The reaction mixture usually comprises not only CHP but also a solvent. The apparent activation energy of the non-catalytic oxidation of cumene was determined at 16 kcal/mole. Such combinations are also subject matter of the present invention. Die Ergebnisse zeigten eine Reaktion der nullten Ordnung hinsichtlich des Sauerstoffs und der ersten Ordnung hinsichtlich des Kumols. 2, consists of tube A in which there is an inlet of the acid component (1) and an inlet, upstream of this, of CHP (2) and acetone (3). The organic phase from the phase separation vessel was partly recirculated to the circulation reactor, with the circulation ratio of recycled organic parts of the reaction mixture to starting materials fed into the reactor being 5:1. As alkaline compounds, preference is given to adding aqueous solutions of sodium or potassium carbonate or hydroxide. Phenol is usually prepared from cumene by the Hock process. It may be advantageous to carry out a subsequent heat treatment subsequent to the actual cleavage. FIG. In the various process stages, different temperature and/or pressure conditions can be employed. Preference is given to adding an acid catalyst to the reaction mixture in such an amount that the content of acid catalyst is from 0.002 to 5% by weight. A radical initiator abstracts a hydrogen‐free radical from the molecule, creating a tertiary free radical. The process of the present invention makes it possible to prepare phenol without the coproduct acetone or downstream products of acetone which do not lead to cumene or isopropanol being formed. The hydrogenation not only converts acetone into isopropanol but also converts the cumene into hydrocumene and the acetaldehyde into ethanol. VERSALIS S.P.A. Representative=s name: The loss of a proton stabilizes the oxonium ion. This attraction produces the hydroperoxide free radical. 2347132, Country of ref document: a cylindrical structure equipped with lower and upper closing elements, said elements being respectively provided with means for feeding the reagents and means for discharging the reaction products (substantially CHP), vapours and non-reacted gas; a2. (A phenide ion is a phenyl group with an electron bonding pair available to form a new bond to the ring.). The bottoms were passed to thermal utilization. Additionally by applying this measure the water content of the recirculated portion of the reactor effluent can be easily controlled to adjust the water content of the total feed stream into the alkylation reactor. The flaring of the downcomer can be positioned in the upper part of the cylindrical element and/or in the lower part. The conversion of benzene into cumene is based on an alkylation of benzene by means of an alkylating reagent. The oxidation of cumene to cumene hydroperoxide can be carried out in a manner known to those skilled in the art. These low boilers were fed back into the circulation reactor as alkylation reagent. For example, alkali-catalyzed aldol condensation of acetone can form diacetone alcohol (DAA) which can be hydrogenated to hexylene glycol (HG). In addition, the process of the invention has the advantage that the dehydration of isopropanol to propene, the alkylation of benzene to cumene by means of the propene formed and the alkylation of benzene to cumene by means of isopropanol can occur simultaneously over β zeolites having SiO. gcse.src = '' + cx; It is likewise possible to use heteropolyacids. The process of any of claims 14 to 21, wherein the acetone conversion in the hydrogenation is at least 99%. A person skilled in the art of phenol production will be able to see further possible combinations which are likewise subject matter of the present invention. The circulation reactor is equipped with a product recycle loop. An agent which initiates the oxidation reaction is preferably added to the reaction system. The gas comprising molecular oxygen is brought into contact with the cumene in the form of a cumene-containing solution. In this process, benzene sulfonic acid is reacted with aqueous sodium hydroxide. versalis S.p.A. (San Donato Milanese (MI), IT), OBLON, MCCLELLAND, MAIER & NEUSTADT, L.L.P. Cumene is an organic compound that we can obtain by the Friedel-Crafts alkylation of benzene with propylene. The organic phase is fed to a distillation column in which cumene, by-products and starting materials are separated from one another. A transalkylation reaction was carried out at a temperature of about 220°C and a pressure of 40 bar abs in the presence of zeolites as catalyst to form cumene from benzene and multiply alkylated benzenes. In addition, the authors have observed an alkylation of benzene by dissolved propene and, on the basis of their observation, only a very low yield of cumene can be achieved. In this solution the hydroperoxide was decomposed into phenol and acetone by means of sulphur dioxide as a catalyst. An example of an air-lift reactor is provided in FIG. The process of any of the preceding claims, wherein the reaction is carried out at a temperature of from 100 to 300°C. The feed stream to the reactor preferably has a molar ratio of benzene to isopropanol of greater than 1:1, particularly preferably from 3:1 to 10:1. The process stages can be carried out individually, in parallel and/or in a cascaded manner. Finally, the hydroperoxide free radical abstracts a hydrogen free radical from a second molecule of cumene to form cumene hydroperoxide and a new tertiary free radical. L’hydropcroxyde de cumene a été préparé par oxydation du cumène en phase liquide avec de l’oxygène moléculaire. Cumene hydroperoxide degradation. Une étude a été faite de la réaction du cumène avec l’oxygène. Although the preparation of downstream products from acetone enables direct dependence on the acetone market to be avoided, there continues to be a dependence on the market situation for the downstream products. For example, the oxidation can be carried out as described in. The simultaneous reactions of alkylation and dehydration are preferably carried out continuously. The feedings of the whole of the acid (10) and part of the CHP (11) and acetone (12) respectively, are present in the tube of the system (70). This new process, as far as the oxidation phase is concerned, improves selectivity to CHP and is simpler to manage as, for example, it allows a better control of the temperature in favour of the safety. The reactor preferably works at a high concentration level and can therefore be operated using a small circulation ratio. All rights reserved. Moving, suspended or fixed catalysts can be used in the reactor or reactors. The outlay in terms of apparatus and thus the costs in the overall process for preparing phenol can be further reduced in this way. Both isopropanol, which is fed into the reactor, and propene, which can be included into the feed stream and/or can be formed in a dehydration reaction which proceeds simultaneously, serve as alkylating reagents. Finally, the oxidation reaction of cumene is preferably effected in the presence of basic compounds.


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