Sick pay in the Czech Republic equates to 60% of the average daily income over the previous 12 months - from the 4th working day onwards. The benefit is paid for a maximum of 365 days, which may be extended for a further 180 days if the physician certifies that recovery is likely within the additional period. Day 1 – 3 The ill employee would not get paid unless they are in hospital (If in hospital the employer should pay him/her 100% salary). Maternity and paternity leave: Maternity leave is for an uninterrupted period of 16 weeks (two additional weeks for each child after the second child in cases of multiple births). £1666.52, or 100% of your typical monthly salary. The Mutua can call on you to make an appointment to assess your situation (reconocimiento medico) as of day one of your ´baja´ (this used to be as of day 16), propose a date to resume work etc. £528.87, or 85% of your typical monthly salary. Another change in procedure is that the Mutua, in case they have proposed to the Inspection of the NHS to give you the ´alta´, they must inform you of this proposal. We update our web site on a regular basis so please keep checking back. In Spain, the employee has a right to 15 days (including weekends) for a marriage, 2 days for the death of a family member, 1 day for home relocation, and 4 months for maternity leave… ... Sick leave can last for up to 18 months, after which time the situation will be reviewed. £421.56, or 59.50% of your typical monthly salary. Get in touch. The mother must take a minimum of six weeks' leave immediately following the birth. The parents of the child do not have to be married for this right to apply. You earn different amounts depending on your weekly wage, ranging from €84.50 to €188. £661.84, or 100% of your typical weekly salary. £171.36, or 80% of your typical weekly salary. It will enable you to cover the loss of your daily income while you are off work, in addition to receiving healthcare. In Spain, if you fall ill and have to stop working temporarily, you can claim an allowance for temporary incapacity. The above Spanish labour information is not applicable to work accidents. affect the amount of annual leave? Very few people, unless unemployed or earning very little, will see the minimum allowance - the next level up is 70% of your annual earnings. It is also worth noting that many countries and employers will pay out more than the minimum mandatory payments, and sick leave can be uniquely agreed with a specific employer and specific job - there is a chance that in your contract - even in the UK - you'll be entitled to more sick leave than the minimum. Spanish labour law, Salary and Social Security particulars related to Sick leave. Although that technically means you only have two weeks paid sick leave after a year, which is the figure we've included here. The first 16 days of sick leave in Norway are paid for by your employer, and after that you're covered by the state for up to 52 weeks - all as your full salary. There, Spanish employment laws are highly detailed and designed to protect worker rights from labor abuse. For employers, if there is unused leave it must be paid out at termination, which is an additional expense that may not have been anticipated. £166.50, or 40% of your typical weekly salary. There are 10 national public holidays, and two When on sickleave, you used to need to go to your medico to get a confirmation of your incapacity to work every 7 days. £1,908.18 or 95% of your typical monthly salary. Finland operates a similar system to the UK, except with a 9-day waiting period. Employees typically receive social security payments during their sick leave, though some Spanish employers supplement this to match the full current salary. From the first day of sick leave, you must provide your manager and Payroll with a copy of your medical certificate (Baja Medica), within three (3) days from the date of issue. This is all dependent on having worked long enough at your place of employment to qualify and obtaining a Doctor's note when you are first sick. £169.20, or 54.80% of your typical weekly salary. Similar to the UK system, there is a period of 3 'waiting days' in Italy (though this can be less based on your employer). Day 4 – 20: The ill employee receives 60% of their normal wages  (100% if they are in hospital) to be paid by: Day 4 – 15 the 60% is paid by the employer to the employee and 100% if the ill employee stay, for health reasons in hospital. You receive 50% of your salary after 3 'waiting' days in France, similar to the UK system - with our figure based on the average French salary (€503 per week). £206.43, or 60% of your typical weekly salary. £400.55 or 50% of your typical monthly salary. 10 million people can't be wrong, By signing up I agree to vouchercloud's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails about offers. Note: Kindly note that the above mentioned information should not be considered as legally binding but is only produced for information purposes as the Spanish labour law is changing periodically and there may be some amendments to take into account as per specific region in Spain as well. In Hungary, you can receive 70% of your wage for a maximum of 15 days a year, with 50% of your salary received after that point. We assist our clients in addressing these types of employment issues including employee benefits, running payroll, taxation and immigration requirements. The Spanish labour advicers in Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain. £436.44, or 100% of your typical weekly salary. Annual or holiday leave in Spain is generous, and employees are entitled to a minimum of 22 business days (30 calendar days) per year. £62.22, or 40% of your typical weekly salary. Have you discovered that the simplest of transactions are difficult to conclude? Ireland has the longest 'waiting day' period. You can also receive quarter, half and three-quarter sickness pay, based on how restricted your work is by your illness.


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