Comment faire ? It has been home to the Rucellai family for over 500 years and the family continues to occupy portions of the building. Chiesa di Ognissanti An oligarch, banker, ambassador and man-of-letters, his influence was far-reaching. Machiavelli set his dialogues in 'The art of war' there, with Cosimo as one of the protagonists. The façade frescoes of the Palazzo dell’Antella in the Piazza Santa Croce, rebuilt around 1620 by Giulio Parigi, display allegorical images with virtues and deities. The Façade The palace was created from an enclave of eight smaller buildings which were combined to form a single architectural complex arranged around a central courtyard. [1][2] After the return of the de' Medici to Florence, Rucellai enjoyed the favour of his relative Lorenzo di Piero de' Medici, who first made him his Master of Hunt, and later appointed him to the desirable position of provveditore, or administrator, of the Arte della Lana, the wool guild. Rucellai's blank verse poem Le Api ("the bees") dates from 1524 and was published posthumously in 1539 with a dedication by his brother Palla Rucellai to Gian Giorgio Trissino. Despite these attempts at rethinking the facade and its date, general support for Alberti remains and strong counter arguments in his favor have been made by Brenda Preyer (1981) and others. [1][2], Giovanni Rucellai was the Florentine ambassador to Venice when, in 1505, the French king Louis XII in Milan requested that the jurist Filippo Decio be allowed to leave his post at Padova, in the Republic of Venice, and move to Pavia. He was the father of … Santa Maria Novella Loggia dei Lanzi Damien Wigny, Au coeur de Florence : Itinéraires, monuments, lectures, 1990. [7] Rosmunda was published in Siena in 1525, and reprinted several times in the 16th century. Leon Battista Alberti designed the façade of the Palazzo Rucellai with references to the architectural principles of construction used in the ancient world; Bernardo Rossellino took over construction of the palace between 1445 and 1470. Giovanni di Paolo Rucellai was a member of a wealthy family of wool merchants in Renaissance Florence, in Tuscany, Italy. It was to visually solidify the three separate houses along the Via della Vigna Nuova, that Rucellai sought a facade which, furthermore, would testify to his progrssive taste and prominent standing within the community. Enjoy an alfresco lunch on the terrace overlooking the vineyards and olive trees of southern Tuscany... The Palazzo Rucellai, in turn, influenced such later buildings as the Palazzo della Cancelleria (later the Papal Chancery, in Rome). This article was most recently revised and updated by,, Smarthistory - Leon Battista Alberti, Palazzo Rucellai. When you find a useful new resource, go to the right Linkpendium page and click Located just a two minute walk from Palazzo Rucellai, the recently opened and completely renovated art studio provides our art students with the opportunity to learn and work in a space reminiscent of the workshops of Renaissance artists. His Zibaldone (commonplace book) gives valuable insight into the reading and manner of life of the lettered merchants of the Quattrocento. Piazze in Firenze The wedding feast was famous for its opulence: 500 guests were seated on a dais which occupied the loggia and the whole of the piazza and the street in front of Palazzo Rucellai.[1]. The "piano nobile" or noble floor, is home to the Institute at Palazzo Rucellai. Charles R. Mack, "The Rucellai Palace: Some New Proposals," Art Bulletin, 56, 1974, 517-29. A little known fact about Tuscan cuisine is that the French learned how to cook from their Tuscan counterparts when it was imported by Catherine de' Medici into the court of Henry II.


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