Therefore, they need other strategies to make husbands act responsibly. Thus, they think it is best to avoid taking on the ways of men. 14. We are the nephews of Lakshman – 2. (Called the subject-verb agreement). Otherwise he is never worshipped without his spouse. He could go along with her after saying to his subjects ‘If Sita is not good enough to be your queen, then my place is by her side. The leaves tasted sour and if you drink water after chewing some, the water tasted sweet. Globally it is an accepted fact that in a marriage the man should be older than the woman. Rama, in despair, sets off to find Sita, and is only kept going by the help of his brother, and the many friends he meets along the way, including an army of monkeys and a wise old bear. She begged for food but the villagers, for some reason, did not oblige. I will walk with Lakshman a step or twain Even among my students in the Delhi University college where I teach, Sita invariably crops up as their notion of an ideal woman. When Ravana came to Sita’s cottage in forest during Ram and Sita’s vanvas i.e. This theme of loyalty, respect for one’s parents, and profound humility has carried through all of Indian culture, throughout the millennia, and is very much alive today in the heart of every Indian. What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you? This paper is a preliminary exploration into why Sita continues to exercise such a powerful grip on popular imagination, especially among women. Which God should Be Worshiped for Marriage? The overarching theme of the story is that Rama illustrates the profoundly Indian concept of dharma – or righteousness. This daughter of Mithila has a status higher than that of Ram in her own region. It is he who is left grieving for her and is humbled and rejected by his own sons. The Ashyatma-ram addresses the issue of how Rama didn't know he was the supreme deity. The Hindu tradition might valourise wives who put up with tyrannical husbands gracefully but it does not valourise unreasonable husbands. Diwali 2020: "Just as Lord Rama and his wife Sita found their way home after the defeat of … Hence, Rama is older than Sita. Those few who try to find justifications for Ram’s cruel behaviour towards Sita take pains to explain it in one of the following ways: Shastri Pandurang V. Athavale’s interpretation typifies the far-fetched apologia offered by those who wish to exonerate Ram. 10. Lakshmi Kant Varma, 1986. Unlike Draupadi, she does not call upon them for help. Ram may not have rejected her as a wife but only as a queen in deference to social opinion, but Sita rejects him as a husband. I am grateful to my friend Berny and my colleague Dhirubhai Sheth for their helpful comments and suggestions on an earlier draft of this paper. 161-2 Bombay, Satvichar Darshan Trust. "Like Lord Ram And Sita Defeated Ravana": UK PM Boris Johnson's Diwali Message On COVID-19 . Perplexed, he solves the problem, by picking up the entire mountain and flying back to Sri Lanka with it held aloft in one hand. Guru, you who know what I went through but ask me this question ‘Sita Surujva ke Joti’, in Sacchidananda Vatsayan (ed.) Ask your question. "The Prime Minister, leaders of the main UK political parties and the Mayors of the country's major metros lining up for Diwali in this way is quite unprecedented and reflects not only the real depth of UK-India ties but also the pivotal role of the UK's 1.5-million strong Indian community, said Manoj Ladwa, CEO of the India Inc Group, the UK-based organiser of the event. During the Ramayana Festival Conference at the C.P. 4. 235-243. Jan, Janak, Janaki, op.cit. He has not been forgiven this injustice through all these centuries, despite his being a revered figure in most other ways. - Oct., 1982), pp. 267-292. "Lord Rāma and the Faces of God in India", "The Dīvālī, the Lamp Festival of the Hindus", "The King's Grace and the Helpless Woman", "Sītā's Birth and Parentage in the Rāma Story", "Rāma in the Nether World: Indian Sources of Inspiration", Ramayana Character Map: People and Places in the Great Hindu Epic, The Ramayana: India's Most Beloved Epic Tale, Characters of the Mahabharata: Glossary of Names (P to Y), Quotes from 'The Hindus: An Alternative History', History and Significance of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, Characters of the Mahabharata: Glossary of Names (A to H), M.A., Linguistics, University of Minnesota. Sita’s offer of agnipariksha and her coming out of it unscathed is by and large seen not as an act of supine surrender to the whims of an unreasonable husband but as an act of defiance that challenges her husband’s aspersions, as a means of showing him to be so flawed in his judgement that the gods have to come and pull up Ram for his foolishness. Ram's friends and Shyam have/has gone for a party. Yet Hindu women have selectively domesticated him for their purpose, emphasising his devotion to Sati/Parvati as well as the fact that he allowed his spouse an important role in influencing his decisions. Recently, 2600 year old coins have been excavated with pictures of Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman commonly as commonly seen is Hindu temples, suggesting that worship of Ram existed even prior to the birth of Buddha, whose preaching gave rise to Buddhism, and who is considered the ninth avatar or incarnations of Vishnu. Joshi would explain the Lakshmi Mukti campaign by first pointing out how a farmer’s wife toils for her family selflessly and how crucial her labour and care is for the well-being of the family. The Ramayana, one of the two great epic poems of India is known, not just throughout India, but all of southeast Asia, and to an extent, throughout the world. Sita was seen as the ideal woman by an overwhelming proportion of the respondents. After the birth of her twin sons, she sends the customary gifts through the barber for Raja Dashrath, her mother-in-law Kaushalya and brother Lakshman and tells the barber, “but do not go to my husband.” When Ram learns through Lakshman that his wife has given birth to sons, he is stunned with remorse and grief. Therefore, Sita is treated as a daughter of every household in Mithila. Kalidasa. Either way Sita was the point of reference – an ideal they emulated or rejected. COLORADO, Steamboat Springs: An evening about wild horses with Craig Downer, North American rufous hummingbirds, video. People commonly perceive Sita’s steadfastness as a sign of emotional strength and not slavery, because she refuses to forsake her dharma even though Ram forsook his dharma as a husband. I have focused on how her life is interpreted and sought to be emulated in today’s context. On the way, Sita is thirsty and asks for some water. Jan, Janak, Janaki, pp. There are many ancient Indian texts that state the age gap for marriage. Tales and legends from many cultures throughout the world are being found to be not just made up as had for so long been the assumption, but to be based on the actual lives of people and on real history. She is like a cool drink of water for the thirsty. I was very puzzled by this obsession, and even began to get impatient with the harangues of our modern day Sitas. While for women Sita represents an example of an ideal wife, for men she is Sita mata (jagjannani), not just the daughter of earth but Mother Earth herself who inspires awe and reverence. In this new text, determined by contemporary devotees, maryada purushottam Ram was being ordered to behave better. On it grow plants and trees that are found only in the Himalayas, over a thousand miles away. In most other versions of the Ramayan, close companionship and joyful togetherness of the couple are the most prominent features of the Ram-Sita relationship rather than her self-effacing devotion and loyalty which have become the hallmark of the modern day stereotype of Sita.


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