God has a destiny for each one of us to fulfill. Word & Spirit - Partners in Purpose - PDF - Word - Audio - Podcast It was a couple coming down and when we asked how far, he looked at the app on his phone ‘only ¾ of a mile, you have several more switchbacks but it levels out, the trees clear and the second lake is Green Lake.’, I took this, by surprise, as my sign to go on and we did hike another 45 minutes before coming to the lake that hours before I thought we couldn’t get to. As people of faith, we know that our identity is not about our color or culture. If an average adult rides a bike for 1 hour at 10 mph, it uses the amount of energy contained in 3 ounces of carbohydrate. D. “If we had known it was an 11 mile hike and not a 3.4, we would never have gone. People do it regularly. If we had known it was another 2.5 miles to the lake and not .4, we would have turned around. Reality of Hell Keys to Discovering My Purpose and Destiny: 1. You may have been in bankruptcy and are now out. What are you ignoring that is really not apart of your destiny or calling? We went to Crested Butte, couldn’t find the trail, asked, and got on the right trail. - Staying the Course - PDF - Word - Audio - Podcast 2.) Another way our purpose and destiny can get de-railed is when we simply go through the motions of life – existing day by day. Our bodies are miraculous… We have opposing thumbs so that we can grasp things; Our immune systems are built to heal our illnesses automatically; The average human heart pumps over 1,000 gallons a day; The lungs contain 1,000 miles of capillaries. But most of the choices we make are not as fatal or final. The author is Eugene Bell Jr. FULFILLING DESTINY ACCORDING TO GOD'S PLAN AND PURPOSE 2. -. Purpose provides short-term focus, while destiny provides long-term perspective and direction. The human body contains enough DNA that if it were stretched out, it would circle the sun 260 times. The Biblical understanding of human self-identity is radically God-centered. Fulfill Your Destiny It is found in looking deeply at self and soul. For this Series The body uses energy efficiently. We are graced and we are loved. He goes out into the fields and one day he hears … Destiny should drive purpose, while purpose drives action. Sowing Seeds of Faith, Visit the Making the Most of Your Life - PDF - Word - Audio If a car were this efficient with gasoline, it would get 900 miles to the gallon. (No one right answer), Big Picture Question: What areas of your life are still left submitted to God? Bible 2.) Yet, when all was said and done, they realized that the universe or God or some greater good prevailed for these random incidents to come together for a purpose. I was tired, and didn’t want us to get hurt, and it was looking stormy. Getting Into God's Play Book - PDF - Word - Audio - Podcast You may be the one with the answer … We believe in mercy and kindness. Day of Atonement Yet another way we can lose track of our destiny and purpose is to measure success by what we have done as compared to what someone else has done. Repentance 2 Timothy 1:9 who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began, Keeping Your Vision Fresh & Alive - PDF - Word - Audio We spend our days comparing ourselves to others and finding fault with ourselves and others. Purpose and meaning are found through courage and through the knowledge that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. It is important for every Christian who has truly been born again to know that we have been born again with a purpose in mind. Studies and Online Sermons featuring Destiny, Purpose & Vision, Destiny, Purpose, Vision Sermon Outlines, Podcasts, You can download the entire Outlines by clicking on the links below in either PDF or Word formats: You can also listen to the message by clicking on "audio" or "podcast", his entire series of messages is also available from the. and ask for the ancient paths, Second Coming Your purpose and destiny can be found in your situation. The Spirit led him while he was … Why? We must probed deeper into the record in an attempt to understand why such flawed people warrant this tribute. 3.) I thought, ‘Huh, a green lake in the mountains is usually above the timberline but I can never make it up there!’  We hike up another 45 minutes – all uphill. You were given a unique mixture of spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences. This summer, I had a back and forth email exchange with a couple from our church. God has a destiny for each one of us to fulfill. Have you ever marveled at being human? I know this is not an important matter and not a right or wrong but please give me a sign if we should go up or turn around!’, We met very few on the trail but I no more thought that and we heard voices. If we had not met that couple, we would have turned around. But he is a young man. It was not .4 mile to the sign but 2.5 miles and a total of 5.5 miles to the car from the lake.”  Here is his summary ~. We are blessed by the Creator. Sin has consequences and Grace has power: :-20) Great battles, Great victories, and moments of Weakness. What did you do to get back closer with him? You may be a battered wife and now you are free. While I was thinking to myself, not thinking anyone was listening, I thought, ‘I don’t know if we can do this! “Today, we decided to hike to Green Lake, an easy 1.7 mile hike on the map. where the good way lies; and walk in it, Our bodies are miraculous…, But it’s not just the physical body that is amazing – we have the astonishing “capacity to see and hear and feel, and then to think about all this incredible reality, and then form judgments about it all and know right and wrong and good and bad and beautiful and ugly, and then to feel profound emotions of love and hate and joy and discouragement and wonder and hope and gratitude, and then to reason and plan our lives in ways that accomplish things.”             Desiringgod.org. Summary: For every Divine plan, there is Divine purpose. Our identity as humans is one of belonging… we belong to God… we belong to the earth… we belong to each other. iTunes Store We can always find someone more successful and someone who is floundering. 1.) I turned on the tracking app on my phone and went down. If we allow ourselves to be distracted by someone else’s accomplishments or failures, we end up losing our own way. overcoming doubt, letting go of an affair, releasing an addiction)? That’s why the destiny for each of us is so unique. Here is a portion of what was written to me…. 6.) The goal that God has for me is greater than the goal I would have. We cannot talk about our identities without talking about the action of God within us. Body of Christ That’s who we are. This is important for you to realize—David lived according to his destiny while he was serving his purpose. Did Samson understand his vow? Only humans ask these questions. (even if you are twins, you find uniqueness). Our lives are not accidents – we have purpose and a destiny. Purpose-Destiny mismatches are possible.


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