But because I ought to serve God without calculation, does it follow that I ought to reject, in the name of my dignity, that Providence which makes all things work together for my good? In the external manifestations of our life we must be brought to be like Jesus, who went about doing good; and therefore are we said to be the "workmanship" of God (Ephesians 2:10). (2)Its far-reaching character — "Nor things to come. 4.

God loves those unfortunate victims of epidemic or shipwreck as much as He loves us, and more perhaps. THERE IS AN ASPECT IS WHICH THIS STATEMENT IS LIMITED. And through all the Christian life, how many times we have to thank God for the discipline of trial! D. Spiritually considered, when we talk about profit and loss, success or failure, very often we know not what we say. C. Hughes, A.M.The argument for this is fivefold.I. They "work together." 38, 39). Every particle in his body is a separate worker. "These," says he, "passed through great tribulation, and washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb: ask them!"

But it says that all things do now work together for good. It consists of two particulars.1. Do you see anything that is not encouraging? Little events are the hinges upon which great events turn. God is better known now than He ever was before, and will for ever and ever spread Himself before the faith, and love, and intelligence of His creation. It will test the value of my friends. "Together. 33, 34).V. Men are sometimes congratulated when they ought to be pitied, and the reverse.IV. "Why pretend that God occupies Himself with each of His creatures, since He governs the world by invariable laws?" All the reapers in the field assist to bring the harvest home. Even "sin" is evil "work," and "death" is "the wages" of its ill desert. But you have not a sensibility at the present hour that death has not softened, and the clouds, so black at noon, now your sun is setting, are bathed in rosy light on the calm horizon of the better land.

Do you tell me God never bends the laws of nature to save or favour those that love Him? THE ENDURING NATURE OF THE DIVINE LOVE.1. (1) This argument is as self-evident as it is wonderful. The apostle, in this tremendously sweeping statement, is speaking about things external to us, and not what transpires within a man's own breast. The next day he brings out one ear. One of the laws of God, one of the things that on this earth very nearly constitute a necessity, is — "If man does not work, neither shall he eat." it will be a labour of love, and that enriches the soul! All the means of grace work for their good.4. That thought was born the day when Jesus taught His disciples to say, "Thy kingdom come." "Never mind!

This bird changed the destiny of the world. If we love God, we are in harmony with the whole working of God's universe. "All things," as the subject-matter in hand, and by the context. "We know." Not for our happiness. He has a series of purposes harmonised into one, but one all-embracing idea. I saw the wool seized by iron teeth, combed and carded, pressed under huge iron rollers and condensed into rolls, spun into yarn, dipped here in blue, there in black, yonder in crimson, there in orange, till vast piles of bobbins of every colour of yarn met my eye. The other class, however, is so disposed that all things operate towards it beneficially. We must not forget that the Holy Ghost gives us the tense of this verb, "work." So then, in a well-ordered state, because the sovereign has made and observes the laws, he cannot testify his benevolence to any of his subjects, and the order which he has made to prevail will hinder him from ever manifesting his love. The elect of God are His justified ones (ver. The cutting and polishing of diamonds is done by friction. This conviction inspires courage, kindles enthusiasm, and girds with strength.I. We must not forget that the Holy Ghost gives us the tense of this verb, "work." We know it. They were the objects of His gracious "purpose."

Still, we have that degree of vision. )LinksRomans 8:28 NIVRomans 8:28 NLTRomans 8:28 ESVRomans 8:28 NASBRomans 8:28 KJVRomans 8:28 Bible AppsRomans 8:28 ParallelRomans 8:28 Biblia ParalelaRomans 8:28 Chinese BibleRomans 8:28 French BibleRomans 8:28 German BibleRomans 8:28 CommentariesBible Hub, (4)For the good of the good.2.

Shadows must lie there — a dark background on which the light can pencil its beauty. The proud and mighty ones of the earth are exerting their utmost power and devices to make "all things" serve their interests, never dreaming that the Almighty Potentate is making "all things," and them among the rest, cooperate for the advantage of His friends. God's dispensations towards man reveal His love. The inferior objects of nature "work together." With a mighty sledge-hammer he vigorously dealt blow after blow upon the rock, and chipped off piece after piece.

Thus he might, in the very worst field, reap invaluable spiritual advantage.2.

How many among you have felt, at the reading of my text, an involuntary doubt cross their mind! Under this narrow aspect the great thought of God's intervention is often presented.

"Virtue" never ceases to "go out" of Him.II. It is the same in the moral sphere. In the lowest levels of animated existence there are the tokens of work. And after the same manner as these emblems and illustrations represent, all things in Providence concur for the final salvation of those who love God, and are the called according to His purpose.III. In heaven you shall have everlasting ease. The devout student has no difficulty in recognising the hand of God in the past. Question believers, and they will tell you that in the severest trials they have discovered signs of the Divine goodness, Now, even when outwardly all seems to be identical in the life of him who loves God and of him who does not, we must admit that events will work upon men according to the mind with which they are accepted.

Many misquote this text and read it in the future, as if it were only "will work together.


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