There you can browse our full line of capped composite decking and railing products. If you want to save some money, you many want to consider a different style. Vinyl or Plastic. Or paint it grey or light blue for a nautical or coastal landscape. Our vinyl pergola kits come ready to assemble in a weekend. Can be used to complement decks, rooftops, porches, patios or free-standing in gardens and paver walkways. Cedar's durability and decay resistance is excellent, and among North American wood species is a close second to California Redwood. Vinyl has come a long way since the 1980's. Many people don't know this, and unfortunately they settle for a standard size kit size that doesn't quite fit their landscape perfectly. Your escape to a brand new experience is just one weekend away! We customize the size for you down to the inch at no extra cost. Smaller sizes come pre-cut, and can be assembled in1-2 days. Only when you are 100% satisfied do we begin production. You will never want to leave your backyard once your Amish vinyl pergola kit is installed. Price per square foot decreases as square footage increases. Attached (wall anchored) vs. free standing (ground anchored). Easy to Install DIY Engineered Trex Pergola Kits made from Low Maintenance Cellular Vinyl, Standard & Custom Pergola Designs | Order Online Free Shipping. All you need is two people and some simple tools suggested in our assembly manuals. Large sizes take several days, require stick frame roof assembly (instructions available from us), cutting of some of the tongue and groove roof decking, and in general require skills beyond that of the average homeowner to assemble. Yards with small fish ponds are ideal places for vinyl pergolas. They will also support manually-operated retractable canopies. See our most popular wall mounted pergola kits below – and order yours today! We do this by providing top-notch service and products that last a lifetime. Pavilions, particularly larger sizes, can take several days. What is The Best Material? Located in the heart of Lancaster County, PA, Garbrella is a true Amish pergola builder. Another big advantage of fiberglass is that it comes in any color you can imagine. In fact, felled redwood can lie dormant on the earth for decades and still be in good shape. adroll_current_page = "home_page"; Tradesman typically assemble a 12x12 Classic Pergola in under five hours (excluding pouring of footings). If you are the hands-on type and want to install your vinyl pergola kit on your own, we can deliver a complete kit … The 6’x6’ posts are made with pressure treated wood and wrapped in white PVC. Choose Options. Premium Vinyl Pavilion - Gabled Roof. Assembly of our pavilion kits can take several days. Just give us a call and we will create your drawings for you to review and have us edit.

Your backyard will be the destination for fun and friends for the whole family. Custom designs including radius, trapezoid or rhombus shapes, do not come with assembly manuals, and may require additional skills to assemble. If you live elsewhere we would be happy to email you suggestions on sourcing an assembler in your area. Superior’s pergolas are engineered to last for decades. If you want to take a look at our covered models, check them out here. For all orders, we provide you with a custom set of shop drawings for free. Serenity Premium Vinyl Pergola Kit. Vinyl fence and outdoor structure makers provide multi year warranties on their products, some as long as 25 years.
), and to semi-variable costs of shipping and production. © 2020 AZEK® Building Products. Western Red Cedar grows in the Pacific Northwest. Our vinyl pergola kits are quick and easy to install, providing you with great looking covers that will keep your outdoor area cool and comfortable. High-quality vinyl pergolas create an open but still sheltered spot for outdoor entertaining, dining, or simply relaxing. All parts and pieces are assembled and manufactured in the USA and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. $3,849. And it usually came in only one color, white. Once you know the difference between a Pergolas Direct product we’re certain you’ll buy one of our pergola kits and vinyl patio covers. All standard designs come with instructions. Roofs are heavy, and therefore cost a lot to ship.

It is for this reason that we coined the slogan "Great times...delivered straight to your backyard!". Get started on your vinyl pergola order now and contact us today! Choose Options. It is also abundantly available in North America, so therefore is much less expensive than California Redwood. © 2020 Garbrella Pergolas LLC. It looks better than other cedars, and is the most durable and decay resistant of all cedar species. Our most popular model to fit with a retractable canopy is our Serenity model in Western Red Cedar. In addition, we provide a variety of low-maintenance, high-quality outdoor living products, built and designed by true Amish pergola builders in Lancaster, PA.

All of our wood and fiberglass models can be customized to your sizing preferences. Vinyl is maintenance free, but it more costly than wood. Red Cedar Traditional Roof Pavilion Welcome to, America's retailer of custom and standard size pergola kits and patio covers. 1-888-293-2339: Celebrating 21 years online 1999-2020. Our structural fiberglass is lighter than wood, but pound for pound stronger than steel. When you partner with Garbrella, delivery, and installation can be handled by our skilled and experienced installers.
© 2020 | 1-800-403-9259 | 8am - 8pm, Fiberglass Louvered Pergola Kit - Modern Contemporary, Fiberglass Pergola Kit - Wall Mounted Series, Premium Vinyl Pavilion - Traditional Roof. Welcome to Pergola Kits USA, America's retailer of custom and standard size pergola kits and patio covers. A vinyl pergola attached to your home can transform your deck, porch, or patio. Attached Pergola Kit Installation Instructions, Freestanding Pergola Kit Installation Instructions. See our most popular wall mounted pergola kits below – and order yours today! Hampton Premium Vinyl Double Beam Free Standing Pergola - 8 Inch Square Columns. Adding a pergola to your backyard will not only provide shade and comfort to your outdoor relaxation, but also add a phenomenal wow-factor, courtesy of its stunning beauty. ft. basis). Some families have a swimming pool in the backyard and want a pergola so they can complete the look of their recreational area. A pergola attached to the house is generally less expensive than a free standing design because an attached model only has two support columns instead of four. That’s a 4:1 ratio to your advantage. Choose Options. The mature heartwood also has a tighter grain than cedar that appeals to many. Should You Buy a DIY Pergola Kit, or Buy a Custom Pergola? Create the perfect outdoor living space with a patio pergola or backyard pergola. Today, vinyl comes with sun-protective additives that extend its useful life. It comes in a over 256 sizes, including 14x14, 14x16 and even 20x20. Sometimes you will see these models advertised as a "two post pergola" or a "wall mounted pergola". Our PVC pergola kits are sturdy and easy to assemble making them an ideal addition to a backyard. adroll_currency = "USD"; The fasteners, including the lag bolts and screws, are stainless steel. Garden Spot attached pergola kits are a smart choice if you want to purchase a quality attached pergola while being economical at the same time. adroll_adv_id = "LFWE6RHNTJGR7N2TTYVMGC"; That means no matter where you live, you can adorn your backyard with authentic Amish craftsmanship and striking outdoor style. If they require an engineer's stamp, we can provide that also for a fee. In fact, we make it in any size! All Rights Reserved. In the pergola industry, "attached" means wall mounted, while "free standing" means anchored to the ground. In these cases there is a price premium, and assembly may be modestly more difficult. For a pergola that is designed specifically to your taste and the size of your outdoor living area, check out our custom pergola kits! We’re always happy to talk to customers about how our Amish-built pergolas and outdoor living accessories can enhance their backyard décor. $5,796. But the most satisfying part of our business is that we help you create the atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Wood Pergola Kits, Of all the various materials used to build backyard structures, wood is the most common. The do-it-yourself PVC pergola kits at Alan’s Factory Outlet are precut with all of the hardware included for easy assembly. Plastic Lumber Yard offers Vinyl pergola kits for a ready-to-install structure, and the pergola parts and accessories can also be custom configured to create interesting architectural transitions and spaces. It is the least expensive of the three woods we have discussed so far. Walpole manufactures its kits with AZEK's PVC materials, meaning your pergola is protected from splitting, rotting, splintering, and delaminating, and is also resistant to mold, mildew and moisture damage. But we use Western Red Cedar for our structures. By purchasing one of the vinyl pergola kits from Alan’s Factory Outlet, homeowners can have classic piece of décor in their garden. Pergolas Direct supplies people across the US with beautiful vinyl pergola kits, custom patio shades and covers. Cedar is the most common wood used for all types of backyard structures, including gazebos, pergolas, sheds, decorative bridges, furniture, etc. Looks perfect, doesn’t it? These tips will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that you are happy with your pergola purchase. But times have changed. If you buy a small model (8x8 size or a 10x8 size) you will be paying the highest price per square foot. Your review them and make changes. Owners may hang strands of ivy all around their garden pergolas to give them an extra dash of interest. They are maintenance free materials. The only exceptions to these rules are if the custom pergola is an odd shape such as a trapezoid or rhombus.

If you are the hands-on type and want to install your vinyl pergola kit on your own, we can deliver a complete kit right to your home. When you are purchasing a pergola, there are 11 critical things that you need to know. If you want to order your dream pergola, you can choose from our wide selection of quality, attached or free-standing pieces. Smaller sizes are fully pre-cut, include pre-assembled roof panels, and typically take 1-2 days to assemble. If you are interested in a specific style or a custom vinyl pergola kit, request a quote or ask for more information today. We strive to make our customer relationships last as long as the pergolas and outdoor accessories we build. They are all the same concept. If you would like to view our selection of different options and colors, ask that we send you one of our FREE pergola sample kits! adroll_language = "en_US".


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