There are a large selection of ingredients which can be included, the most popular being sweet and sour combinations which are an amazing blend of fruit, meat and spice (cinnamon and cumin are the signature). Last time I cooked this recipe I used a 3.5L slow cooker (the small Morphy Richards one) and it fitted with enough leftover room. 2 carrots – quartered lengthways and chopped. Add the sweet potato, dried cherries, honey and another 500ml water. 100g soup mix (contains split peas, lentils, barley, and dried peas), 300g lamb pieces (I use a cheap stewing cut as it doesn’t really matter), 1 tablespoon minced ginger and garlic paste, 1 tin of chickpeas, water included (do not drain). I love slow cooker recipes and this lamb casserole looks so scrumptious ! I do usually comment good or bad, but ive just prepared this lamb dish again and the smell is delicious. , I’m wanting to make this at the weekend for 10 people In a large nonstick skillet, heat 1 T of the oil over high heat, add lamb, half the spice mixture and salt and pepper to taste. Hi there

Transfer the lamb to a slow cooker. Salt and black pepper to taste Always looking for new, fun and delicious slow cooker recipes! I am a qualified nutrition coach with an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management. Didn’t add chick peas this time! Hope you enjoy it , Absolutely fantastic, for added bite added some juniper berries, makes for a cracking explosion of taste when you bite into a berry.

Subscribe to our Eat This, Not That! This means if you buy the product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. When buying dried apricots, go for the darker, brownish looking fruit, which hasn’t been treated with sulfites – a preservative used to give dried apricots that gorgeous, orange colour. I too enjoy my slow cooker as it is good smelling the aromas of the pot through the day. Yum, that sounds like a nice addition – will have to try it! This slow cooker lamb casserole is one of my regulars, so I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys. It was delicious! Cook for 4 hours on high, or 6 hours on low. Can be done on the stove or in your Instant Pot. Hi, I’m Irena! Heat remaining oil and spice mixture in the same skillet over medium heat until aromatic, about 20 to 30 seconds. Sorry for all the questions but I’m new to this This looks like an incredible recipe full of rich and deep flavor. Easy . , Hi, I’m about to make this lamb tagine, to bring back memories from Marrakech. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt and black pepper. The cooking time should be about the same, but you can always check by testing a piece of meat – if it’s not cooked it’ll still be tough and chewy. Nutrition: 440 calories, 25 g fat (10 g saturated), 460 mg sodium Serves 8 You'll Need.

Thanks for the multi-cooker tips as well, I have an Instant Pot and so sometimes I make it in that. Alternatively, use a large frying pan or saucepan for this first step. As an alternative, look for offcuts which have a bit of marbling through them, or even lamb shoulder. Leave to cool before freezing. The lamb was melt in your mouth tendor and bursting with flavors.

Stews, curries, soups and even roasts get going in my magic pot on an almost daily basis. I imagine it would taste super nice on pumpkin mash.
Try my Scrummy Coconut Lamb Curry or my Quick & Easy Pumpkin Chicken Curry.

1 Tbsp olive oil 2 lb lamb stewing meat (from shoulder or leg) Salt and black pepper to taste 2 cups low-sodium chicken stock I think I literally have everything for this already except the lamb and apricots! All rights reserved. Super easy and so tasty. 3 Roma tomatoes, seeded and chopped 2 lb lamb stewing meat (from shoulder or leg) Persian lamb tagine. Alternatively you can keep leftovers in the fridge for up to three days. Slow Cooker Lamb Tagine. (I don’t have any on hand.) Try with the chickpeas next time and let us know what you think! This combination goes way back and spans across multiple culinary traditions from North Africa to the Middle East. This is such a beautiful dish!

Wonderful flavors! Consider the luxe treatment of this under-appreciated protein: lavishly seasoned with the best of the Moroccan spice cabinet, bolstered with golden raisins and fresh ginger, and braised in a slow cooker with a flavorful broth until falling apart. Have a roast beef on the go as I type and I’m gonna give one of the Indian fakeaways a go at the weekend.

I love adding toasted almond flakes to this stew but you can easily go without. I will give it a go as I love Moroccan food.

I made this for the first time today and it was delicious!!! Nutrition: 440 calories, 25 g fat (10 g saturated), 460 mg sodium Serves 8 You'll Need. The spices in this slow cooker lamb tagine are warming and aromatic but mild, making it perfect for all the family. And, it makes it even better that it is a slow cooker meal. Will definitely make it again. They’re typically made of clay or ceramic, both glazed and unglazed. Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a large, heavy bottomed pot over medium-high heat. When we think of American comfort food, the first things that tend to come to kind are pizza, steak, or maybe even a roast chicken. Add the onion, coconut oil and salt and sauté for 2 minutes.
Dried apricots can be replaced with a few dates or figs for a similar result. Slow cooker Lamb Tagine is packed full of fruit, vegetables and spices which all fuse together to create a dish which looks as good as it smells! Assuming you have a 6L one, you should be fine doubling up!

Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). This slow cooker Lamb Tagine recipe is a brilliant example and as well as tasting delicious, is full of colour. I used shoulder of lamb which appeared to be cheaper than neck. Served over a bed of couscous, this meat is about to become your new go-to comfort food. Served with a simple cauliflower ‘couscous’ or ‘rice’, or regular rice or potatoes, this meal will make you dream of Marrakesh, sandy desserts and perfumed apricot orchards. We’re Rebecca and David, and we love creating slow cooker recipes for you to eat with your friends and family. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Never knew that Scottish butchers don’t use neck, it’s a great cut! Fry the onion in the same pan for 5 … My husband who only usually eats plain food ate it all up, chickpeas, apricots and all! The spices in this are so yummy, I especially love the allspice, one of my favorites! Hi Lorraine, it mostly depends on your slow cooker. 1 stick cinnamon (or 1⁄2 tsp ground cinnamon) We're Rebecca and David, and we love creating slow cooker recipes for you to eat with your friends and family. This sounds so delicious!

I used to avoid lamb because of its strong flavor but have really come around to it recently.

If this is the kind of thing you like to see please do let me know and I’ll do my best to film some more. Thanks, Majella Glad they enjoyed it so much! Cover and cook on high 4-5 hours, or low 8-10 hours, until lamb is tender. It creates quite an impact when you serve it! Add the onions, carrots, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, and cayenne to the cooker. Your email address will not be published.

Taste for salt and feel free to add some chilli, if you like. If this is the kind of thing you like to see please do let me know and I’ll do my best to film some more. Can be done on the stove or in your Instant Pot. Stir well.

After 4 or more hours, as per your heat setting, transfer the slow cooker vessel to the stove and set the heat to high. Hell, I’m not waiting for an excuse…I’m adding it to my weekly meal plan now. 8 %, , trimmed of fat and cut into bite-sized pieces (4-6 lb), Lamb tagine with cinnamon, saffron and dried fruit. What cut of meat should I use for Slow Cooker Lamb Tagine… Your email address will not be published. If you can't get dried cherries, use apricots or prunes instead 4 hrs and 20 mins . Perfect for winter cold weather !

The ingredients are slowly simmered over a consistent temperature in a little liquid.


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