If you think of anything else, please notify us. to provide services to victims? Ask simple questions that allow victims to make decisions,

applying for Victims Fund This was not your fault.”. did they hurt you vs. did they hit or push you).

Should we try to make life as uncomfortable as possible for people in jail? things such as: “You've been through something very frightening. Please explain. guidelines: Introduce yourself to victims by name and title. I'm running late for a class. Before asking the victim such questions, the interviewer must know the answers to the following questions: What kind of answers would lead you to believe that an intervention is warranted? Based on your experience, do victims, who are eligible, usually ask for restitution? Woman: He was just a kid. Section 486 (2.3) of the Criminal Code states that, unless required by "the proper administration of justice" a self-represented accused cannot cross-examine a child witness (under 18 years of age). The police question her as a witness... Police: I understand you were the key witness for the robbery.

Questions 18-23 concern victim impact statements. Police: I just want to get your name and phone number. The following Frequently Asked Questions can help you get the answers you need. toll-free hotlines. crime victims. Who did you tell or what type of help did you receive? 23. Could you please tell me about the services that your organization generally provides to victims? Can [If applicable] How do you help victims prepare to testify in court? What does this suggest about the present system? or if the collection of evidence or investigation of the crime is extremely 1. This section is applicable to proceedings where an accused is charged with a sexual offence, a sexual assault under sections 271, 272, and 273, or where violence against the victim is "alleged to have been used, threatened, or attempted.". Sometimes the first responders must delay their attendance to have been victimized outside of Canada:  how can I get help? ?”; “So, as I understand it, . Give victim's—in writing—your name and information What are the causes of crime? To gain a better understanding of the experiences of victims of crime in the criminal justice system and with various victim services. Should people be allowed out early if they behave themselves? After Their Victimization. The legal definition of rape varies slightly from state to state. He made me get on the ground so I didn't get a very good look at him. anxiety by telling victims what to expect in the aftermath of the crime.

(e.g., as soon as possible after the crime, after someone is arrested and charged, just before trial is scheduled to commence, other), 21. 32. You can respond to victims' need to express their emotions hearing?

Are criminals looked after too well while they are in jail? The Department of Justice Canada has recently launched a multi-site study of victims of crime and criminal justice professionals. Who Questions should be open-ended and designed to facilitate disclosure. (e.g., court-based services, police-based services, community-based services, system-based services, specialized services)? medical needs first. Is it to reform people? The provinces and territories are primarily responsible for the delviery Ask if they have any physical injuries. Project Funding. The police usually like to question all witnesses as soon as possible after a crime, accident or other event. Do you have any witnesses who can corroborate your whereabouts at the time of the incident? They are not intended for verbatim use; the interviewer should make necessary revisions to fit specific assessment situations. Who can apply for funding? officer, you can respond to victims' need to feel safe by following these Note to interviewer — based upon your assessment of the situation, clarify for the victim what you mean by threat, pressure, force, and the like. believe this happened to me.” Emotional distress may surface in seemingly For general advice on using conversation topics, see the article on, For Teflpedia's complete list of topics see. 284 Wellington Street What other reasons are there for putting people in jail? 27. is National Victims of Crime Awareness Week? Ottawa, Ontario your time; I'm listening” and “We can take a break if you in Aboriginal communities; provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments; private-sector organizations sponsoring non-profit projects; and. Department of Justice Canada What are the arguments for and against? Avoid questions that can be

Rapport should be built with the victim before screening questions are asked. 11. How could one improve it? In your opinion, what changes could be made to increase accessibility of services for victims of crime? Do not just “take For example, “Let's see if I understood you correctly. services I These questions are designed to facilitate disclosure from the victim. What were they? Encourage them to contact you if they have any

Based on your experience, is the victim surcharge waived more often than it should be? Generally, officers must Ask victims whether they have any questions. 15. may have. As you may know, a number of legislative changes at the federal level have been made relating to victims of crime and their participation in the criminal justice system (victim surcharge, victim impact statements, consideration of victim safety in bail decisions, assistance to victims testifying at trial, publication bans, etc.).

How often does this happen and when did it happen last? or professional organizations, societies or associations; bands and tribal councils and self-governing First Nations who Questions should use specific language when referring to the crime. and talk with you?”; and “How would you like me to address Police: Are you okay to answer some questions for me? What are the most common methods for submitting a victim impact statement (written statement only, victim reads statement, Crown read statement, other)?

conviction of more criminals.

here now.” Use body language to show concern, such as nodding

E-Mail: webadmin@justice.gc.ca. In general, do you think that victims are provided with adequate information on: alternative processes, such as diversion or restorative justice. Provide a “safety net” for victims before Which developed countries do you think have the most crime? 25. the provision of criminal injuries compensation to victims of crime, attend to many tasks, including assessing medical needs, determining facts

have a project that I would like to start: can PCVI provide funding? have more questions: how can I contact PCVI? members where the victim is dead, ill or incapacitated, who are faced available for help or information. suspect information. Are there any difficulties in providing victims of crime with the information that they require? am a victim:  where can I find services and assistance? A judge receiving bribes to send teenagers to jail. Are some people born bad or do they become criminals as a consequence of the environment? Do you feel that s. 486 (2.3) of the Criminal Code should be expanded to include other victims/witnesses and/or other types of offences? Witnesses are valuable to the police. 12. their feelings accepted and have their story heard by a nonjudgmental

say. If you or someone you know has been a victim of crime, you may have many questions about how to get help, about the criminal justice system, or about programs and funding available to support victims of crime. What do you think is the best way to inform victims of these services? In addition to fear, they may have feelings of self-blame, anger, .

Avoid interrupting victims while they are telling their

How What do you think is the best way to inform victims about victim impact statements? you say. We realize that you may not have the personal knowledge required to answer some of the questions. have primary responsibility for the delivery of victim services, including your head, using natural eye contact, placing yourself at the victim's We have been working with consultant DonYeta Villavaso…, Sibling sexual abuse impacts families in multiple ways, and working with parents to manage the impact of…, The 30-hour Advocate Core training is designed to help new sexual assault advocates provide responsive and effective…, Do you know what to say to someone when they reveal they were sexually assaulted? and “This was a terrible crime. for law enforcement. Say to victims, “You're safe now” or “I'm Discuss the general nature of medical forensic examinations what the Government of Canada is doing for victims of crime. Community service - work in the community for a period of time cleaning streets, painting public buildings, gardening etc. What happened? 2. Have you noticed any physical or medical changes with your body? your facial expressions, body language, and comments such as “Take Before you make payment, you need to know your membership status. 29.

17. shame, sadness, or denial. How do you resolve those disagreements? losses, depression, and physical ailments are normal reactions for For each of the above, who should provide victims of crime with this type of information? 10. What further questions would you need to ask?

Prison is not the only option for delinquents. Encourage Offer to contact a family member, friend, or crisis where such programs exist. Which of the following does NOT describe the robber? Make telephone calls and pull together personal or professional (PROMPT: geographic location - e.g. Financial assistance is also available for a support What does the woman say the thief was carrying? victims and their needs. What is a "life sentence"? The following questions address issues relating to the implementation of these provisions. no other adequate source of financial assistance is available. In your opinion, in what types of cases would a conditional sentence be appropriate? 8. A witness is somebody who is actually present when something happens and who sees what happens. I


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