Then we will host a Party/ Reception from 6pm-12am for all 375 people, at a very nice venue where we will Have a DJ and serve Hor D'ouvres and punch (and cake) and have a bar available. I have a similar invitation dilemma – My fiance and I are getting married this fall.

This was an easy way to determine who was invited "small location, no one else invited due to only being private ceremony for family". I don't like the traditional wedding with the white dress etc and neither does my fiance. We live in New Orleans, are buying a house here, and want to have a wedding here. I want to keep the ceremony and reception intimate being only our families and closest friends but I want to have a huge party when dinner is done.

No minimum purchase required. Destination Wedding – Reception-Only Invitation Wording Cynthia and Zachary are happy to announce their marriage that took place in a private ceremony on Saturday, the fifteenth of August two thousand twenty in Los Cabos, Mexico Please celebrate with them at a reception on Saturday, the sixth of September two thousand twenty at seven o'clock in the evening 1824 House 2150 Main Street Waitsfield, Vermont, Private Ceremony – Reception-Only Invitation Wording Cynthia Karen Ballman and Zachary Joseph Kleery will be married in a small ceremony on Saturday, the fifteenth of August two thousand twenty please join us in celebration at our wedding reception following the ceremony at seven o’clock in the evening 1824 House 2150 Main Street Waitsfield, Vermont. I just need to figure out how to make 2015 rhyme with…something…. Thank you. We budgeted for 200 but that's still cutting out a lot of friends.

Hope this helps! She and her fiancee want to have a small private ceremony in the morning with a cake and punch reception in early afternoon for everyone. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you! on your reception-only wedding invitations. Both had maps, the wedding invite had a map (both in color) and printed front to back with the wedding and reception location and the reception invite had just the reception location map. They offered to pay for some of the wedding but with the guest list we have I don't see us having the wedding we want. Would you mind sharing what you ended up doing? They also use insert cards to invite people to the actual ceremony so there is USUALLY very little confusion. Good luck!!! This allowed everyone who made the effort to join them for the ceremony feel appreciated, and they were able to mingle and have some fun at the cake reception. Mon-Fri, 9am - 8pm (EST)• Use the teal chat circle below.• Email Amy @ Artistically Invited• Send a text message to: (570) 291-7787 (RSVP)  (Not a voice line. Prices on our site are listed in US Dollars.

From 2-5. ROCKBAND!! Copyright © 2003 - 2020 Offbeat Empire. My fiance and I are getting married in a private (he and I) ceremony in Cancun in March 2010 and then we're throwing a reception in July 2010. ed. My wedding had less than 10 people there, I was pleasantly surprised that my mom and step dad made it and even brought my two favorite dogs.

How do we let them and their families come to that, and then tell them we can't afford to pay for their plates later? Question?? I need invitation ideas that will let them know I want them to share in the experience – their presence being the best gift of all! We are having the ceremony in New Orleans, and a reception in New Orleans, and a reception in Michigan after the honeymoon for people that cannot make the trip (a much more laid back style event). The ceremony and reception are in the same venue so all will be able to participate.

Sucks to be you, girlfriend.

I see a lot of reception only invite ideas for evening only, after the ceremony. most of the reason is because we wanted the reception to be more intimate to share the time with the ones we love most.

and I feel the same way– I really don't think people are going to be offended when I invite them to come eat, drink & dance with us but don't invite them to a 15 minute ceremony. .. it's my damn wedding!

Here's what we're planning: the ceremony at city hall with just our parents present (late morning on a Friday — city hall closes at noon). Evening only invites are common where I live in the UK and I've certainly never been "upset" that someone only wants me at the party end of the day, nor did I think they were only inviting me for a gift (seriously?). Rather, just focus your invitation wording on how excited you are to have them attend your reception, how awesome the event is going to be, etc etc. Wording for a reception-only invitation is crucial.

I have a similar issue.


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