Thank you for a simplier way to make a good bread..Do you ever add more options to this loaf? Repeat with the top right corner. Don’t be afraid to try it again and again. This recipe is absolutely foolproof! Used the full amount of flour- had to wait and allow the mixer to do its job (did i mention I’m inpatient? This will give you a great rise everytime. I had a question because I’ll be doing some baking in Denver within a few months, similar climate, and even higher altitude. I am not sure when I can separate the dough into two and if I need to cook in a bread pan on top of my pizza stone or if I can bake directly on it….I live in AZ, so it is very dry here, but I do get a good rise both times. Thanks for sharing an easy and delicious recipe! Thanks Jennie for your feedback, I am so glad you tried it. Check the loaves and rotate 180 degrees for even baking. Tuscan Salt Less Flat Breads – Awesome & Simple Bread Recipe. It’s really a simple and easy bread to make. I have put it in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. After the 2nd rising and shaping, is there no more additional rest time before baking?? This method entails (A) dusting the top of the dough liberally with flour, patting the dough into a rectangle. Sprinkle bread flour on the counter to make a bed.Using a scraper or spatula dipped in water, transfer the dough to the bed of flour and proceed with the stretch-and-fold method. You will be an expert at this recipe in a few days :). It will also have a darker crust colour than many traditional breads. It was a HIT! What can I say, I’m a rebel. I am always looking for new recipes, and this is a great one! This worked perfectly and the dough rose just as it did in your original recipe. Next time Ill try to shape it like pain d’ epi to make it fancier :), 1 question though, can I substitute honey instead of sugar? Thank you so much!! For about 30 mins I was in shock and did not know what to do. Your Welcome glad you like it. Turn dough out onto lightly floured surface. Turned out fantastic. (C) Fold the dough over itself, letter style to return to a rectangular shape. My 7 year-old made it and it turned out really well. Sometimes I bake it after the first rise so I shape it. Did the yeast bubble up for you? Hi Carrie, Thanks for the recipe! It’s one of my favorites. I am going to have to make it everyday. Hi Debra, I’ve never used poolish or biga for this bread recipe. No fancy bread machine, or electric mixer. It came as a crumbly pile of grey oaten matter. Since it has the basic ingredients and only requires elbow grease, I figured it met the time period requirements and he couldn’t go wrong baking it, with a little bit of help. Next add the 2nd water. It’s become my “goto” bread — and I make it several times each week. by maybe 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding sweeteners and fats like sugar and olive oil affect the gluten development a little which is why I often add them nearing the end of the mixing time. One of our docs from N.Y. said it was the best bread she’d eaten since she moved to Pa from N.Y. Thanks for letting me know :), This is my favourite bread recipe! Some folks use the 2 cups some use less and some use more. @Bill Yes, you could use an egg white and it would make it very shiny which is nice to look at. SPOON flour lightly into measuring cup. My only sub was brown sugar for white. Thanks for my starter recipe- It looks great. It protects the bottom (a little) from over browning and gives a nice crunch. Yeast (a live culture) needs to be fed and yeast eats sugar. If you are new to bread making try this recipe and see how it goes. Flour your hands and begin to form the round ball. Also I have found if I mess with the dough too much it will not rise well. I am so happy that you found this recipe and the family loves it too! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Let rise until doubled in size, about 1 hour. Sorry for the LATE response on this. I made this bread last night for a dinner party and it turned out very well. You may wish to use the fast knead. The yeast was definitely more foamy. Dust top liberally with flour and cover loosely with plastic wrap. I am so happy you tried this recipe out and that you love it. Hi Pat, Yes it does. Easy production. I would like to split it and freeze half. Delicious. New to breadmaking & want to begin with these easier, more rustic recipes. Thank you so much. Second and third were wonderful! I am very excited to make this bread thanks for the recipie. I’m happy to have the recipe! It was perfect for a novice like me! Also if you want to do an Egg Wash that would work TOO. TWO cups of water is WAY too much for 3 cups of flour. Hi Carrie, I want to know if I can make smaller loaves with this recipe. Yes, put it on the center rack and if you have convection oven you will want to lower the temperature to 350F. Ever since I have associated breadmaking with ugh! Thanks for letting me know, I am so happy you like it :). Once I am back from picking them up I roll into a ball again and let it rise a 2nd time.


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