My favorite dispensary. During the shelter in place, I placed my order online, buying a cartridge and a few other goodies. deals. It has little to no flavor, since the terpenes are completely stripped during the refining process. We'll hope you'll come back again and give us another go, but either way, thank you again for the feedback! They are non-intoxicating and great for the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. Second of all Top of the Line Material for the Best Prices. Call. Excellent customer service every time I have been to this store, but today I'd like to give a special shout out to the manager Jessi and other employee Cynthia! Ryan was super friendly and knowledgeable. We will make sure your feedback gets to Josh as well :) Hope to see you again soon! Go local. The Love Shack: (415) 604-3668 (12pm - 5pm), Santa Rosa: (707) 843-3227 (9am - 9pm) Flower is the most popular form of cannabis and can be consumed in multiple different methods including smoking in a pipe or bong, rolled in a blunt or joint, or vaporizing in your favorite portable or tabletop vaporizer. We do our best to keep many options on the shelf so that there is something for everyone. We close early two times a year. They also got in my dads face in the middle of a pandemic. Bad for our community. Drove 30 minutes for them to be closed 2 hours earlier than advertised. Best is expensive! It was packed, they had some deals going on. THC can also cause anxiety and disorientation in higher doses, so use smaller doses of THC if you are inexperienced with cannabis. The most common oils used in cartridges are distillate and live resin. For those looking for a dispensary near me, we are your perfect fit. So unprofessional. It was me who wrote it. It's bull crap. We're glad you decided to stop by and had a pleasant experience in the store! Best in Area! Very friendly vibe at this dispensary. Thank you so much for the wonderful review Herbert! 7/12/2019Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review Miles! The most common forms of oil used are olive oil and MCT oil, while alcohol-based tinctures use high proof, food grade alcohol. I really appreciated them reaching out to let me k ow that I was heard and that they would be making strides to correct the situation. Cannabis extracts are extracted using either a solvent, ice water, or heat & pressure. The acidic, or non-decarboxylated, form of THC. I understand that it takes time to put in a new customers information but they continued to take regular customers after 9:01. Josh, the manager, is especially a rock star. THCa must be consumed in non-heated consumption methods like edibles, capsules, tinctures, and topicals. c10-0000453-lic, c10-0000454-lic, c10-0000456-lic, c10-0000452-lic, c10-0000455-lic, c10-0000479-lic, c10-0000582-lic I called and the guy was nice, but said I would have to wait a week because they are currently out of the product. For patients who benefit from medical cannabis and those who responsibly enjoy adult-use cannabis, SPARC is committed to advancing the standards of how cannabis is cultivated, packaged, and retailed industry-wide, and being a force for good in the neighborhoods and communities we call home. There's a line from time to time, but once you're in it's easy and painless. They don't care about us. Their price points are much lower and they are very popular flowers, especially with the staff! They are efficient and take less product to achieve the desired effect. He had the whole menu in mind and made awesome recommendations. This ensures that each products you buy from SPARC is safe and fully compliant, and you know exactly what you’re getting. About. We’re here to help navigating the wide, exciting, and sometimes confusing world of cannabis to help you find the perfect product and effect. They have a private parking lot with plenty of space which is nice. I recently had to order some CBd patches and it was late and everywhere was closed so I used sparcs website hoping they have changed for the better only to find things have gotten much much worse and prices have gone up on the same products. main. I get it, but it's frustrating. Our cannabis products are sustainably grown on our Sonoma County estate, in fully organic biodynamic fields and greenhouses, using only natural sunlight. I would definitely recommend Sparc! I've started using CBD products to combat anxiety. 2017 saw SPARC beginning cultivating cannabis at our new estate in Sonoma County’s lush wine country, and in 2018 our farm became Demeter Certified for Biodynamic cultivation, … My saying stands true: "if they sell it in glass jars, stay away". Pills & capsules provide precise dosing, making the effects predictable and consistent. I liked my products, however the cream I purchased was defective- the pump was broken. I called and the guy was nice, but said I would have to wait a week because they are currently out of the product. SPARC - Santa Rosa. The folks at this dispensary have been super helpful in directing me to useful products. The people are extremely nice and the hours of operations are awesome, but I will not be coming back here. THCa often exists in cannabis flower prior to being heated. Once I arrived, I waited in a short line, showed my id, and they came back and provided me my purchase. menu. If you are traveling through CA, this is a great place to stock up on some drops, gummies and pain cream to make your stay in CA pain-free and a bit more laid back and enjoyable. At SPARC, we’re passionate about educating and helping customers. 5/19/2020Thank you for the review Nicole! CBDa must be consumed in non heated consumption methods like edibles, capsules, tinctures, and topicals. SPARC is a great place to go shopping! Giovanni is an awesome budtender! Comment from Robbie R. of SPARC Recreational Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Santa Rosa. Share. Their hours of operation were incorrect. 510 Thread cartridges are the most common type of cartridge. I understand that there needs to be security, but it was a little intense. Extracts are derived from cannabis flowers that are processed into a concentrated form using various extraction methods. By the way, they give the same excellent service over the phone. It sounds like you weren't satisfied with the product you purchased and we are really sorry about that. Beverages are a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis and come in many different varieties such as sparkling water, coffee, sodas, tonics, and more. OK - probably the most reasonable, and simplest, easy in / out, knowledgeable staff, clean shop. THC and CBD are the two most common cannabinoids produced by the plant, but there are numerous other cannabinoids which have not yet been discovered or studied. Not a long wait like the newly opened places closer to home in Illinois. There are several types of cannabis cultivation methods, the most common being Sun Grown, Indoor, and Greenhouse. What safety measures are they taking during COVID? 2/21/2020Thank you so much for the great review Traci! Distillate can be produced by refining almost any form of cannabis extract and is also the most commonly used oil in vape cartridges and cannabis edibles. Click any of the icons below or simply scroll down to learn more about the various cannabis product categories. 3.6 (4) Closed until 9:00 am (PT) (707) 843-3227. Remember me, SOMA: (415) 987-5365 (10am - 6pm) Go local. Flower refers to the smokable, resinous part of the female cannabis plant, also known as nugs or buds.


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