Amazing taste and texture for a low carb gluten free muffin that tastes just like a regular muffin. This is my go-to snack for indulgence!! I had heard about these so decided to give it a try because I am addicted to something sweet and being on a low carb diet has it challenges when you just want something quick. Disclaimers: * No claims found on our web pages or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No joy. My. They are non-GMO, full of fiber, and are loaded with protein. LOVE! I only tried chocolate so far. Slapped some butter on them and yummy yummy!!! Will buy again. claims made by manufacturers on this web site. I love the chocolate cakes, but I tried the cinnamon ones a few months ago, too. So delicious. Perfect snack for keto, great can eat both and not feel guilty. I'd definitely recommend them. Great little cakes! Not too big, but not bite size either. They are smaller than I would like, and a bit pricey, but worth it when you need something sweet. Hope that these two flavors come back soon. Coconut are fabulous, Cinnamon really good, Chocolate? These cakes are delicious. Another gem of a snack that doesn't raise / spike my blood glucose at all! To me these were OK. A little on the dry side for my liking. Love these little cakes. These are GREAT! * FTC Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by contributors of the product Absolutely love... very very light, don't taste the protein at all, I am absolutely addicted.. These little cakes are pretty darn tasty! I ordered one because I wasn't sure anything on here would actually taste like a real cake but this surprised me. Also, i tried 3 flavors lemon, raspberry and chocolate. One is plenty for a snack. Love love them. There was a slight aftertaste, but it wasn't objectionable. (Chocolate, Lemon and Rasberry cream) The muffins are about half the size of a regular size muffin (2 two a package), There was no after taste and they are filling and really hit the spot if you have a sweet tooth. I have just purchased a birthday cake from these people, it was everything I hoped it would be and more, and the cake itself was fantastic. Editors Note: Yes, please refrigerate or freeze all SmartCake's upon receipt until ready to consume. Smart Cakes - 13A Balmoral Terrace, Dd4 8sj Dundee, UK - Rated 4.9 based on 16 Reviews "Would like to thank you for the trolls cake! The coconut was yummy! These have helped me when I want something sweet or just a treat for myself. I added a little sugar free frosting to one to try it like a cupcake vs a muffin, both were great and I will order again for sure! The perfect treat. They strive every day to bake products that taste good, are healthy, are fun, and affordable. I absolutely love these! Will definitely be ordering more. I got the lemon flavored ones and I can't believe these are only 38 cals per cake. All had good flavor and satisfied my sweet tooth. Flavorful, light muffin. These sounds really good. Surprisingly good. to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. God. Crystalline 'sugar' on top offers a little crunch. They r awesome, and satisfying. Unfortunately the aftertaste was so strong it actually made me sick! Will try an additional flavor besides the Tangerine. Life is good! You should, too. Lots more. No difference in the taste of these and regular high sugar cakes! The lemon is refreshing and the texture is so surprisingly real cake-like. I'll be ordering on a regular basis.. Way better than ANY 60-70 calorie bread or treat than I have tried previously.. I‘m already on my third order. Definitely will order again. I’m always on the hunt to find her new, good tasting products like these. The cinnamon and coconut seemed the moistest, but all have very good flavor and perfect when you need a little something sweet. materials listed or linked to on These are SO good. We have two young daughters, ages 11 and 13 years old. They don't taste like they are low carb at all. I absolutely love these. I have been married to my husband for 14 years. All are very, very good. SmartCakes allow me to still feel like I am splurging, yet am not falling off the weight-loss wagon. They are so flavorful that one little 38 calorie cake is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and it doesn't lead to more sugar cravings. They don't affect my BS and don't stall my weight loss! Absolutely delicious! I am trying to keep carbs low, which means baked goods are non-existant. I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 for the flavors. The lemon is also great but it does have a bit of an aftertaste. I would have given a score of 5 if not for the wet product boxes. Although, if left up to me I'm not sure I would ever stop eating this cake if it were larger. It's what sacking is made of.) Will definitely be purchasing more of them! I am really trying to cut down on my carbs. I have now tried the cinnamon and coconut, WOW! Tasted like cardboard. It’s hard to believe they are so low-fat! I have ordered these over and over because they are the perfect sweet cheat. It's a very dry cupcake. Love love love these! The orange ones were ok lemon and chocolate not very good.They were all sponge like. The chocolate was horrifying tasting - yuck! I cannot believe that they are zero carbs and have a good taste. Because they are filling they satisfy my need to eat every two hours and I know I am having something very healthy!! Hope they come up with a new flavor soon....maybe something like a strawberry or blueberry flavor.. I'm ordering more already: buying full boxes of the lemon and chocolate and trying cinnamon and coconut now. We have tried every flavor of the SmartCake and we love every single one. All flavors are good but Cinnamon is my FAV! My favorite is tangerine & coconut. They’re very moist and very tasty. If you are on low-carb and feeling a little deprived in the cake/pastry department, these are delicious! Delicious!!! As other reviewers have mentioned, it does have a slight after taste, just top it with a little whip cream and that should help. Awesome! Kinda pricey for me, personally, but as far as actual product review - amazing! Very good. Put butter on the second one and just barely let it melt. I wanted to try the cakes since they are only 1 WW point per cake. I've tried the cinnamon and lemon and I highly recommend. respective companies or mark holders. Delivered in an extremely short time!!! This company clearly put thought and effort into creating these recipes and i hope to see more from them. I especially love the lemon. OMG! Highly recommend. I will buy the box of 8 next time. Absolutely delicious, raspberry cream flavor! Both baked goods also have Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B1, 6, 12, C and E. For my review, I received three flavors of SmartCakes- Cinnamon, Coconut, and Chocolate. The cinnamon reminds me of those little cinnamon crumble cakes from vending machines. I keep them at work and for late night snacks. They have a great taste and would buy again. Nutritional information is awesome. The cinnamon is so soft it actually melts in your mouth. Such a simple and light treat. The texture was good, but the flavor tasted like straight protein powder. The lemon is what I got but I will be ordering a lot more! Suggest the company put together a trial pack of the three current flavors to offer. Surprisingly moist since most alternate flours tend to be dry. It feels pretty indulgent with my morning coffee. Absolutely love all the flavors I have repurchased multiple times.. great for keto. I warmed my first one up in the microwave and it wasn't as good. Re-ordering. These are great if you are dieting. Fits well into my eating plans. Its hard to believe they are sugar free. Love, love, love the chocolate, but all 3 flavors are great. Yummy! I have been eating your smart cakes for a year. It was good and I am back to order more. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. There is a slightly unpleasant after taste but it is worth it to have a treat. The raspberry flavor shined without any weird aftertaste. I plan to treat myself with a couple of these cakes every 3-4 weeks. Pleasantly surprised. The cakes are a little dry but I warm them up a bit and I love them. A true dietary bargain. These are so delicious and you can eat them guilt free. I have tried the coconut and cinnamon so far and both were great. OMG they were delicious. I love that they’re only 1 weight watchers points per cake. These certainly are ‘smart’ cakes’. No its not as rich as a regular chocolate muffin/mini cake but for what it is its great. I like these cakes and just went back in to order Tangerine and Coconut and they both, have been discontinued by manufacturer. These are amazing. I love the smart cakes. They are moist and just sweet enough. The coconut was good, too, just not something I'm going to want as often as the other two. Don't like coconut and not a big fan of chocolate so I don't know if I will try either of those (maybe the chocolate). I'm going to try the chocolate next. I am just so pleased to have found a decent snack cake. I really like these cakes. Yum! We store them in a freezer as recommended and set out a package in the refrigerator a few hours before we want to have them. The cinnamon is decadent. 4 Stars. The texture and taste are almost too good to be true. The "limited edition" raspberry cream are really good, and the chocolate is good, too! I like to enjoy these while the kidlets are having their regular birthday cakes. They are a must have. The texture is a bit like a coconut muffin. Mind. i promise, you will not be disappointed in this product! You've got to try these! These are so yummy and really help with my sweets cravings. Many times chocolate flavor has a synthetic taste and these don't! One Weight Watchers point per cake, tastes great can’t thank you enough for this item. I can't describe the flavor of this cake, but I would not recommend it. The cinnamon cake is so delicious and so low in calories and carbs I can't resist it when I place order for other items from Netrition. Lemon is the favorite. This means they won’t compromise your weight loss/maintenance plan. I ordered a variety of flavors and they all were good. Will buy again. The chocolate flavor was a little strange at first, but overall it was pleasing. Wonderful taste and texture. I mean, come on, who are they trying to kid. It's light and fluffy. Just tried the New tangerine, think I went to heaven! He will love these. These little cakes are delicious! I have tried baking low carb cakes and they just don't turn out. I'm not a coconut fan but this cake was wonderful! I wish I got more than one. If your a morning donut person and eating low carb, look no further, Smartcakes has you covered! I absolutely love the lemon ones. Feels like you're cheating! I ordered just a pack of the cinnamon cakes after reading everyone else's great reviews. I wish these cakes were a bit cheaper, but Netrition has the best prices for Smart Baking Company products. Low calorie and help me stay on track with my eating plan. Thank you thank you thank you!!! They remind me of Hostess coffee cakes from back in the day. I'm ordering more and will keep them as a staple in my home! of such information. These are absolutely amazing. Don't even feel like I am eating a low carb product and the calories for two is not bad at all. I have never tasted anything better. Although there's a sensation I've not experienced b4 with "regular" cake. Makes for a great lunchbox dessert or snack. It was good, but didn’t live up to the cinnamon or lemon. The coconut flavor tastes like straight up coconut and the cinnamon one is overwhelmingly cinnamon, but still very good. If you have a sweet tooth like I do it’s great to have this on a low carb diet. I would definitely order them again! Not only is the texture of these "cakes" like eating a ball of air, with none of the satisfaction of eating ANYTHING, the flavoring is horrible.


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