Especially in the US. By brother in law owns one he bought while he lived in India where you can get a problem fixed quickly and cheaply, now he lives in uk and bought a triumph as well so he can ride something when his Enfield does not feel like working. availability of parts etc. It can be done at a s-l-o-w pace, but there are much better tools for the job (e.g., almost anything). You can feel the Quality difference between those and the 650 twins. months Have test ridden the bikes and found them amazing, but what worries me is after sales maintenance and Intensively Tested & Designed . I dont think I'd consider any other Enfield at all but theres something about this one. The extra compression may help haulin my "oversize azz". This was at a Nashville Royal Enfield dealer. No problems here. and don't figure on 80 MPH .... for any length of time unless You wish to fry a piston.. . I gave up on mine and left it to rot. Productions standards go up and down just like all manufacturers. Just keep it well serviced.Don't compare it with the other RE models. Donny, I hope you are handy with the spanners. Basically you get what you pay for. Can rare suspension be changed under warrenty for free? option. Can't seem to find anything online though. Its a practical bike and its range would be till 140 kmph, ofcourse it goes beyond that easily, but it's not it's comfort area and you would lose the torquey nature of the engine there. Bike is really good for long rides.The bad side of yhe bike is its weight and heating issue. Most reviews I've read seem to be reasonably impressed. I love their bikes. I mean I think this is … It's just going to come down to price, availability, etc. This is a concern of mine too. The C5 is not a “fast” bike by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a really fun bike to ride and if you enjoy wrenching it’s fairly simple to work on. Reliability with interceptor 650 . I wouldn’t buy one either, but they seem to have upped their game with the new twins. I actually come from having owned modern Japanese scooters (Hondas, specifically) but sold them off about 5 years ago before the kids were born. Indian bikes generally have quality issues because of RE cutting corners to keep costs down and improve profitability. a real fun bike to ride and wrench; built like a gun, just not bulletproof. They use really low quality materials, and fit and finish are very poor. Very vibey, very slow, very heavy. Once I got my 2010 G5 Deluxe sorted to my satisfaction, I haven't had any problems. I came in looking to test ride one, so that I may formulate my own opinion on them. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Amazing product from re though actually it is harris performance design under the badge of royal enfield.First ever re with zero vibration, Great balncing and smooth performance at extremely affordable price renge.I got around 25-30 kmpl during long rides.Seat is bit uncomfortable but after adding some xtra sponge it's comfortable.Super classic looks with decent performance bike suitable for daily use. Not at all....but better than old royal enfields. Highly reliable! Use a light hand and some Loctite - it's easy to strip threads, metals are softish. So I am just asking more generally about the marque's modern offerings. It’s not a retro looking bike, like other brands try to create. I've been looking at some of the newer RE bikes and like the style and simplicity. I'm in the D.C. area, so speed is somewhat subjective since everyone does like 70-80 (or more) miles an hour on just about every road (not counting the freeway). Get a used one (you could do worse than to take RFW up on his suggestion), you won't have much sunk in it. Should I buy it as my first bike - Interceptor 650? I'd say that extra $1700 for the bonneville is probably well worth it. I have had two motorcycles from Royal Enfield. Just oil changes every 2k miles, i did remove the kickstand safety before i left the dealer, changed the plug to ngk, and exhaust to d&d full pipe and hitchocks 19t front sprocket. Yeah its awesome. Mine has been dead reliable for 10,000 miles (touch wood), but I don't ride the nuts off it either. (I don't know where you reside). (Latest incidents being the faulty brakes in new standard bullets and the suspension in interceptor), Indian bikes and export bikes of RE follow different quality controls. Yes, it is. 25 horsepower from a 400? It cost me missing mid ohio and stubenville. I have never(and will never) own an RE. Please help me JAWA , Himalayan or Interceptor Twins. Will it be comfortable to ride on off-road. Press J to jump to the feed. I've heard terrible things about the reliability of Royal Enfield bikes. One must consider buying an RE for the old school looks at this price range + if he/she knows how to repair motorcycles on their own. I was told that each and every one of these 10 new bikes were unavailable to ride, due to fuel tank rust. Now that's how you entice prospective buyers. If I proofread my message I might have 535cc! My Honda scooter got 95-105 mph, which I miss dearly. Performance is really good but not comparable with any 650 cc bikes but with a segment of 400 cc bikes. Mine has responded well to a 30mm. killing bugs since 1972 2011 g5 deluxe frankenbullet. Mileage is fine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS, 1991 HD XLH1200, Honda XR500R, KTM 1290SA, Husqvarna FE501. They were ok, a lot better than the singles which I also took a ride on which felt like ride-on lawnmowers. Also please avoid achieving top speed targets on this bike, this bike is not meant for top speeding like the Kawasaki or the KTMs. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Royal Enfield set up a curated course for us to experience what it is like to ride a Trials motorcycle over natural terrain and, in a nutshell, it was interesting. 2 days in the shop, the dealer couldnt figure it out so they refunded me. Part of the allure is gas savings over my Jeep (14 mpg) and my Miata (only 17 mph city... it's tubro'ed and my right foot is heavy). Royal enfield's are not best value for the money with respect to the make of the motorcycle. There have been issues with the first run of these so they added ABS/fuel injection and some body overalls that have apparently ironed out the creases from their first model. I’ve heard stuff like cracks to the crank-case, leaky ammeter killing the battery etc. It has yet not been time tested;but the company's legacy appears to guarantee it. I'm new to this subreddit, and still relatively new to motorcycles. 2015 B5 Forest Green purchased end of May 2015. Are they difficult to locate parts for if they need serviced or repair? When it comes to performance it depends what you are looking for. Comment Guidelines: Do post respectful and insightful comments. Will it be difficult to handle the bike and also wanted to ask about the seat height.? If it will every see a highway, I wouldn't do it. The bikes are not built for sidecar stresses. It's also extortionately expensive... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I would also be mounting a sidecar to it so that I can get my daughter involved in my riding (she's only three, so she's too small to ride on the back). Try reviews from no indian media. Avoid them like the plague. expected in this model? Highly reliable! I haven't replaced more than a few loose nuts and bolts, a clutch cable, a tire, and a few bulbs. Q. I see a fair amount of them for sale second hand for less than $4000, often under $3000 and I'm considering picking one up as an around town bike. RE is also the inventor of the swing arm and the bullet has been in production longer than any other motorcycle. But from the feedback from current gen RE owners, the reliability factor isn’t as great as it used to be. Overspray on parts that shouldn't be painted, peeling paint on brand new frames, stripped bolt heads on brand new bikes, etc. I'm seriously considering either a Dnepr, Ural, or Chang Jiang right now as well since they come wtih the sidecar and what not - I just have the same questions about reliability since I've heard different stories from different people.


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