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Tambourine Man” roaring over the speakers, with some drunk Japanese fans now singing along, I thought how strange this phenomenon was. Unless, of course, they’ve seen Of All The Things, the 2008 documentary directed by Lambert’s son that examines the songwriter’s improbable popularity in the Philippines and his return to the stage after he retired from music and become a Florida real-estate agent. Banners included Ralph Wiggum exclaiming, "I like Mondays, I am special," in either bad English or perfect Wiggum, and Otto complaining about the driving conditions on Mondays. After snorting an equal ratio of cocaine to snow in Canada. There was also a slew of merchandise and fanzines, including one where the demonic Killer Bob is palling around with Laura Palmer like they're taking a wacky yearbook photo: And a Japan-exclusive board game made by, uh, Sega: All that helps explain why, despite the subsequent Twin Peaks movie bombing in America, it performed extremely well in Japan. That might not have made him popular at home, but it endeared him to foreign cinephiles who saw him as a true-blooded American. One is a powdered form of steamed green tea leaves, which is used to flavor things like ice cream or sweets. A dispenser that provides wipes to keep your phone screen clean.

“Imported records were really expensive. The other meaning is a thick and mildly … The series was schlocky, but it had a way with a plot twist, and it was apparently popular enough in Europe that producers floated the idea of reviving it for another season or a series of TV movies before finding no one was interested domestically.

Twice. 23. There are tribes deep in the Amazon untouched by civilization that are somehow huge fans of Star Wars, so it's probably not a surprise to learn that it's very popular in Japan.

The bartender makes a big show of pouring this cultish favorite, laying the snifter down horizontally and swirling the bourbon inside it before presenting it to the man who ordered it, obviously the boss of the group. In addition, Hall’s stand-up has earned considerable acclaim, in no small part due to a character called Otis Lee Crenshaw, a singer-songwriter who falls somewhere between David Allan Coe and Tom Waits. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Members.

14. Things really began to take off with 2006’s Standing In The Way Of Control, whose title track was strongly associated with Skins and has been given all kinds of props by NME, including being named the 34th best song over the previous 15 years.

10. 1 position for eight weeks in 1989 and is inextricably linked, for better or worse, with the fall of the Berlin Wall—not to mention light-up leather jackets and piano scarves. As for Lewis’ appeal in France, it’s real, though overstated.

Toronto) touting it as the No. These two Japanese bourbon temples represent a bold act of imagination.

Brought plenty of buffalo sauce. I tell him I am a friend of Nick’s, and he reaches for a bottle nestled behind the register. She starred in French movies, headlined her own shows, and was celebrated by European fans who delighted in her talent and charisma, not to mention her nude dancing and pet cheetah. Little cans of helium that are straight-up made for people to inhale and have fun with their high-pitched voice.

A couple of years ago I found myself in a basement bar in Yoyogi, a central precinct of Tokyo, drinking cold Sapporo beers with big foamy heads while the salarymen next to me raised their glasses to a TV displaying a fuzzy, obviously bootlegged video of an old Bob Dylan concert. For whatever reason, the countrypolitan stars of the ’70s and ’80s do especially well in countries like Kenya and Nigeria, where singers like Crystal Gayle and Don Williams are revered for their “sentimental music.” There are a lot of theories as to why, but scholars think Rogers and Parton have particular appeal because of rags-to-riches ditties like “Coat Of Many Colors,” which might be easy for the poorer citizens of African villages to identify with. Incidentally, 108,830 is the maximum number of Winnipeggers who are sober at any given time. ... 25 Amazing Things Japan Has That We Need In America ASAP. However, it's not just Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Captain Sisko, and all your other favorite Star Wars characters who captured the imagination of Japanese fans.

Mark is on Twitter, has a book, and is huge in Romania.

He had a primitive video camera trained on the sleeve of the record album he was playing, and he projected that image onto the wall.

The publishers of Little House author Laura Ingalls Wilder's autobiography are considering a Japanese translation because of how much Japan loves everything Prairie. 4, and I ask why no one in America stocks anything really old.

Hanna-Barbera’s Top Cat didn’t enjoy a particularly long life in the United States, … For example, fans of soccer team Rayo Vallecano abandoned their seats and staged a Simpsons-themed protest over the fact that their games were moved from Monday so that their popular rivals could get the more valuable TV time slot. The game is still popular in the US though. But unlike the rest of the world and its adults, Spain, which the official Simpsons Wiki tells us is "a country in Europe," still latches onto The Simpsons as a major cultural touchstone and have refused to ever detach. 2. Unless you happen to live in Germany, where the '80s never die (see: The Scorpions). So in May 2006, ABC News picked up on the curious fact that erstwhile R&B superstar Lionel Richie was second only to bombs as America’s hottest export in Iraq.


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