Lastly, one other example: “You need to read again dear” won’t be taken very well by many folks, I gotta tell you. Feminism means bikinis are just as okay as overalls, and neither need be judged. People are misunderstanding what we are trying to say, just because of language and cultural differences. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. We all are supporters of women empowerment but when it goes in the wrong hands the result turns to disaster. Don't miss out our any new blog. Have they ever asked their mother to help in the kitchen? Same goes in showbiz, if you like her she should be nation’s favorite but if you doesn’t everything she do suddenly becomes pathetic and ugly. It’s called “revenge”, but now it also is becoming exactly what they have been fighting against! They will bash a woman if he’s wife or sister of their lesser like politician but they will support a woman bashing same political leader. Many other men and women are making the same healthy choices. But make sure you are giving them equal opportunity. What they forget is the basic essence of feminism movement: equality. Asima Ihsan, Bushra Fatima and Muhammad Nadeem, NIPCO House, 4 - Shaharah e Fatima Jinnah,Lahore, Pakistan Tel: +92 42 36367580    |     Fax : +92 42 36367005, Iran urges IAEA's probe into Saudi, Israeli nuke activities, PNS Tabuk joins naval fleet after commissioning ceremony at Romania, Syria to exert more efforts to secure return of refugees, Regional countries shows keen interest to become part of CPEC: Speaker NA, Govt striving to transform youth bulge into economic force: Usman Dar, Israeli team could be mastermind behind Apple’s 'Revolutionary' & 'Most Powerful Chip': Report, Parliamentarian supports to make nutrition priority in Punjab, Israel may launch preemptive strike on Iran Post-Trump: Former US National Security Advisor, US crude oil inventories rise for week ending November 6, Saba Qamar shares her thoughts on feminism, PM Khan to inaugurate development projects in Turbat, NDMA chief Muhammad Afzal tests positive for coronavirus, Pakistan reports 1,808 coronavirus cases in one day. And many people might take offense to phrasing like this: “Is it really necessary to show cleavages, smoking/drinking, cheating, abusing elders who oppose them, and making a wrong image of feminism?” How long have women in your country been engaged in the struggle for equality? The side that is intentionally generated by some extra and money-minded people. These are those people who wants their daughter to get good education, support there companion if she wants to work in field. If you’re uncomfortable with women having sex, wearing certain types of clothing, or being overweight, that’s not a problem with women or with feminism, but a problem with you and it may be time to think about why you need to subjugate women in this way. Indeed, there should be equal chance for women and its something to be noticed that anything which starts with feminism end up with being pseudo,,i can’t find why this happen? The way that may claim someone’s life too. how they demonstrate that is up to them and not a moral issue. © 2020 Aspiring Blog — Powered by WordPress. If you’re a feminist then you should not get offended by the explanation of pseudo feminism. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Web. Noun . But like Jay said above, while it may not be demeaning in India to call women “girls”, it’s considered insulting in many other places in the world (similar to calling a black man “boy”) but this is a cultural difference the writers may not have been aware of. Why become what you loathe? If I’m being carried out of a burning building by a woman, I’m gonna assume she’s been lifting weights and has the ability to perform on the same level as a guy, otherwise she shouldn’t be a firewoman if she’s not willing to put in that kind of training and body transformation (unless she’s already athletic and muscular and that kind of training comes easily to her anyway). All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God……. The same goes for a fireman, of course, who’s gotten out of shape and isn’t performing equally to his coworkers. Pseudo-feminism is saying women deserve more respect, or that people of other genders deserve no respect. I agree with views you have composited. Women are the pride of country. The term ‘Feminism’ has some different side too, the dark side. Women should be given equal opportunity to earn what they want through hardwork. Because if you don’t know Jay very well and you aren’t friends, then signing off like that makes you seem extremely condescending and a little pissy that someone disagreed with you. This may be because of culture or even experience. Women who dress to expose their bodies are also exploiting weakness. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Deepak. I also want to thank you u came in our support and take the right think which i want to say and i have made the changes already which can be universally accepted.. That was never the purpose of this movement. I don’t believe there is such a thing as “pseudo-feminism”. This isn’t to insult the blog writers and their English, either! I don’t drink or smoke because I want to be healthy. We are only seen as having value if we bring in a second income. How would we know what to think or how to act without men telling us? Pseudo feminists are spoiling the movement by claiming superiority of the feminine gender. But this isn’t as simple as it looks. Different professions have different accepted ways to dress on the job for both men and women. They’re true pride in our country and will always be remembered for the work they’ve done to make us all proud. Definition of pseudofeminism in the dictionary. Person’s seem to forget that evil not only dwells in the heart of men, but women are also just as evil……there is no difference in the eyes of the Lord……. 2007, J. Serano, Whipping girl: A transsexual woman on sexism and the scapegoating of femininity. This is where hypocrisy and pseudo feminism gets merge. Let’s start. Harmful in a true sense.. Women deserve freedom to express themselves, there is nothing which can make us to stop. Pseudo-feminism is saying women deserve more respect, or that people of other genders deserve no respect. The problem is they want to have it both ways. I’m not into theirs personal life. Thankyou for your appreciation, its my personal opinion and might differ with yours but we will discuss this again. Instead of celebrating their femininity and embracing the differences, they are on a spree to emulate the males and reverse the continuous existing social construct. That’s what feminism is. There are people out there taking feminism in the wrong way. I’m thinking it just came out wrong–how you phrased it–in trying to dissect where, exactly, things are going wrong in regards to any false accusations some women may be making against men or other possible negatives resulting from feminism being “abused” sometimes in some manner. We are told that only doing what men do is proof of strength and intelligence. Men can lead by example by showing women their own humility by caring for the weaker person and by being content with less money. We can’t judge anyone because we have no right to interfere with someone’s personal life. I strongly believe in right parenting and if a man sees his father treating the women in his life with respect, be his wife/daughter, he would learn to respect women in his life. Big topic indeed Deepak. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. That is what he is talking about. Clothing choices in private life are a little trickier, but men need to be aware that “NO” means “NO” however a woman is dressed. Here are some extraordinary girls describing what feminism actually is. Depak Joshi, Gender equality has come a long way all over the world. More linguistical/cultural misunderstanding going on here, possibly. Anything else hurts the weak and innocent. But before reaching any conclusions you need to analyse what we are really trying to say. What you describe as fake feminism can, also, have a political dimension. They trying to disobey men and putting allegations. Feminism has deviated too much from its purpose. Marxists routinely seek to pit one group against another — men v. women, whites v. blacks and Hispanics, rich v. poor, etc. Just because someone is a celebrity or famous doesn’t mean they are the authority to speak on feminism. Another form of pseudo feminism, according to me, is the feminism of convenience. I think there’s a direct correlation here with the blog writers and communication; ideas and concepts may not be coming out exactly as what they mean, and “English as first language speakers” may be taking it the wrong way. The feminism word is very debatable nowadays, its often seen that a person start with feminism but end up with being pseudo feminist..but u got the right point which we want to convey to the public. pseudo-+‎ feminist. pseudofeminist (plural pseudofeminists) One who is apparently, but not actually, a feminist. Thanks for your vote! 2. A blog post on Medium , in reference to the ideal feminist woman says, "These are women who can handle their jobs, or take on the responsibility of their households or manage to do both. And thankyou Seliza Bryan for elaborating this fact. I, like you, agree with what you are stating. This all happen by my poor research i want to apologise for the misconceptions. I am not against feminism instead i mentioned that feminism is good and we should all follow it and give them equal chances. Yeah, Anna makes a good point. But if you offended in anyway, we really apologise for that. This things are opposite in our country, women are not asked to work outside as second income in the home, instead the women who cares his husband or family members are portrayed as a good women, we are in support that if women want to help or work outside, want to explore the world she can, this is a feminism for us. This post isn’t against feminism. But they should be empowered enough to know the difference between feminism and fake feminism. Living in a society where women face several problems everyday its worst that some people are actually damaging the word feminism. I’m all for “girl power”, especially when it comes to brains. The pseudo-intellectual is Ananse the spider, with the pot of wisdom on its belly as it tries to climb the palm tree. Hey jay ,,i am the writer of this blog and comes here to clarify some points which you take it wrong Men who care more about money then children or the sick demand that women work outside the home. Pseudo feminism creates a wrong impression and makes it harder to promote feminism. They see women who cannot work outside of the home as unintelligent and an embarrassment to the feminist cause. Living in a society where women face several problems everyday its worst that some people are actually damaging the word feminism. you can share your opinion in the comment section below. U beautifully portrayed feminism and i agree with your point that female can be equal with men in term of brain even they can work better perfect example is new Zealand prime minister.. her capability to tackel coronavirus is inspiration to all the world, and as you mention in last paragraph feminism was born to give equal rights but if feminist will use it to suppress men so it will be injustice to the law. Did you actually mean “dear” in a nice way, a term of endearment? I might add there’s even a few in the U.S. still. Feminism is basically about equality and no judgment. But again the main cause is political agendas. We were just trying to portraying the fact that how people are using feminism for their own benefits now.


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