The Decorator Pattern | Set 2 (Introduction and Design), Decorator Pattern | Set 3 (Coding the Design), Strategy Pattern | Set 2 (Implementation), Implementing Iterator pattern of a single Linked List, Top 10 Projects For Beginners To Practice HTML and CSS Skills, DynamoDB: Understand The Benefits With Real Life Use Cases, 5 Reasons Why Hackathons are Important in a Coder’s Life, 5 Best Approaches to Extend the Life of Embedded GUI, 10 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions to Make Developer's Life Easier, Mutation Algorithms for Real-Valued Parameters (GA). When the developer builds a software following the bad design, the code can become inflexible and more brittle, small changes in the software can result in bugs. SOLID stands for Single Responsibility Principle (SRP), Open closed Principle (OSP), Liskov substitution Principle (LSP), Interface Segregation Principle (ISP), and Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP). So we can say that this design is not following LSP. SOLID Principles is a coding standard that all developers should have a clear concept for developing software in a proper way to avoid a bad design. But whenever the client wants to introduce a new logger, we need to alter ExceptionLogger by adding a new method. Interface Segregation Principle: This principle is the first principle that applies to Interfaces instead of classes in SOLID and it is similar to the single responsibility principle. Here let's learn basics of SOLID design principles using C# and.NET. (A lot of functionality not related to a class.). And if you’d like to learn more and get code about SOLID Principles, please check out my GitHub (stars always appreciated) repository. Here we altered the SaveTextIntoFiles() method in the SqlFileManager class to determine whether or not the instance is of ReadOnlySqlFile to avoid the exception. You can switch to different branches to get to the different parts of the series. - the return type is different Test-Driven Development (TDD) is one of the most important key aspects nowadays when you need to design and develop a large-scale application. When a class serves multiple purposes or responsibility then it should be made into a new class. Choosing the correct architecture (in other words MVC, 3-tier, Layered, MVP, MVVP and so on). Why should this class retrieve data from database? And we fixed the problem using the Interface segregation principle by (ISP) identifying the abstraction and the responsibility separation method. Inheriting from Shape, the Rectangle and Circle classes now look like this: Every shape contains its area with its own way of calculation functionality and our AreaCalculator class will become simpler than before. Because of these principles, the code might become larger in our applications. Required fields are marked *, So, by considering the above problem and helping the beginners as well as professionals developers who want to learn How to design good software using, In this article series, I am going to cover all the features of. The SOLID principle was introduced by Robert C. Martin, also known as Uncle Bob and it is a coding standard in programming. Please use, generate link and share the link here. But every time we introduce a new shape we need to alter the TotalArea method. In these SOLID Design Principles in C# article series, I am going to discuss the examples by taking some real-time scenarios using different types of .net applications which include ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Console Applications. Michael Feathers introduced the SOLID acronym in the year 2000. Please see the following example : In the above code, we want to change the connection from MySQLConnection to MongoDBConnection, we no need to change constructor injection in PasswordReminder class. The above lines simply state that if a high module or class will be dependent more on low-level modules or class then your code would have tight coupling and if you will try to make a change in one class it can break another class which is risky at the production level. As a developer, while you are designing and developing any software applications, then you need to consider the following points. // we would have to do changes here too. A square is a rectangle with equal width and height. Because ExceptionLogger directly contacts the low-level classes FileLogger and DbLogger to log the exception. The following are the articles. When applied properly it makes your code more extendable, logical and easier to read. 2. The design looks fine for now. ©2020 C# Corner. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using or mail your article to Here let's learn basics of SOLID design principles using C# and .NET. - the consumer of this subclass and FileLessonRepository won't work identically As a developer, we start developing applications using our experience and knowledge. Here your main goal is to focus on avoiding fat interface and give preference to many small client-specific interfaces. You can understand it in a way that a farmer’s son should inherit farming skills from his father and should be able to replace his father if needed. You can consider the real-life example of a TV remote battery. So here I created another class for area calculation. Let's refract it. So, careful consideration and implementing these principles only where needed is the key to the clean codebase. As we know, nowadays maintaining software is very important for organizations. This principle is an acronym of the five principles which is given below…, The SOLID principle helps in reducing tight coupling. This refers to the single responsibility principle. A code snippet to show how violates LSP and how we can fix it : This rule means that we should break our interfaces in many smaller ones, so they better satisfy the exact needs of our clients. It takes some time to understand, but if you write code following the principles it will improve code quality and will help to understand the most well-designed software. In this case, as a customer, you should have a menu card which includes only vegetarian items, not everything which you don’t eat in your food. be extendable without actually changing the contents of the class you’re extending. One of the classic examples of this principle is a rectangle having four sides. When applied properly it makes your code more extendable, logical and easier to read. <=> reason to change! OK. */, /* Most of the people get confused about it and consider both are the same. The common or general menu card for everyone can be divided into multiple cards instead of just one. And we need to add a condition in the DataExporter class as in the following: Looks good. After some time we might need to put a lot of effort, even for simple tasks and it might require the full working knowledge of the entire system. The SOLID Design Principles are the design principles that help us to solve most of the software design problems. OrdersRepository $repo, OrdersOutPutInterface $formatter, /** Open/Closed Principle: This principle states that “software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) This is my little effort to share the uses of SOLID principles. Use layers in your application and break God classes into smaller classes or modules. How can we make our design to avoid this situation? So it is not the responsibility of this class. Details should depend upon abstractions. The waiter in that restaurant gave you the menu card which includes vegetarian items, non-vegetarian items, drinks, and sweets.


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