I put the mounting screws into the rubber feet to avoid losing them. I would recommend saying “popping” or “break free” about the tabs. 09/16/2014 Any idea if you can put a different drive into the case and have it work? perfect guide! Reply. Current Dashboard users can effortlessly back up content as well as share and save media on social networks with legacy backup software. Connectez votre disque Backup Plus Desktop à un ordinateur qui prend en charge la technologie USB 3.0 pour un transfert rapide de toutes vos données.

Then press the metal spudger into the widened crack next to the pick. This releases the force on the clips, and you can just start lifting up the top with a pointy stick to keep them from going back in. 03/30/2017 In particular, we show how to remove the harddrive and explain that any 3.5″ hard disk could be inserted in the chassis to replace it. At this point, all the snaps have been broken or separated. (This should be printed on the casing, but isn't.) Stick it all back together and it will work without issue. Peel the aluminum tape off of each side of the drive, it is easy to tear but with the new drive I am working on, the glue isn't very strong, so you should be able to remove it fairly easily. You get a big drive, but not a very good one. This teardown is not a repair guide. Make sure it is past the small curve before prying outward (see picture 1). Step 1: Right click on your hard drive and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths".

Copy and synchronize your media files with your external drive.
(If you’re not trying to preserve the data, just reformat. It is not fast but good for inexpensive mass storage. Carefully pry slightly up and away. It uses a Seagate Archive HDD based on SMR technology. When you have the entire end separated, carefully pry the sides out and away along the adjoining two sides, working your way towards the end with the power jack. Reply. Metal prying tools in my iFixit kit were better for this, the overall strength of this assemble case bested the plastic “pry” tools. In the picture, the drive and board are on their side. By removing the top i only made some small cosmetic damage at the buttom of the HDD frame and the plastic top as the only damge to the case. Reply. Now you'll find 4 screws that you can remove. Does anyone know what to do if the Data port does not work ? To repair your Seagate Backup Plus Hub, use our service manual. Vous pouvez, par ailleurs, bénéficier des derniers conseils préconisés concernant votre produit et obtenir des informations techniques mises à jour auprès du support clientèle Seagate. There are no screws holding the drive and its board in place, instead opting for some vibration dampening rubber feet on either side of the drive.

I used Gparted and drive came back, put it in a different PC that BIOS see's all and it has worked ever since. (picture 2). Seagate external hard drive light is blinking but not working or detecting on PC is one of the problems, which is still a troublesome case for many users. Accessibility. Move the spudger so it pushes the casing off (see picture 1), you should hear loud snap noises as the snaps are broken. I used recovery software to try to get may data back but most of it was corrupted. Once you have the end opened up, use the credit card to … Jokes aside, I had the same problem. How to open Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive - YouTube

As you described I could not find a way to remove the plastic top without damaging the plastic clips. Mark Eichin - From here you should be able to do the rest with your hands by tilting the cover up.

08/22/2018 Yous can see where I broke most of the plastic clips. Power suppy for the Seagate 1 TB Expansion External Drive, 9SF2A4-500 ST310005EXA101-RK is 12V DC, 2 amps, positive in the middle. Kenny Rasmussen - Non. It should be noted that this external hard drive enclosure is unable to be taken apart to that point without breaking a large number of snaps on the casing, that is why this is a teardown and not a repair guide. Choose a size and copy the code below to embed this guide as a small widget on your site / forum. Accessibility, Seagate 3TB Expansion Desktop Drive Teardown. This teardown is not a repair guide. Once I had the assembly open, the back (power) end of the system went next; average sized pliers cracked the back and I could pry it and one side away. This guide is a work in progress. LockBit Ransomware: What Should You Know? The issue of "Seagate external hard drive light blinking but not detecting" may result from the problems on the hard drive itself or from other non-device errors. These ones are particularly nasty and I found I could only prevent a few from breaking when opening the case even when using the gutar picks from the ifixit pro tech toolkit.

There are two on each side of the drive for a total of four. Reply, @superjames no encryption - however, USB/Sata adapters vary about reporting 4096-byte sectors vs. 512-byte sectors - in my case, the Seagate enclosure reported 512 so the GPT was based on that, but when I stuck it into a Sabrent desktop enclosure, it reported 4096 byte sectors so the operating system couldn’t even *find* the partition table. The plastic case is composed of three parts held together with clips. Break the snaps on this side in the same way as before. And this turned out to be a BAD IDEA since the drive is very SLOW. Once the sides are separate the board containing the drive will be free. Dashboard. First, press your pick between the casing at the area right of the bottom of the label (see picture). When you get past half way use two more screwdrivers to do the same around the corner where you started. then slide the board up (in relation to the drive sticker) and the drive down. You can see where I broke the case trying to remove it. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — September 16 The entire case is held togeter with snaps. Well, if the drive wasn’t broken before, then it should be now with all these bumps lol.


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