0000006069 00000 n 0000003162 00000 n 0000017368 00000 n 0000004275 00000 n "�Ab� � ��$�~�� )���@�s"#�U ����h�?�� d@$ Abstract- The purpose of this study is to identify psychological factors that affect Grade Point Averages (GPA) among the students pursuing higher education (HE) especially engineering students in a premier institution of the country and to raise a 0000021873 00000 n effect of psychological factors in the process of reading, and also showed the potentials for future researches in psychological factors. trailer <<0722209EF85C422AA48CAF0743303BF5>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 308 0 obj <>stream Psychological factors both influence and are influenced by physical func-tioning (Jones, 2006; Ryffa et al., 2006). 488 30 0000041600 00000 n 0000002943 00000 n 0000030808 00000 n 0000038907 00000 n Psychological wellbeing is a resource in later life that enables adaptation Psychological wellbeing has a role to play in self-management of chronic disease, managing risk Cognitive function enables self-management, health behaviour Common biological factors may lead to cognitive decline, depression xڤViPSW�� ���"�c�� )�h�bF@Lաa)ƈ(�N� B ��K�� *�( ���72� *�SA�K��:���{# �v��'yɼ{��;� @��X`w�`Bp` _d@-cE��̆o��Xԧ�U��J���_݌}F}���;��vDȤ�L�h~�kL�"�tyVͰ��Ɯ^�R�*���f,J@%.���Y�dl�����z�1�3v �����H����Pg�bRIM�P���|>w7'y��m��q���n��o�(Ug3�HV7%t 0000016324 00000 n 0000008409 00000 n xref The study of consumer behaviour emphasizes the 1 PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS The psychological basis for harmful gambling is rooted in a number of different factors and is influenced by an individual’s biology and the broader environment. 0000018141 00000 n imagined. 0000015430 00000 n endstream endobj 71 0 obj <> endobj 72 0 obj <>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 73 0 obj <>stream 0000008094 00000 n Psychology Definition of PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS: The opposite of organic factors, functional factors contribute to the development of personality, maintain health and well-being and the structure and Introduction Reading perhaps is one of the most widely employed skills in existing literature. h�Ԗ�n�8��`߁�[���( 0000003146 00000 n Usually even quite simple types of offense present a psychological problem as well as a sociological one. Psychologists who study the interrelationships between psychological factors and physical health are called health psychologists. 0000002116 00000 n 0000029995 00000 n 97 0 obj <>stream 0000008593 00000 n 0000008016 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 0000006923 00000 n 0000065873 00000 n 0000669793 00000 n 0000005705 00000 n h�|SIOSa=��%��@ii��P�Z��2 �y�. 0000015778 00000 n 0000042556 00000 n 0000008209 00000 n 0000031802 00000 n <]/Prev 945689/XRefStm 1718>> Buying Behaviour, This paper’s aim is to provide an in-depth elucidation of the many aspects that influence consumer behaviour. %PDF-1.4 %���� %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000030384 00000 n 0 0000009080 00000 n 0000007707 00000 n These boys had poorer executive functioning than did boys with no familial trailer 0000004024 00000 n 0000003413 00000 n 0000029443 00000 n 86 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6B9121B35AC57440921764A536D6C2C3><63881EBB9CD1404BBCB343250E4F2C5F>]/Index[70 28]/Info 69 0 R/Length 85/Prev 142842/Root 71 0 R/Size 98/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream 0000064453 00000 n 488 0 obj <> endobj I�6�g�� �VW6���~�0�0�^h�xA����c �D� =�@� 0000038167 00000 n 0000004382 00000 n 0000008487 00000 n 0000007714 00000 n 0000001718 00000 n 0000015289 00000 n 0000001904 00000 n 0000005397 00000 n 0000043432 00000 n 0000018022 00000 n PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Instructor Janne Peltoniemi Pages 46 Supervisor Birgitta Niemi learning, and attitude and behaviour change. 0000006458 00000 n 0000004151 00000 n 0000011718 00000 n 0000007790 00000 n Keywords: Psychological factors, Reading comprehension 1. The study of the relationships between mind and body bring us to examining the role startxref The study also examined which 0000008800 00000 n 0000007238 00000 n 0000016069 00000 n K����^�.UI��ݴ����֢��r!�W����^JD6��{����� ���^�]+l���=�Չ�)Z7j�_��Ut�/������ �VK�me�]��"gA���[J��N�%Z�����@yE!W1�p�����[�˾f�rs9��t?x�a��kЯ�^ɐ���H�w.7���Z*��b\�e���y���I���Z���Wu1�׎�r +��D����{�n��ۅ���*}ƂF��{;�:����E}Uw’�nL]Z}�_J(��N���X�K�ٴ���d��ˇ;�V�7��&"���{�@?p���*9�ȿ���rt���a'�K��%5[7,I�LQF�|�nX�9��J}�(!Za7N�E�8���˶=fH�9���r������Gliӗj�ص�Ko"��{s^?bv�=q���#�R��u����B��HHB�P�m��_Ŏ!�' ���q� %�J�;�aՉCǫ��Ӳ���G=�X-�;߾|��X��՚Ȭ=�l�w�chl���d�!�!؉�X_޼e�\���-1���.�C,���h!�q&��9�I�z�喷% v&�oW\?��N���nc1��8�'. 0000017985 00000 n h�bbd``b`�$�A�w �b $�� 6-! 0000006147 00000 n 0000003260 00000 n 0000006536 00000 n 0000065550 00000 n PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS I need not deal with them here but I might add that such simple and clear-cut cases as the one just described are com-paratively rare. 0000003637 00000 n 0000001176 00000 n 517 0 obj <>stream 0000065302 00000 n 70 0 obj <> endobj h�b```f``�``a`I`�g@ ~�+sl ��sy�Lx��䩲ɫM`��;��eim�@)6�h)I՜���PVF�ԍ'�� $��yF�=k��������:�4���*:�X2L�@����"Oxf\� 0000031854 00000 n �i�t���M��Eblne��4�ӗC����a��!9�D~�;��Ò��KR:,uX��%#�X����\7�Y(�X�C榞�>{�G1�;���s�z��*S��fB+V>Kܛ������c��ۛvy��Ķ,xݱ(���/������. 0000018075 00000 n 0000006845 00000 n 0000007868 00000 n Crimes of … Psychosocial Factors in Alcohol Use and Alcoholism 181 There is no single, simple explanation for why ... psychological tests in a sample of 12-year-old boys with a multigenerational family history of alcoholism. 0000002080 00000 n %%EOF %%EOF 0000007629 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� Depending on the person’s psychological characteristics, he or she may be more or less likely to be susceptible to developing harmful gambling habits. endstream endobj startxref 265 0 obj <> endobj xref 265 44 0000000016 00000 n 0000007316 00000 n This paper examined the relationship among selected psychological factors (Locus of control, Self-concept and Motivation) and students' academic achievement in Yoruba Language in Egbeda Local Government, Oyo State. 0000016861 00000 n 0000003028 00000 n 0 0000020326 00000 n 0000000915 00000 n 0000003827 00000 n 0000031905 00000 n


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