Skeletons spawned by Raise Dead now have Armor equal to 50% of the Necromancer's Armor. So don't come in, novices! Sunken City is a Dungeon Crawler map with RPG elements. Simon's Bane. Skeleton Keys Boss Guides. Post Comments Grandfather Spider awaits in the Sands of Time for the final duel of Mirage. The sidewalks are no longer safe - the monsters will pull you from quite a distance sometimes. Join, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). Skeleton Keys have a 100% chance of drop rate on each boss and can be gained by usual means of harvesting flesh and or hide. In 6-2, there’s a door with a room full of figurines. This brings us to the most grueling part of Sunken City - Norton's tower. Simon the Sayer is part of a Make-a-Wish visit from Daniel, who helped design this boss requiring a Stone Skeleton Key. Fixed a bug where the periodic damage of Immolation Aura was higher than intended. Don't even attempt to reduce his 800 health to 0 with death magic. Taste of Blood is now 50% stronger on the Necromancer and his summons down from 100%. When you are about to enter a dungeon, you are prompted with a warning which tells you that the area will reset if you are gone for 30+ minutes and approximately how long it takes to complete. You don't 'ave the credentials to be 'ere! This special side-area can only be unlocked with extreme luck. Void Rift and Mind Blast tooltips now state the correct damage they deal. Grubb's Chest appears after defeating Grubb. Firstly let me say I have over 1k hours into Conan, and I started playing the game just after the gods where initially inactivated. The visit was made possible by the Make-A-Wish foundation, which KingsIsle has partnered with three times previously, twice for Wizard101 and once for Pirate101. Havoc Aura now restores 20 health plus 3% of affected units maximum health instead of 15 plus 4% of affected units maximum health. Up next are 2 Wailing Wraiths. Ferocity is now reset to 0 when changing Specializations. This Tower is similar to a gauntlet in that there are multiple levels you have to defeat before facing the Boss. The Intelligence scaling for the added flat healing of Tree of Life Form has been reduced to 5% down from 8%. Fixed a bug where the Fallout Talent's bonus damage for Immolation Aura was slightly higher than intended for its periodic damage. Defeating Paulson will give you the "Knock" scroll, which opens the second gate. Skeleton Door – Bunferatu. Fixed a bug where Ignore Pain's buff would not disappear when the absorb amount was depleted. You could use life magic, but Paulson and his minions pack life shields. You can find Daniel and the boss inside Sunken City, just past the first NPC on the left. Congratulations!

Fixed a bug with the Damage Engine where effects that ignore enemy armor would permanenetly increase it in certain cases. The door to Nightside is hidden behind the waterfall near the Rainbow Bridge in the Wizard City Commons. The final area is accessible from the Sunken City. Stay as far away from the road as possible and don't think the game is glitched when drawn into battles; there are two or three almost unavoidable battles (other than the bosses) throughout the dungeon. Roberto’s Sanctum is found in Roberto’s Lair in Olde Town, Wizard City.It requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to enter, and contains Roberto.Wizards first come here during the quest Unlocking the Truth to retrieve a family heirloom for Diego the Duelmaster. Use the Golden Key that spawns in 1-2 / 1-3 on the chest in an interior layer room to gain the Eye of Udjat. Defeating this Boss grants the "Simon's Bane" Badge. After you dispose of the minions (or learn the hard way that you're just not that tough), Marla Stinger sends you on your first quest within the dungeon.

The duel with the ghost troll, Simon the Sayer, it was a brilliantly designed boss, the cheats, the mobs, the unique rewards & new spells, all amazing!
Dungeons are instanced/private zones in Wizard 101 which are more difficult than the other areas in the same world. Defeating Norton will give you the Skeleton Key, which is needed to gain entrance to Grubb's castle. You're better off using any other kind of magic. The Icebound Fortitude Talent now restores health equal to 25% of maximum mana up from 20%. Inside, he sure looks like our favorite Halloween villain, but he is not. The Lifebloom Talent now increases the healing of Nourish when targeting units with Wild Growth by 30% down from 35%. The Skeleton Key Badges. The first floor contains 3 Wandering Specters (500 health, rank 3 elite myth). Then access the Temple of Anubis in 4-1. You’ll need Hou Yi’s Bow and the Sun Arrow — reward from the Sun Trial in 7-1.

Finding a reliable group could be troublesome, but the badge is worth the effort. You work for Bones, doncha? ( With Sunken City, you really want to finish-up your Wizard City quests and travel on to Krokotopia first. There is a key in the area between the Skeleton Tomb and Edril. Taste of Blood now reduces damage taken by 10% down from 15%. Four people can be in this instance, and that number is highly recommended to avoid frustration. Speech: "Oy, what's all this then? The sigil for them is found in the Scrimshaw Docks. Speech: Daniel: "Hey, Wizard! As with Paulson, don't even bother with death spells against Grubb - his resistance is just too high. This time, the NPC is part of a new skeleton key boss. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Units affected by Taste of Blood now takes 40% of Transfusion's instant healing down from 50%. Only the Jetpack can take you down into the pit and use the entrance door. We’ll add more locations as they’re discovered. He generally tolerates traps, but if you try to play a blade... Simon didn't say! I really like how they added a new Skeleton Key secret boss in that dungeon! Fixed a bug where Saberclaws could invalidate certain effects in the game. Simon never said you had permission to enter my workshop. But what really pushes this fight beyond some of the others is its mechanics. Be sure to read the book (Tome of Decay) within the tower before you exit. Let’s gallop! Reading Room Roustabout. There is key for every Gate that needs one. Fixed a bug where Taunt Toggle was not working correctly. Sunken City is the first "dungeon" in Wizard 101. Keep in mind that the boss is designed for wizards level 75 and up, so the gear is only level 75+. Sunken City doesn't mess around. Search, Matt Plourde Posted: May 25, 2009 12:38 PM Category: Guides 0.

The Icebound Fortitude Talent now restores health when the Death Knight casts Empowered Rune Weapon instead of when a unit gets Frozen.
To gain the Alien Compass, go to Vlad’s Castle with a Skeleton Key to free Van Horsling. Some of these locations make reaching the bottom of the dungeon much easier, so knowing how to enter them is totally invaluable. Lunar Strike now additionally has the requirement for the target to have Wisp Guardian in order to stun during Tree of Life Form. Each time, they do something special for the visitor - place their character in-game as an NPC! Places like Vlad’s Castle and the Black Market return from the first game, but others like the Sunken City are totally new. Guides appear regularly in posts on Swordroll's Blog, but there are also some guides specific to pages under the Game Guides & Information section. Fixed a bug where Ignore Pain would ignore all damage before it could reduce the remaining absorb amount. They’re all awesome if you’ve got the skill. This reveals a secret door to a special area guarded by a giant turtle. In addition, you can win the unique sword that Daniel is carrying in eight different forms.

Is this a bug? The Life from Death Talent has been reworked. Fixed a bug where Scroll of Experience could experience stacking glitches. You can find Daniel and the boss inside Sunken City, just past the first NPC on the left. Fixed a bug where Stormpike would disable Blood Fury and cancel certain abilities. The entrance spawns in the Ice Caves, and appears in a random location near the bottom of the pit. Skeletons spawned by Raise Dead now have 5 attack damage plus 5 per level of Tombstone plus 25% of the Necromancer's Attack Damage instead of 10/17/25/32. Treasure Bags no longer have a stacking cap. You brokered peace with the Gobbler King. The Uberspanners Talent now has a base damage of 4 and gains additional 15% of the damage dealt by the attack down from 20%.

The Hour of the Dead Talent now contributes 1 tick towards Raise Dead down from 2. Go to the Black Market (see guide above) and purchase / steal the Hedjet. So, you cut your teeth in Unicorn Way. Setup your deck to fight groups of monsters (AoE spells), and leave the minion spells out if you have a full group of four. A few examples of the wands you can get are shown to the right. Hello again, young wizard. A key factor in beating Sunken City is to avoid battles that are not necessary, and to have all players fighting in any battles that occur. The heavens smile on the old faithful. Kergaloth is now invulnerable until his cinematic plays out. Leave a like to show your support and Subscribe if you haven't!! A batch of street minions will jump you before you have a chance to say "is your homework assignment *this* important"? If you cannot login, Come and play with us in our Discord server!


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