pre-seed pitch decks that include it: 88% Average number of pages: 2.8. While you should put some work into refining how you will explain the problem you’re solving, it doesn’t need to be complex — and in fact, it shouldn’t be. While it should take time to put together a good deck, you don’t have to start from scratch. A pitch deck is usually 10–20 slides designed to give a short summary of your startup. Give some general information on the history of your company. What were the key achievements and what were the key challenges until today? Extraordinary grit, intelligence, charisma, and empathy for your customers are all characteristics that experienced investors will be looking for as you pitch them. What were the key achievements and what were the key challenges until today? Daresbury, Show them, but you don’t need to get into the intricate details of how they work at this point. Monthly Newsletter Of Updates, Popular Stories, And What We’re Tracking Take a look. That’s not a lot of time for them to absorb who you are and what your business does. © 2020 Startup Rocket, LLC. is something which will help you grab attention. In B2B SaaS the most important KPI (at this stage) is the MRR. For example (from Mint.com’s pitch): Now is the time to talk-up the rest of your team and any notable advisors in the mix, highlighting why this is an amazing group of people to build the company with you. We received a lot of great feedback on it, and in hindsight, would have included many more screens of our early product in the deck. Use it as a guideline for what aspects of your product you highlight, how you show your business model, and what information you put on your team slide. Your email address will not be published. Explain your main thoughts on this financing round and the actual captable (money raised so far, etc.). Keep in mind that investors always “invest in teams”, thus, this information cannot be overestimated and is a crucial part of every pitch deck. While we have a recommended outline, it won’t always be perfect for every deck. Below is an outline of what I believe allows you to tell the best story for raising seed funding: Appendix: Reserve all other analytics and deep financials in the appendix section. a customized email blurb tailored to the investor plus an attached 1-pager), and send more info (such as your email deck) after you meet. It’s a document, usually, a slide pack produced to get you an appointment with an investor. dau, wau, mau). If you already know the valuation of this round (e.g. How Honest Should CEOs Be With Their Board Members? Required fields are marked *, This is all great stuff and I’m a big fan of Guy’s approach. What’s your current pricing and what’s your strategy behind it? As you will not “spam” the VCs with pitch decks they will not be interested in or they are by default not focusing on. You can have an extra slide for contact details, or include this on the Title slide. Remember, the pitch deck is just an instrument to introduce your business. our blog on the topic https://medium.com/senovovc/choosing-the-right-vc-an-investor-s-perspective-335f57d39f99. Remember that an important tactic is to get in front of an investor with as little information as possible (e.g. Uber’s “pre-seed” pitch deck stated that the entire market for Uber was $4.2 billion. A pitch deck is a living document, learn from VCs rejections, and adjust your pitch deck according to their feedback. How Entrepreneurs Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable, When exit stage left becomes exit series B. Who else invested, when, and how much? What does it take to raise capital, in SaaS, in 2019? Basically, the road map to £100m+ annual revenues. So, it’s crucial to understand why your company will have a high value in future based on which product and which customers. Were you bootstrapped in the beginning and did you e.g. Especially for niche products this slide is important as investors might not know any comparable deals/products where they already have a gut feeling about market size and competition.


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