Here are some examples: Which Francine did not accept. In some cases, sentence fragments may have a subject and a verb, but it does not form a complete thought. It is the customer who pays the wages ." The children, most of whom are clever, succeeded in the exam. Do you know someone whom I can talk about global warming. Examples. Which = relative pronoun; Francine = subject; did accept = verb (not, an adverb, is not officially part of the verb). The woman that my brother is going to marry is from New Zealand. 8. They do not have a verb. or by simply adding the needed verb. Wrong :​ While I was asleep the cat knocked over the plant. Words that end in -ing without a helping verb are nouns, not verbs. She has a son who is in the army. Since you were not at home. I’m looking for a secretary that can work under pressure and use a computer well. 1. Dependent Clause My neighbour, who is a policeman, often helps me out My bother brought me a bike, which is the best present I've ever had I … 6. 2. 7. Employers only handle the money. Swimming in the ocean. Take, for example, the following clause: 'which was blue in color. My mother’s house, which I grew up in, was demolished the other day. Correctly Written Relative Clause Sentences: Independent Clause. Relative Pronoun as the Subject + Verb. Some examples of relative clauses are, The concert will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is the state’s second largest city. All the above sentence fragments are not able to stand on their own. Examples: Because he lost his car keys. The caregiver who my grandpa liked lives in New Hampshire. '. 3. We bought a mansion, which is 200 years old, for over a $10 million. "100% of the people who give 110% do not understand math." This is my student whom I like a lot. "More than 840,000 Vietnamese asylum … A sentence must have a subject and grammatical verb and … 5. Smoking cigarettes in excess. The relative clause will follow one of these two patterns: Relative Pronoun or Adverb + Subject + Verb. This is my brother , whom you met at our house last month. Dependent Clauses or Subordinate Clauses written as a sentence. An -ing word needs a helper to be a verb: is swimming. Smoking cigarettes in excess can lead to severe health problems. A relative clause is a dependent clause that is introduced by a relative pronoun (that, which, whichever, who, whoever, whom, whomever, whosever) or a relative adverb (where, when, why). Examples and Observations "It is not the employer who pays the wages. Example 1: Wrong :​ While I was asleep. These are not sentences. 4. I sent a postcard that arrived five weeks later. Answer and Explanation: To correct a relative clause fragment, you must connect it to a main clause. After they finished dinner. Swimming in the ocean, they saw a school of colorful fish. The woman whom I saw at the cinema last week is a dentist. These can be fixed by either joining it to another complete sentence.


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