Spindrift/Starwind. By February 1975, Butler’s projected construction of 100 Catalina 22s had been exceeded, with an astonishing 5,000 hulls in the water. Sheet Bag Kits - Standard Sunbrella Color (4 Bags), Winch Cover Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color, Tiller Cover Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color, Throated Sail Cover Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color (Booms to 10'), Sail Pack Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color (10' Boom), Foredeck Sail Bag Kit - Standard Sunbrella (Boats up to 30'), Pre-order your FREE Sailrite catalogs! Complete your kit with a great sailing top. West Coast Sailing is pleased to offer a range of sailing instruments and electronics, including deck compasses from TackTick and Velocitek, handheld VHF radios from Standard Horizon and iCom, tension guages from Loos & Co, plus a full range of complementary mounting brackets, accessories, and more.

Thanks, Kula. Block choice can make or break the performance and ease of use of your sailboat. Catalina 22. Many of our Spindrift families race their boats, then turn around and use them for cruising and voyaging as hard working tenders under oar and motor. Performance single braids are made from fibers with very low stretch and designed to handle extreme loads - think Dyneema, Spectra, or Vectran. Looking for a great deal on lightly used sailing gear?

This can be done with a caliper or by close estimation with a tape measure. These photos are of a mid-70's C22 at Swans Marina in Pickering, Ontario: The bottom and side panels are matched up and joined at the bow. Albums Standard - Nesting - Finished Boats - Videos. West Coast Sailing is proud to be a key dealer for their sailboats in North America and your go to source for new boats and service. Typically worn over a life jacket or buoyancy aid, these stretchy spandex tops help prevent snags. These lines typically feature a Dyneema or Spectra core (non-stretch) inside a polyester or polyester/dyneema blend cover for additional durability. Reinforced in seat and knees for extensive use, Add a layer for warmth or sun protection with a pair of hydrophobic or spandex leggings designed for sailors. Cleaning up, figuring out the rigging, etc. Diameters between 2 mm and 8 mm available in a variety of colors. Sailing headwear including hats, beanies, visors, and wool hats.

Rebel Tiller Extension With Rubber Universal 36", Rebel Whisker Pole Aluminum Jaw and Spike Ends, Rebel Tiller Extension With Metal Universal 36". How to polish a hull back to a super shine.

The mast can be permanently assembled or left in pieces to allow the tubes to nest together for onboard storage. Chip Ford of Marblehead, Massachusetts, who has lovingly restored his 1974 Mk I Chip Ahoy, praised the swing-keel design after running aground on a mud bank. Not long after the first few were built, we were invited to take part in a race for yacht tenders with a maximum length of 10′. Double braids are used for the vast majority of all running rigging on sailboats including sheets, halyards and control lines for both cruising or racing.

They have less foam buoyancy than a proper life jacket and will not keep a person upright in the water if unconscious. However, the Sport was not included in this used boat analysis because the earliest hulls are barely 12 years old.). Today, that fleet is well established and ever growing. Junior sailing gear designed specifically for kids. ; Ballast 800 lbs. We found one deep in a parts box. These are preferred by many sailors as they have a higher quality look on the sail. Surprisingly, she also excels in drifting conditions and has won many a piece of silver for her “ghostly” ways in a gentle puff. It had an enlarged deck and the exterior teak was eliminated.


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