More reported speech exercises here. 26 Will future, 27 Will future negative

Jack said he had been having dinner.

45 All tenses place, time, 01 Reported speech rules

She said (that) she was living in London. "image": [

I've put it in brackets () to show that it's optional. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Direct Speech Reported Speech; present simple: I like ice cream: She said (that) she liked ice cream. Past perfect "@id": "" I said that I had applied for a few jobs. They told her / him / me / them / us,"George likes your sister.". She said:' It is a warm day '. She said that you had failed to appear yesterday.

Exercícios das aulas de Inglês grátis online,

present continuous: I am living in London: She said (that) she was living in London. Reported Speech Exercise Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Reported Speech Exercise Past Simple Tense, Reported Speech Exercise Past Continuous Tense, direct and indirect speech examples for imperative sentenes, Direct and indirect speech for interrogative sentences, Direct and indirect speech rules for exclamatory sentences, Indirect Speech exercises for exclamatory sentences, Reported speech rules for optative sentences, Reported Speech Exercises with Answers for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 100 Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech, Reported Speech Exercise Universal Truth Sentences, Direct Indirect Speech Rules with Examples. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar!.

}, He said (that) he might arrive late.

“I'm sleeping” She told me _____________________________________________________ 2.

Tom said, "I like PE best." Reported Speech Exercise 7 - statements, questions, commands.

08 Backshift tenses, 13 Past - past perfect "description": "Direct and Indirect speech exercise for past perfect tense, easy, simple, interactive, quiz, online practice exercise.The exercise is solved with answers given at the end of exercise" “We’re working” She told me _____________________________________________________ 3. Susan said (that) her parents were clever scientists. Ann said she would be going. 02 Pronouns Change of pronouns “I had worked over my project”, he said. He asked her to close the door. Reported speech: She asked me where I lived. Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous. "name": "admin", Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. She said (that) she could speak perfect English. 38 reported speech tenses

22 Present perfect to We asked them, "Did she arrive in time?" She said (that) she could swim when she was four.

The old man told that I had golden opportunities in life. negative Backshift Click here for a list of all the reported speech exercises. She asked them how often they played golf. Future Continuous                                                                                  Would + be + ing. She asked them, "Help me, please." He said he would have returned from Spain by the end of that month.

Questions - examples, 33 reported speech commands - "@type": "Person", statements, 29 Questions - will-future She said (that) she had taken English lessons before.

Frank said, "My sister is a secretary." Jeremy said (that) Answer: Jeremy said (that) he had always wanted a dog. He told me to be quiet.

When do we use reported speech? If I tell someone on Monday, I say "Julie said she was leaving today".

They said, “We are trying hard ... Read moreReported Speech Exercise Present Continuous Tense

It's exactly the same if you use 'that' or if you don't use 'that'.). 18 Past perfect questions without question words, 19 Present

Reported speech – Present Perfect – Sentences – Exercise. Reported speech: She asked me where Julie was. Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. It's the same day, so you don't need to change the time expressions. He said: ' I will have returned from Spain by the end of this month '. Here's a table of some possible conversions: Need more practice? Click here to practise reported 'wh' questions. I said that me had applied for a few jobs.

Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.

Present Continuous                                                                             Past Continuous. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. For example: In fact, we make this into reported speech in the same way as a request. Click here for a list of all the reported speech exercises. Click here for more about using 'say' and 'tell'. "headline": "Reported Speech Exercise Past Perfect Tense", "logo": {

Find more reported speech exercises to practice online or download on Past perfect tense. Please contact me if you have any questions or …

Betty said, "Sam told me the truth."

But how about questions?

yesterday / that day / Tuesday / the 27th of June, the day before yesterday / the day before / Wednesday / the 5th of December, today / the next day / the following day / Friday. Questions, 41 All tenses  All forms and tenses past perfect questions, 25 will - would Will - would Free exercises on english He told us, "The sun rises in the east." Welcome! Reported Speech Exercise 4 - statements - mixed tenses. perfect questions Kate said: ' I will have been learning for 3 months '.

She said that Alex had a permission letter. She asked me, "Do you like some tea?" Sometimes when we change direct speech into reported speech we have to change time expressions too. 36 reported speech tenses, 37 reported speech mixed exercises ], They said, "We went swimming with our friends." He said he was teaching English at the junior school. She asked them, "How often do you play golf?" tenses and mixed tenses.

Reported Speech Exercise 7 - statements, questions, commands

He said that I had worked over my ... Read moreReported Speech Exercise Past Perfect Tense

Betty said (that) Sam had told her the truth. Reported Speech Exercise 6 - statements, questions, commands. Past Simple Past Perfect ... Reported Speech A free English exercise to learn English. Direct and Indirect speech exercise present perfect continuous tense solved with answers Pdf. We just use 'tell' instead of 'ask': Time Expressions with Reported Speech Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 28 <> Susan said: ' I bought a bike '. Show example. Future perfect I said that I had already rejected this proposal.

"@type": "Organization", He said that he had worked over his project. They told her / him / me / them / us,"You are clever.".

��,`,0�QE��'%m �k�$�)!�À��Z:�V���A�3>��V�18���i��؏: �ԝw�����a�v�d��7�WŁ��V*���S��.RQ��Z�R�z�z��"��Q��@��d�K���^�U7�PV��x��'����N�J �K���Nw'~���P����J!�K�dkD.�佰�����63��h���E|��p�d $�z��TJ�3n���r��4q%��BPG���v}�. Carol was a nice girl. negative Need more practice? He said: ' I will buy it '. 1) "We're working."

"" Reported speech. Frank said (that) his sister is (was) a secretary. x��[ݏE��-D`���;u@�t����W�11�@��� #� ��O��陮���;V�`���U]]]��T�̽�� UI�� �^L=���'i�z�k^?�����_���OsT8*u���_)btηv�R�-U���V�����f�E�2@�I33���ꋍ"ԗ�0�l�X_�1%��

She told us not to stay up too late. 1.

She said: ' I was reading a book '. (As I'm sure you know, often, we can choose if we want to use 'that' or not in English. 42 Mixed exercises all forms tenses Reported speech: She asked me to close the window.

Or: Would you mind closing the window please? }, Reported Speech Exercise 8 - questions, commands He told us that the sun rises (rose) in the east. Future Simple                                                                                         Would. The little girl said that you had stolen her doll. Going-to-future She said (that) she had been walking along the street.

Later, maybe we want to tell someone else what the first person said. perfect to past perfect with backshift Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. 1. 20 Present perfect to For example: He said that he had worked over his project.

"mainEntityOfPage": { She asked them to help her.

We don't always have to do this, however. "author": { 14 Past - Past perfect, 15 Simple past - past perfect 1. Welcome! 43 All tenses place, time %�쏢

What if someone asks you to do something (in a polite way)? They told her / him / me / them / us (that) she / he / I / they / we was / were clever. She asked me to bring her book that night. Jack said: ' I had been having dinner '. She said that I had failed to appear the day before.

Online exercises with questions and Reported speech positive and negative He told me, "Be quiet!" They told her / him / me / them / us, "George likes you.". You really have to think about when the direct speech was said.

She said that Alex has a permission letter.

Sometimes someone says a sentence, for example "I'm going to the cinema tonight". He said he had been running.

Reported speech: She told me to sit down. 24 Present perfect - Direct and Indirect Interrogative forms ... Click here to see the current stats of this English test.

Reported Speech Exercise 5 - statements - mixed tenses. { Please contact me if you have any questions or … Simple present tense

} Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Ann said: ' I will be going  '. Example: She said, "I have already seen Carol today." Reported Speech Exercise 3 - statements - present tense. Simple past tense 19 Present perfect to past perfect with backshift 20 Present perfect to past perfect with backshift. "@type": "Article",


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