Inspired by hugely popular period dramas, such as Mr. Sunshine, Koreans in their teens and 20s are revisiting vintage clothing, design styles, and food, giving them a contemporary twist in the process. Or, a graphic tee combined with an office blazer. There are many Korean fashion trends which are becoming increasingly popular outside South Korea. Fashion is one of the most obvious areas that the Newtro trend can be seen in action. The basic style staples for this trend are harem pants, baggy shirts, snapback caps and hip-hop sneakers.
Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our, Game On: How Brands Can Log Into A Diverse Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, How Google is Improving Consumer Data Privacy, Ways to Prepare for the Cookieless Future, PMG Client Portfolio Trends During Amazon Prime Day 2020, A Closer Look at the Congressional Big Tech Market Power Report, The Five Essential Holiday Season Insights for 2020. When it comes to idol style, you can get away with looser outfits. The major reasons for this surge in Korean fashion trends are the number of homegrown designers and fashion labels in Korea. Crochets Image by, The beauty sector is also following suit. 2. Commonly referred to as Hallyu, the “Korean Wave” is the phenomenal dissemination of Korean culture (everything from music, movies and online games to cuisine, fashion and design) across the world; serving as an optimal opportunity to showcase and promote South Korea’s rich heritage and culture on the world stage. The only thing that needs to stand out is your matching outfits, and nothing else. But why limit the laborious procedure to your face, when you can also incorporate it to the skin on your head? As the temperature is slowly starting to rise, Spring is … An example of this would be the streamer posting a link to the product in the sidebar chat of the live stream they’re chatting about the product in so the users following along can purchase the same product, explore the brand’s offerings, etc. It's basically about splashes of color and mixing and matching different types of ensembles. After all, we all do crazy things when we are in love. The Newtro trend has become so prevalent in South Korea that the annual Seoul Design Festival oriented their 2018 event around it, with a theme of “Young Retro: Design Reversing Back to the Future.”.
On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day, in which the theme of IWD2020 is #EachforEqual.. Today, we will honor our fight to equality by showing you 4 Korean fashion trends that challenge stereotypes and promote women’s empowerment. Think colored watches and colorful bangles. For the uninitiated, just check out the styles of the typical Korean idol. To rock the look, be minimal when it comes to flashy jewelry or outfits. Loud prints. It seems pretty masculine, so you might have seen it before from popular boy bands like EXO. After all, a successful relationship is all about compromise. She's a self-confessed 'print geek' and loves all things InDesign, print design, and branding. The subculture is meant for outcasts and young adults who need to release pent-up energy and frustrations that they felt while growing up. In closing, we can see that Korean fashion is entirely different from Western fashion. A range of historical eras are referenced through Newtro culture, from the more recent 1990s, back to the 19th century. Splashes of Patterns and Color. Gender Fluid Style: 10 Must Have Unisex Pieces For An Androgynous Look, 5 Styles That Have Developed Widespread Popularity- Adopting Another Culture’s Coolness. As yucky as it may sound, slathering placenta – which contains powerful stem cells – on one’s face can heal and repair skin, thus stimulating skin renewal. Fan-sponsored billboards are now commonplace in hotspot markets like Seoul and New York City but will cost a pretty penny. Androgynous styles. Glitter and Gold. what you love. Most idols have athletic bodies, but that doesn't mean they flaunt it with skin tight leggings and tight crop tops all the time. When it comes to the matching couples trend, it's okay not to go all out from top to bottom. The couple look is all about looking simple but sweet. Not surprisingly, their popularity has led them to become models for top Korean brands. There are many Korean fashion trends which are becoming increasingly popular outside South Korea. In the online world, they take their popularity up a notch by posting their selfies and letting other people rank them online. 1.

Oils have long been used as a skin moisturizer, but animal oils have in recent years become especially popular, due to the fact that they are smooth, quickly absorbed, and, per their claims, similar in chemical composition to the oils found naturally in human skin. A sensational example of advertisers blending brand elements with ASMR is Ritz Crackers’ ASMR-focused video ad. There's one key tip to keep in mind when styling an outfit based on Joseon punk - and that's to keep everything big and baggy. The weather finally warmed up and it’s time to start preparing some cool outfits for Spring/ Summer 2020.

Not only did this country popularize K-pop music and Korean dramas, but they have also introduced new fashion trends in the industry. The nation’s obsessions with live streaming stem from the technology’s ability for the viewer and the streamer to interact with one another in real-time. Copyright © 2020 RebelsMarket Inc. All rights reserved. 4. In particular, night creams, which are slathered on before going to bed, result in a plumped and lifted complexion by morning. I love how simple yet gorgeous Korean fashion trends look, without being too over the top. When it comes to patterns, the ones that are popular in Korea's hip-hop scene have the symbols of Boy London and HBA. Think jerseys with the same style but different colors, which are meant to show both the camaraderie and individual styles of each K-pop group member. Here, we take an in-depth look at the Newtro trend, from exploring how it began to how the trend manifests in design and culture across South Korea. Induced as an economic side effect of Hallyu, South Korea has also enacted pivotal free market agreements with more than 50 countries – supplying South Korean consumers with even more options, especially in the digital landscape as brands can showcase and advertise their products on popular eCommerce sites like Snail cream is an increasingly popular ingredient in Korean cosmetics., © 2020 PMG Worldwide, LLC, All Rights Reserved, We and our partners use cookies to personalize content, analyze traffic, and deliver ads. There are a plethora of live streaming apps and platforms that are popular in South Korea with the most popular being KakaoTalk at around 49 million monthly active users. One tip we learned upon researching ASMR a bit more is that the more unique the sound, the more ear-catching and popular it might become. One key idea behind the whole punk genre (and Joseon punk is no different) is freedom and self-expression, so have fun with mixing up your style and experimenting with different tones and textures. Even though live streaming has taken a while to catch on in the United States, its popularity across South Korea is all the rage. 4. From exfoliating and cleansing to hydrating and moisturizing with hair essence, oils and masks, the Korean scalp routine promises to give you silky, glossy strands. Cosmetic products boasting a high concentration of snail secretion are said to have significant protective and nourishing qualities.

The most popular K-pop group right now, BTS, is smashing global record sales and boasting an influential 11.4 million followers on Twitter; averaging 252,000 retweets per tweet. The trend is also impacting wider industries in Korea, including tourism, with more young Koreans looking to replicate “authentic” vintage experiences by visiting old villages and historic urban districts. Color Wheel. The process is said to set one’s makeup, resulting in a matte finish and long-lasting foundation. The city of Seoul, South Korea is basically the place to be if you're looking for pop culture and fashion. Traditional tea and desserts are served in these vintage-influenced stores, but always with a contemporary twist. Because fandoms are the epitome of K-pop and the influence of superstars relies on methods like live streaming, the nation’s fascination with entertainment is embedded in everyday life of young South Koreans. Mr. Sunshine, an emotional period drama set in 19th century Hanseong (the original name of Seoul), led to a rise in popularity of wearing period costumes and visiting city districts which retain traditional architectural styles, such as the Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul. Twin vloggers Qwon and Qjin, of channel Q2HAN, try on a range of Mr. Sunshine-inspired outfits in this Youtube video. The trend, which first became popular around 2013, can be achieved through makeup, surgery, or filler injections. However, women can also rock the tomboyish look. As its name suggests, it's basically the look for anyone who lives and breathes hip-hop music and lifestyle. Fashion creates magic in the human’s body. Often, their decisions and endorsements can strategically determine the fashion and beauty trends of the season depending on brand and businesses partnerships – much like influencer-brand relations in the United States. 3. Plus, since idols change their look regularly, you'll always be free to experiment and try new trends. While we’re on the subject, let’s dive into a few of the most popular trends and explore how brands are leveraging their popularity to reach South Koreans. Think long chained necklaces and golden wristwatches. Commonly referred to as Hallyu, the “Korean Wave” is the phenomenal dissemination of Korean culture (everything from music, movies and online games to cuisine, fashion and design) across the world; serving as an optimal opportunity to showcase and promote South Korea’s rich heritage and culture on the world stage. Since these brands have different forms of styles, it follows that ulzzangs also have different styles ranging from cool and edgy, to cute and girly. Worn for approximately 10 to 15 minutes at a time, the tool works to make one’s nose skinnier and higher – an attribute of the Korean beauty standard. When worn by idols, hip-hop ensembles have matching styles but different colors. Besides music, hip-hop is also about dance so it's no surprise that sneakers are a style staple.

Cute Korean Fashion Trends for the Global Fashionista These Local Korean Fashion Trends Will Work Anywhere in the World. 2845 West 7th Street It is said to be especially useful for improving skin troubles such as acne, dark spots, and fine lines. Following the success of Mr. Sunshine, television and film is experiencing a renewed interest in period dramas. 3. If you have watched K-dramas or movies, you would feel a sense of familiarity with the trends I am going to mention. For instance, blue-green and blue-violet look great together since their base color is blue. What’s fascinating is that Hallyu is highly prioritized and invested in by the South Korean government and the nation’s top investors and businesspeople – acting as a way to build South Korea’s soft power, cultural relevancy, and essentially rebrand the country. Through their parents’ and country’s memories and history, Korean youth are rediscovering and reinterpreting a vintage-tinted lifestyle. Young Koreans who were born in the 1980s and 1990s have developed a nostalgic attachment to the design styles that were prevalent in the periods when they were born. Koreans are known for their innovation prowess, and this rings especially true when it comes to the beauty industry. Suite 650 Although not extremely common, the smile lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves cutting and lifting the corners of the mouth to create a more “natural” looking smile, even when the mouth is at rest. Imagine cute couple rings and heart-shaped necklaces, but remember to choose accessories with a variety of colors. 5. Imagine a crop top with ultra wide-leg trousers that comes with pop-art prints.


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