Many of the Pyramid Guitar Strings below are wound on a round core which yields a unique sound that lasts and lasts. If you'd like help from our friendly human string filters, don't hesitate to contact us. If you are unsure what strings to purchase and would rather use a human player filter, don't hesitate to contact us. He knows. Acoustic strings for example, show "Light" as a standard 12-52 set. While visiting the Acoustic Guitar Strings page or sitewide in our header: Once you click away out of price, you should see (at the time of writing this) 17 results across 8 manufacturers. You can X or delete these to remove a particular filter or remove all to reset. Hand-crafted guitar strings by Pyramid offered featuring classic flatwound and roundwound silk-end guitar strings at the best prices with the widest selection and best descriptions available on-line at The String … I urge you to give these incredible Pyramid Guitar Strings a try today! Web Design by Numinix, Select Product Type "Full Set" (page will refresh), Select Full Set Material "Phosphor Bronze", Select Full Set by 1st string gauge "0.012", Select Full Set by last string gauge "0.054". We hope that our precise categorization helps you filter your specific needs. Classical strings offer additional filters for Bass Sets or Treble Sets. An issue players face is how manufacturers across the globe name their gauges as tensions with such a wide range. Example: Let's say Mr. Smith would like to know all the possibilities for what he already plays, Acoustic Phosphor Bronze. His budget is $9 max per set. That's according to Matt, our lead customer service guy at Strings By Mail who's also an active performer and teacher. © 2020 Strings By Mail He knows the first string is a .012 gauge and last string a .054. Matt especially likes Pyramid's Gold Chrome Flat Wound strings, which are very popular with other guitarists, too. To simplify, tension names listed on our string filter are standardized to what most manufacturers use. Then, + and - refer to thicker or thinner variations based on the standard set. Follow this link to see the above result. Pyramid makes some of the best electric guitar strings on the market. Mr. Smith now has a nice collection of similar strings to compare and experiment with from different manufacturers. Then, + and - refer to thicker or thinner variations based on the standard set. We believe that selecting the right diameters for your instruments and your playing style is VERY important. You can filter strings by either Full Sets or Single Strings. Round Core Strings - Make sure you first tune to pitch before cutting of excess wire! Save on classic hand threaded classic Flatwound and Roundwound strings. Electric strings for example, show "Light" as a standard 10-46 set. After making selections, notice the black filter result tabs above the products. After you make your selection, the filter will display product results along with deeper filter options with a number count for each available. These show what criteria is being filtered, such as gauges or materials. Pyramid Guitar Strings - Pyramid strings are handwound in Germany with precision and quality like no other. The String Guy sells Pyramid Strings at super prices shipped direct to you.


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