(DS9: "Paradise Lost") They had the power to pardon criminals. Answering questions as to why Jaresh-Inyo put Earth into a state of emergency, Ronald D. Moore stated: During the fifth season, Ron D. Moore in an AOL chat gave a summary of what was going on in the show, ending by joking that Morn had become President of the Federation. Wescott was a Human male, notable as the youngest person at the time to hold the office of Federation President. Protection Detail agents were not members of Starfleet and wore dark civilian uniforms. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel), The USS Enterprise finished its famous five-year mission under Captain James T. Kirk on an election year. Method of Selection: (ST - The Fall novel: A Ceremony of Losses) In the 2280s of an alternate timeline, even Starfleet shuttlecraft ferrying the Federation President received this designation. In 2372, fears of Changeling infiltration of the Federation government reached a high point when Dominion agents were discovered to have detonated a bomb at a diplomatic conference between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire in Antwerp. Planets still outside the Federation could wage war. The 2164 Federation Presidential Election took place in October of that year, and Haroun al-Rashid of United Earth became the first popularly-elected President of the United Federation of Planets, for a term set to begin in January 2165. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country; DS9: "Homefront") In addition, the President could preside over special courts martial in which the Federation Council served as the judging body. The Federation News Service commonly projects a winner in the days leading up to Election Day, and has never projected erroneously. Carlos Vicens, the fashion coach in the Manchester City quarry, The reason why Crouch wanted to hit Marcelo hard, John Bostock: from being able to sign for Barcelona, ​​to playing for 13 different clubs, Aubameyang responds to Kroos’ criticism of his celebrations: “Do you have children? (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), The President's office in Paris on Earth in 2293, In 2293, the President, an Efrosian, opened negotiations with Klingon chancellor Gorkon, following the destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis. The President of the United Federation of Planets is the elected head of state and head of government of the United Federation of Planets. A traitor inside the Federation could attempt to overthrow President Archer. While presiding over a Council or sub-council session, the president reserves the right to determine who may or may not speak to the council from the speaker's floor, and may also determine when voting on a bill or resolution is to take place, even though the president may not vote. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation.) Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. “We can confirm that Greg Clarke has resigned from his position as President. The Federation Council was the legislature of the United Federation of Planets. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures), By 2164, the Council had voted to establish a full Federation presidency, popularly elected with a four-year term. Common forms of address for Federation presidents include: The duties of the President of the United Federation of Planets are numerous. The method of electing the President of the United Federation of Planets has never been discussed in Star Trek canon. Council itself determines who is qualified to run for president on the basis of petitions for candidacy. The president "has the option, but is not required, to preside over meetings of the various sub-councils;" if the president chooses not to preside over a sub-council, then the chair of said council serves as the presiding officer. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: Silent Weapons), The president's office is on Floor Fifteen of the Federation's seat of government, the Palais de la Concorde, in Paris, Earth. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation), The president also has the power to pardon criminals. The president of the Federation of Expellees, Erika Steinbach, is hoping for an improvement in relations between Berlin and Warsaw. Home Sports The president of the English Federation slips, apologizes then resigns Sports The president of the English Federation slips, apologizes then resigns Notable presidents who have taken strong steps in defining the role of the presidency include Haroun al-Rashid, Avaranthi sh'Rothress, Kenneth Wescott, Ra-ghoratreii, Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria, Zife (ST novel: Articles of the Federation), and Nanietta Bacco (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms). As leader of the Federation, the president is widely considered the most powerful person in the known Alpha and Beta Quadrants. https://blakes7.fandom.com/wiki/President_of_the_Federation?oldid=11224. ), While a presidential term of office is normally four standard years long, this can sometimes change. Inaugural Holder: “If I see what happens to players and footballers of color and the insults they receive on social networks … it seems that there is a free pass on the networks,” said Clarke, who was quickly asked to apologize. popular election This state of emergency entailed deploying large numbers of Federation Starfleet personnel across the planetary surface; President Jaresh-Inyo had originally criticized the measure as tantamount to a declaration of martial law before being convinced of its necessity. Memory Beta articles sourced from episodes and movies, Council of the United Federation of Planets, 2385 Special Federation Presidential Election, Commander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleet, Presidents of the United Federation of Planets, Office of the Federation Security Advisor, Governor of Prophet's Landing (Republic of Bajor), President of the United Federation of Planets, https://memory-beta.fandom.com/wiki/President_of_the_United_Federation_of_Planets?oldid=724953, "Mister President" if a man (multiple cultures) (, "Madam President" if a woman (multiple cultures) (. So while a TV series about the Federation could certainly spend some time in space, for the most part, it would be grounded, especially if it’s focused on the president. The President is supported by the Cabinet, a special committee comprised of the heads of the executive departments of the Federation government.


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