Schofields has well established Schools, a train station, new proposed shopping precincts, etc. More than 60 residents turned out on the weekend to discuss ways to protest Blacktown Council plans for renaming parts of their suburb Grevillea Grove, Daringa and Wran. Comments. He was a con artist though and never actually new how to make wine, but either way he ended up with the land! They say new areas in Schofields — soon to be developed — would be a better place to be given new suburb names. I would prefer a suburb name that contains ‘Schofields’ or a suburb name that has a connection to the current area. My childhood was great there until we moved to riverstone, then when I moved out at 18 I moved to casula and now happily married and still in casula . 2. Proposed suburb name change for the existing suburb of Schofields. Join Unknown and 649 supporters today.

This is a suburb which can best be described with a single word: "change". Modern history. Keep Schofields or a name linked to the current area, in the new suburb name, Blacktown City Council The General Manager. We lived on 10 hectares back then we had the horses as well. Residents of Indian heritage have raised concerns over the name, with Marana meaning ‘death’ in Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil languages. But the other seven new names across the Blacktown Council area are now with the Geographical Naming Board. Proposed suburb name changes for Blacktown City, including Nirimba Marana. Keep Schofields or a name linked to the current area, in the new suburb name.

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I understand the overall suburb is growing in size, and a change of suburb boundaries may be required, however we request Blacktown City Council to reconsider its proposed names for Area 12 and maintain Schofields within the naming process or propose a name that has an easily identifiable connection with the current area. There is a concern the change in suburb names will negatively impact property prices and also impact insurance premiums.

Blacktown’s Labor-controlled council decided to make the changes but the GNB will give the go-ahead or rule out some names. The word ‘Downs’ sounds like the area is ‘low’ and could impact the perception of the area, and further impact property prices. This may cause confusion. The Best Daytrip from Sydney? This is a suburb which can best be described with a single word: "change". Liberal councillors have said there was no rush to make a decision. The change of the suburb name could potentially devalue our homes. I identify living in the actual suburb named Schofields and our community is already established in Area 12. There are still a few suburbs in the neighbourhood that look like what you're describing, but I suspect their days may be numbered too. Real Estate Marayong is the best place to live in the city of Sydney in new south wales in Australia. --- Extract from the Blacktown City Council Public Exhibition Naming of new suburbs in Blacktown City Exhibition Period: 6 April, 2017 to 19 May, 2017 File No: 16-14-1 Contact Officer: Strategic Planning. We encourage you to view the proposal and indicate your preferences. Keep Schofields or a name linked to the current area, in the new suburb name”. Australia's step towards becoming a republic. Also the name used for one of the developments on Alex Avenue). “There is also an established part of Area 12 (around 15 to 20 years old) that falls within the boundary changes. The suburb boundaries of Schofields were changed in November 2020, resulting in the creation of new suburbs of Nirimba Fields and Tallawong in the … I'm Yaz, a born-and-raised Sydneysider who thinks there's much more to this town than the harbour and hipster brunches.

That’s what this project will be. Updates . “The majority of the community doesn’t want to have a change to our suburb name, we want to remain part of Schofields.’’.

---. Hi there! For one of the proposed new suburb names; Rothwell Downs, there is another suburb called Rothwell in QLD. We provide prime properties in this location. ‘Bungarribee’ was chosen as the name for a new suburb in Blacktown, which is on the site of the Bungarribee property. The land in Area 12 is currently undergoing development with a number of new homes recently completed. FIRST it was a vocal group of Rouse Hill residents and now it’s Schofields’ turn to object to plans to change the suburb’s name. The suburb of “Schofields” has developed a good reputation through new development in the suburb, a new train station on the Western line, a well-established primary and secondary school, and the Woolworths supermarket. Petition details.

In our opinion the name WRAN does not comply with the NSW Place Naming Policy, Clause 3 “Geographical names … John Schofield died in 1884. A large group of Rouse Hill residents has also protested but there are others in the same suburb happy with the boundaries and the council’s action. This would make the ‘new proposed suburb’ easy to identify by the community. The Hill’s council had a recent proposal on exhibition to rename two areas to ‘North Kellyville’ and ‘Norwest’ – it is my understanding that both names were chosen to reflect names that have been widely used by the community for these areas. Fascinates me that for most of my life it was just empty paddocks and within 5-6 years it’s become McMansionville with literally nothing else interesting but one old temple to go for it. Revised suburb boundaries are also proposed, As part of the proposal to name the new suburbs, Council is also seeking feedback on minor boundary variations to the previously identified suburb areas of Marsden Park, Riverstone and Rouse Hill. See why other supporters are signing, why this petition is important to them, and share your reason for signing (this will mean a lot to the starter of the petition). At least they had this pretty solid park, with a ping pong table, public barbeques. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to subscribe to the blog using one of the links at the top of the page, and share it with your friends so that other people can find it too. ‘Bungarribee’ was easy to identify to this area, not only through the association with the property, but also as by the well-known road that leads to the suburb is called “Bungarribee Road”.

By joining, or logging in via Facebook, you accept’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. new developments, much to the vocal distaste of the locals residing in the "old" Schofields village.I saw that as being the turning point in the suburb's transformation from a small village to a land of endless sprawling estates. “Schofields has got a good reputation. The Fields (taken partly from the name ‘Schofields’ and to reflect the meadows / pastures that are currently present on the undeveloped land in the area. Schofields. Don't have an account? It’s my understanding that in recent years when the Blacktown Council boundary of 'Kellyville' was renamed to 'Kellyville Ridge', feedback provided at this time was to retain the name 'Kellyville' in the suburb name. Register, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Marjan Khajehei. The Aboriginal word Daringa — mooted for part of Schofields — has not been decided on yet by the council, who said it needed further discussion. In his later life, Schofield set up a sawmill beside the railway line and used the trees from his paddocks in Schofields to supply timber for housing. Thanks for adding your voice. You might not be aware that until 2011, the railway station at Schofields was a basic single platform located across the road from where the Chinese takeaway, until it was relocated to it's current location closer to the (then only planned!) “Given the general support for the name ‘Nirimba’, ‘Nirimba Fields’ is instead put forward as an alternative name.” The suburb of “Schofields” has developed a good reputation through new development in the suburb, a new train station on the Western line, a well-established primary and secondary school, and the Woolworths supermarket. David Hughes supports the council renaming move.

This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. The Schofields train station is located in close proximity to Area 12 and would not seem practical that Area 12 is not aligned with “Schofields”, as people in Area 12 will identify themselves as being part of Schofields.
More than 60 residents turned out on the weekend to discuss ways to protest Blacktown Council plans for renaming parts of their suburb Grevillea Grove, Daringa and Wran. Invalid postcode. The suburb name is of significant importance for the many residents that have already committed to building their homes here - and future residents too. Resident and organiser Wayne Gatt said the group unanimously agreed that Area 12 should remain as Schofields and urged the council to focus on renaming undeveloped areas. Schofields has evolved as a well-known suburb, due to the attention the suburb name has been achieving due to the growth in the area.

I refer to similar changes which have taken place regarding suburb naming and the importance of the name selected in nearby areas: Suggested names could include (but not limited to): The General Manager Blacktown City Council.


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