Professors will need to make sure that their slides include discussion of the degrees of freedom idea and perhaps some discussion on unbiasedness as well. read more, I use almost the entire text in an undergraduate Health Science research methods course. For our readers in fields with lower quantitative literacy, some of the terminology in chapters is better suited for students with basic statistical experience, some research methods or theory coursework completed. The fact that this book is structured as modules also makes it expandable. I also prefer a textbook that provides a more detailed discussion of the following issues, but could supplement the textbook with these discussion in class: a) confounding variables, b) writing a research report, and the parts of a research report, c) evaluating the internal and external validity of a study, d) how we handle Likert and Likert-type scales (with better reflection of the rich controversy about this issue), e) historical background that has informed our current ethical guidelines, and f) more detail about manipulated vs. observed independent variables. The text covers all of the areas of basic research information that I cover when I teach research and research methods in the social sciences. The only things that may need updating over time are any links that lead to pages that no longer exist. That is not to say that this text does not address content relevant to qualitative research, however, it does so with decidedly less depth and breadth than quantitative. The text is written clearly and succinctly. This is more challenging when planning for its use in an undergraduate research methods class; however, I think that the strengths of this book outweigh the weaknesses. I envisage that it will help students to understand the nuances of particular approaches, the complimentarity of certain methods, and the areas of conflict/contention within social research in a way that overcomes the sometimes abstract nature of these discussions" - Dr Jon Tan, School of Education and Professional Training, Leeds Metropolitan University, "This book unlocks all of the important areas of social science research in an easily digestible and stimulating style. As a fellow social scientist from a high growth area (communication studies), I would appreciate even more breadth! There would be no problem dividing the chapters up for a class, or using a portion of the book. Reviewed by Amy Thompson, Associate Professor, University of South Florida on 6/19/18, This text is a nice overview of some of the key points in social science research. This textbook does an excellent job setting the stage for what we mean by "research" in the social sciences. The page layout and brief chapters make it appropriate to assign supplemental readings along with the chapter topics. this book could definitely stand on its own for many years before changes in the field might necessitate updating. The text consistently matches the topics outlined in the table of content. This book is very well organized and easily accessible due to its division into logical chapters and sub-sections. For instance, the author states that "control variables" are not pertinent to explaining the dependent variable, but need to be taken into consideration because they may have "some impact" on it. To address this deficit, I have devoted entire chapters to topics such as “Thinking Like a Researcher” and “Theories in Scientific Research”, which are essential skills for a junior researcher.Second, the book is succinct and compact by design. This text is well written and I would recommend it to an individual looking for a bare bones book on basic research methods. The writing is clear and there are sufficient examples to help students grasp concepts. I would have liked a more nuanced discussion of reliability and validity concepts- introducing the concept of validity as conceptualized by Messick/Kane is needed. The text is easily divisible into smaller reading sections. It should be noted that there is more of a focus on quantitative research. The text is easy to read and covers a broad and comprehensive range of topics important for research. It also includes a course syllabus, which is nice and useful. This is a plus for students - it means they may actually read the text! In terms of content, the book has fairly good amount of information. This makes the book quite comprehensive in that the book could be used for the length of the semester, one chapter per week. Translated in Vietnamese (6.6 MB). No problems with typeface, the diagrams and graphs are incredibly useful in breaking down more complex research methods. Writing is clear and consistent. Incredibly clear and concise. I was so pleased with my decision to do so! He explains in the preface that he purposefully chose to reduce the text to the basics in order to keep the text compact and clutter-free. I find it provides sufficient contextualization and examples for graduate students with some background already in research methods. The key will be ensuring that the latest research trends/improvements/refinements are added to the book.


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