It looks like there'll be a time crunch though, so maybe if the test is small enough I'll be able to handle it myself and monkey around with the finish and still have time to do the big 'un.

I'm surprising my wife when she goes to Disneyworld with the kids next month with a concrete countertop. I'm surprising my wife when she goes to Disneyworld with the kids next month with a concrete countertop. Very easy to apply, wipe off excess, and when dried the semi-glossy shine really brought out the natural colors of the multi-colored slate. Quikrete Countertop Mix. If you decide on the Calcatta, I'd go with a beige subway tile similar to the picture and, with the Carrera, white. Your countertops are one of the hardest working surfaces in your kitchen. I'll also be changing the layout of our kitchen a bit to put an end to a few things that drive me nuts. It must be kept wet for a minimum 7 days, but keeping it wet (every other day perhaps) an extra week (even after flipped) will strengthen it a lot. It's in, and documented. Is it too much to mix shiny island granite with honed perimeter granite? I don't want to pour in place, just because I don't want the mess in the house. Here is a link that might be useful: Concrete Countertop Saga, Part I. Does she go in the garage? Used about half the container after doing two good coats. You can get darker veining by using the concrete stain in a smaller batch of mix and swirling it in the non-stained concrete (while wet). Here’s how to get the mix right, Break the mold with a mod mix of your favorite sleek and natural decor, Leave matchy-matchy to the catalogs and let your kitchen's personality shine with a mix of metals for hardware and fixtures, See how these kitchens combine textures, colors and materials into a harmonious whole, Copper, brass and stainless steel unite for a delightfully unexpected kitchen look, See an ad hoc kitchen become full of character, hipness and — above all — function, A couple rethink the kitchen in their Pennsylvania farmhouse to restore authenticity while also creating a space for modern living, Contemporary and classic elements mix in a boldly detailed San Francisco bathroom makeover,,, Book on Cocrete counters (borrow from library), Cast Concrete Countertops With a Personal Twist, Mix and Match Kitchen Materials for a Knockout Design, New This Week: 2 Kitchens That Show How to Mix Materials, The Unmatched Kitchen: Mixing Finishes With Style, Mixing Vintage and Modern in an Urban Family Kitchen, New and Old Mix It Up in a Historic Farmhouse Kitchen, Room of the Day: Tile Patterns Mix It Up in a Master Bath, New to Kitchens? Everyone cross your fingers for me; I'm worried about cracking during transport. Brickmould? I have four LONG blog posts documenting the whole ruckus.

If you wrap it in a couple layers of black plastic for the wet cure that should help hold the heat in. After the concrete has set you can cut it off at the slab with snips or angle grinder - you'll never see it on the bottom. Will paint island cabinets grey. having read your post i think you will be able to pull it off. I'm not sure the technical term (I'm a cabinet guy, not a concrete guy) but it was the diamond shaped stuff that I believe is used on stucco type projects. Form shaping is the big thing. You can even dump a pile of leaves on top of the plastic at night and cover with a tarp (to keep leaves from blowing away). The benefit of casting upside down is that you can suspend the wire mesh and rebar so it doesn't sink down (and become exposed on the top of the slab). Natshultz, I ordered a couple of extra bags, and am waiting for the malamine to arrive so I can do a test pour.

Don't forget to reinforce the slab and vibrate it so it doesn't fall apart! My Aunt lives in Ellsworth, but that's a good 4 hours from Southern Maine. With all of that light coming in - lucky you - the Carrera might be too harsh. Maybe a little beefier.I saw #9 mason's ladder was recommended, but this was the closest I could lay my hands on in a hurry.


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