The blade shape combined with the AUS-8 steel make it ideal for cutting rope, opening packages, and cutting cardboard. The SOG’s Twitch series is not an exception. Automatic multi-tools, ingeniously stiff Arc-Lock, adjustable belt-clips, BG-42 steel blades – you name it.

The SOG Twitch II is a very solid little EDC blade. The handle fits the hand well and the open assist is a nice added feature.

SOG Twitch II Review In my SOG Flash I review I noted that the Flash I was desperately in need of an update.

In particular, I lamented over the lack of a flipper.

Most of the time a pocket knife does the trick, and the most impressive one I’ve tested is SOG’s Twitch II. SOG Twitch II Review It’s not a secret that SOG has always been a company known for making stand-out products. Though the Twitch I, II, and XL aren't updates per se, they are very similar to the Flash series, but with a flipper in addition to the thumbstuds.


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