[4], The next day, they decided to infiltrate Ludendorff's gala to learn more about the weapon he and Doctor Poison are creating and how to stop it. I do think Billy has the capability to beat her from what we’ve seen from him in film and deleted scenes, but he’s still too green. Steppenwolf finds out that Cyborg is trying to separate the Mother Boxes, which he grabs him before Wonder Woman saves him. It would make sense. (near-limitless resilience), 4.Z-Zeus. Bloodlusted, Billy rather easily. After they had paid and left the store, Diana reluctantly allowed Candy to take her sword and shield back to Trevor's office while the two took Doctor Poison's notebook to the British War Council. so he will beat ww. Forum Posts. Having noticed the invading ships, the Amazons quickly gathered on the cliffs above the beach. [6], Diana and Bruce Wayne attend Clark Kent's funeral, Diana attends Clark's funeral in Smallville along with Bruce, with the latter paying for it as an anonymous donor. r/whowouldwin. (figure)Wonder Woman 1984 (unreleased)Zack Snyder's Justice League (unreleased)The Flash (unreleased)Justice League, Part Two (unreleased) Wonder Woman helps out by attacking the Parademons and taking Steppenwolf to a different part of the factory. This causes her to reminisce about her childhood, naive idealism, and all of the ensuing events of World War I. shazam is not superman, he doesn't have feats to put him close to superman. Antiope reasoned with the Queen, reminding her that Ares was alive and would come for Diana someday. [4], Diana sees Sir Patrick Morgan in the base, who reveals himself to be the true Ares, and tells her of his plan for a world without humanity by having them destroy each other. Zeus was the king of the Old Gods, worshipped by the Amazons, ancient Greeks, and ancient Romans (under the persona of Jupiter). She relentlessly battles the monster, and despite Doomsday being stronger, Wonder Woman held her own, parrying a tremendous punch with the Sword of Athena, and then slicing off Doomsday's right arm with it. Diana stormed the building and used the Lasso of Hestia to compel one of the terrorists to tell her their plans. At some point a comic was made by the company All Star Comix that based it upon her known likeness. Characters usually get better with feats as they get more appearances. share. Despite her outspokenness and behavior in Man's World, however, Diana remained caring and compassionate, as demonstrated by her initially rocky relationship with Charlie and willingness to step into No Man's Land to save the village of Veld. Courage of Achilles. potentially turning the tables for the DCEU, we rank all the films so far, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Unless I somehow missed something important, I don't see how Billy could win. He proceeds to angrily confront her by grabbing Diana's arm and asking her about the information device that she had stolen. save. Portrayed by [6], Diana, observing the metahuman files with curiosity, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, united against Doomsday, When news broke of Doomsday's attack on Metropolis, Diana was boarding an airplane bound for Turkey. But Shazam eventually by the time the sequel and JL2 roll around. Flies at a similar speed to lightning and also dodges it in flight. [11], After the fight with Steppenwolf, Batman meets with Gordon before Arthur shows up and say that Steppenwolf took the Mother Box from Atlantis, then Victor reveals that he is possession of the final Mother Box, which he hid from his father. Also, her speed does not seem to be in Shazam’s Supermanesque range. The group was initially nervous to see him, as their plan was going against the direct orders of the British War Council, but Morgan assured them that he was there to help. Bruce states they should use the Mother Box to bring Superman back to life believing that they need Superman to restore hope in humanity. She wandered off to a cliff on the Themysciran seashore and examined her gauntlets in awe. Likewise, the alias isn't seen anywhere in print either. The Flash, Shazam 2, Wonder woman spin-offs and all DCEU updates! Technically, Shazam should have been faster than Flash since Shazam got the power of the God of Speed. Ares engages Diana in a final fight, but is defeated after she fully embraces her powers as the God Killer and blasts Ares with powerful divine lightning. Both Billy and Diana should get better power feats in future movies. Diana watching the LexCorp research on metahumans, Exclusive subscriber cover of the April 2017 edition of British magazine, Cover of the April 2017 edition of the British magazine, Subscriber cover of the June 2020 edition of the British magazine, Cover of the June 2020 edition of the British magazine, Cover of the July 2020 edition of the magazine, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot on the set of. As she lay dying, Antiope urged Diana to use the God Killer and defeat Ares. Nationality DCEU Shazam can leap higher, fly, and possibly move faster. Meanwhile, the series has already grossed over $4.91 bn (£3.71) at the global box office, making it the 12th highest-grossing film franchise. To her surprise, Hippolyta allowed Diana to leave, gifting her Antiope's tiara. @the_wspanialy: I think people have just decided that he’ll “eventually” beat her because they want him to. Over the years, she became a formidable warrior. She generated 290-370 tons however when she picked up the tank and effortless held it there. [5] Angry at Antiope for defying her decision, Hippolyta sent Diana back to her room so that she could speak to her sister alone. Diana and Trevor took cover behind boulders on the beach. I get salty at this fight and how they treat my boy Shazam. Thanks, Lifts a WWI tank. If she has strength and skill and also weapon advantage Billy would be hard pressed to take her down even with speed on his side. Diana and Arthur are hesitant about the idea, but Bruce forms a secret contingency plan. And i don't see shazam having speed feats to suggest she can't react to him. Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles. Diana catching her sword with the help of Flash. Diana lovingly strokes Steve's picture before closing her eyes to take in the world being at peace once again. Shortly after the team assembled, Wonder Woman assisted in helping a newly resurrected Superman regain his memories. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. DCEU Superman,Wonder Woman,Shazam Vs MCU Hulk,Thor,Captain Marvel Spartan101. The tank she lifted over her head and then threw away with one hand. That tank is not lighter than the bus. Same with Superman and Shazam in Injustice. (also the distinction between travel and combat reflex speed is tenuous here, it is not a flight or surfboard scenario...the gif above shows him running like a speedster, no reason to think he cannot punch or dodge just as fast.). [4], As the only child on the island, Diana grew bored by her lessons. I do not contend he is leagues above her in strength, but he is stronger and his speed advantage is significant. Batman then jumped down into the Knightcrawler and saved Wonder Woman after a Parademon managed to briefly knock her out. I don't understand this logic that things will cgange in his favor in future movies. @agent41: yeah, that is fair. @agent41: true, no doubt her DCEU version has room to grow into the boots worn by her comic counterpart. Female At the end of the day, none of this really matters. It reminded her of someone she thinks of who would have loved to have flown it. [6], At an orphanage in Gotham, 'Wonder Woman' had a fan in at least one girl who believed that she was a superior hero to both Batman and Superman. With the battle of Themyscira and the death of her aunt so fresh in her mind, Diana was infuriated by the man's comments and berated him, calling him a coward and telling the rest of the council that they should be ashamed. Diana tried ice cream for the first time at the train station, which she greatly enjoyed. While living in "Man's World" for a century following World War I tempered some of Diana's more blindly held beliefs, she still held true to her core values of kindness and compassion, and further grew into an exceptionally considerate, diplomatic, and empathetic woman. Diana explains her intention to re-obtain her photograph from Luthor, stating that she only borrowed Bruce's device, and has already returned it to him shortly beforehand (placing it into the glove compartment of his car), before calmly excusing herself and leaving. How do we know that? She is significantly slower than Barry or Clark. True but I gave him 3 mouths of training before this fight so he should have been able to figure out to move just as fast if not faster then his sister. The Justice League receives intel from Commissioner James Gordon that the Parademons are traveling underground. She even came close to murdering Doctor Poison as vengeance for Steve's death; but after recalling Steve's great love for an undying belief in her and her beliefs, restrained herself and refocused her energies on Ares, harnessing her love for Trevor to overcome her violent emotions and swiftly overpower an angered Ares.


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