The homophones for row are rho and roe. The words rho, roe, row sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Make sure you check out our complete homophones list. The homophones for rows are rhos, roes and rose when pronounced one way and rouse when pronounced another way. a) move through the air: I love to watch the birds fly from tree to tree. Why do rho, roe, row sound the same even though they are completely different words? In statistics, educational work, and in computers generally, it frequently means the horizontal (left to right) division of a table. Fly. Examples of Homographs Put quite simply, a homograph is a group (usually a pair) of words that are spelled the same way, and may or may not be pronounced the same way, although the difference in pronunciation is often just a shift in the accented syllable. rho, roe, row. The answer is simple: rho, roe, row are homophones of the English language. Make sure you check out our complete homophones list. b) an insect: I hate it when … Two words commonly used which look the same but have different pronunciations (they are homographs) are represented by the letters row.. Two (three) words rhyme with go and show (IPA: /rəʊ/).. A row is a straight line of things, people or animals, etc.


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