Getting behind someone as quietly as possible is the key to disabling them without killing them. To perform one, you have to wait until an enemy is immediately on the other side of a door from you, then select the Bash Door interaction from the Interact menu. If you do have to wait, getting the plans will be much tougher. Whichever you prefer, killing him here will at least prevent him from being within the line of sight of any of the other soldiers. The area of effect in which they'll alert guards, though, is much smaller than flashbangs, which makes them somewhat useful to use when attempting to bypass guards without killing or disabling them; just drop a sonic at their feet, wait for it to go off, then quickly run to the next spot of cover. You're in the laundry room, and Emile and friends are one level up. Tag him with your riot shotgun to free Jamie. With an ice kill, you won't have to worry about anyone finding the body. Time your descent so that you start moving down when it moves away from you, and you should make it. There are a couple of soldiers who will stick close to the wall that the explosives are planted in, so unless they spot you out of the corner of their eye, you shouldn’t need to worry about them. When you've surfaced, listen to what Lambert has to tell you, then quietly sneak in to the outbuilding here and cut the power to the electric fence at the breaker box inside the building. The guards won't be able to spot you and identify you until they're right on top of you, though, so use your ultrasonic emitter to shuffle them off to a far corner of the room before picking the lock and moving through the door. Hard Way: If you take the farther ladder, you'll have to sneak down to the bottom floor of the area and hit the manual release on the missile itself; that'll open up the access panel and let you hack into it. All of these can be done fairly easily. Although doing so will cause you to lose a little respect with the NSA, it's worth doing it, since you're so low on respect with the John Brown's Army faction at this point. Alternately, you can also attempt to grab and interrogate a soldier before disabling him. (Walljumps can be automatically performed in a hallway of the correct width by pressing against one of the walls and hitting the jump key.) Actually taking them down quietly is a different matter, though, as they’re pretty sensitive to footsteps. Crouch and speed your way forward until you can duck into the garage and return to a safe zone. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. (Be sure your light meter is green before he comes past you!) He'll flash his light in your direction a few times, then turn his back and walk away. have this guide to work from. If you're attempting to get through the game with a minimum of dead bodies left in your wake, then you'll have to either avoid or disable the numerous characters in the game without killing them. Time to get busy. From his body, head up the antenna, hack it to call Lambert, then go back into the menu to shut the power down to prevent the distress signal from going out. You can creep out while she's near the windows, or wait for her to return to her desk after the conversation and sneak out then. Otherwise, you can shoot/disable the swaying light and avoid the gaze of the guard while you climb up the steps, or just disable or shoot him. The other rebel will be obscured from your vision, but not from your radar. Wait for him to leave the room, then creep around underneath the walkway until you reach another hatch. The only way to get it is to turn off the lights, which are located by the door leading into the server room. Since you're invisible while you're in the green light, start making some noise; shoot your EMP at slot machines to divert the guard's attention away from the teller room. Shoot him in the chest and quickly, quickly move over to his body and use the retinal scanner to get his eyeball data. When you're above the small ledge with the vent in it, drop down, pop the vent cover, and head through the vent to reach the crew quarters. You may just want to airfoil this guard, although you can avoid him by wait until he reaches the corner of the yard and looks down one of the alleyways with his flashlight. Use the noise as cover for you to duck into the alleyway on your right. Or not. The choice is up to you! Wait until all of the lasers disappear, then run through the field to move on. A single soldier is pacing around in front of the door to Aswat's room. There should be one or two guards in the cafeteria beyond you, firing away at the rioting inmates on the other side of the room. He needs to know whether or not Massoud was behind the poisoning of his pilot in Shanghai; if someone's out to kill him, he'd prefer to know it before they all meet in Kinshasa. That's the path you should take in any case, but you'll only be able to make it through without any alarms if you're either really lucky (as mentioned) or disable some of the guards first. You can enter the server room like you did before; hack the keypad, ride the pipe over the camera and drop down. Alternately, if you first grab an opponent, then feel free to herd them somewhere nice and dark before hitting the primary fire button; this will send Sam's knee directly into your foe's spine, snapping it and killing the soldier instantly. (If you can't spot it right away, use your wave vision to see it.) Instead, wait for everyone here to leave the room, then quickly winch yourself back down to the table and detach yourself. Enrica will find you soon afterwards and start telling you your objectives for this next round of 25 minutes. The best way to proceed is to avoid getting the attention of the guards as best you can, then watch the guard that paces by the door leading to the stairwell. Since most missions have two stars, this means that, hypothetically speaking, if you beat mission one and earn one star, then beat mission two with two stars, you’ll unlock the first three pieces of equipment on the list. This is easier on the PC than it is on the console versions of the game, though. Generally, this is best used on computers that are somewhat exposed to guard lines of sight, which you need to access quickly before retreating to a nearby shadowed spot. One will be looking right at the door that you enter from, so be sure to switch off the lights before heading through. We didn't even shoot all these guys; we shot one, and he fell on the rest. The stunning effect doesn’t last very long, usually giving you barely enough time to knock someone out if you run towards them. One of the finer points of Double Agent lies in "herding" your foes; this refers to the art of luring guards away from their default positions to where you can more stealthily take them down, and also to splitting up groups of foes so that you can dispatch them one by one without having them spot you and sound an alarm. This is more or less an aesthetic difference; you can see people moving around just fine when the nightvision is green. I guess I shouldn't remind you that staying in the shadows and avoiding attention from enemy guards is going to be very important. Drop down, turn left, and climb the rope to the top. Let them talk while you hide in a closet near the door. Shooting him or attacking him will cause his flare to fly into the fuel, thus bringing your mission to a quick end. You have a few objectives here, including three Star objective, so we’ll run them down one by one. (You may have to give this a dry run to know where the ladder is before attempting this, as it'll be difficult to spot the ladder when it's full of smoke.) Head through the door, then immediately turn right to squeeze behind the large cylinders here. (Keep in mind that you can injure or kill a guard by accident if you drop their unconscious body from too far of a height. Shoot Jamie instead of Lambert in HQ 4 mission. Getting there without being seen will require you to stand up and run and keep the spire between you and your foes. The server room is well-protected, with a keypadded door, a camera above the inner door, and a few people walking about. Time to capture the oil tanker everyone’s been talking about. Speaking as people who went through on maximum-stealthability mode, we never found frags to be all that useful; there are much quieter and subtler ways to kill people. While he won't have a chance to cackle maniacally and monologue at you, you can still pop him in the head and grab his retinal scans if you wish. With that said, the last installment of the game, Chaos Theory, made it possible for most players to get a 100% stealth score on most maps, even when playing on hard difficulty. If you take the elevator on the fourth floor, you'll come out on the fifth, although you'll have to pass through a couple of guards and some medium light to get by. Simply move the ship back on course by pressing your left analog stick to the right until the ground levels out. Rappel down from the top, being especially careful of the lower tripwire. click the right analog stick to zoom out, then right on your d-pad to start thermal imaging in your scope. A gas grenade will hopefully let you dispose of these gentlemen before they spot you. Assuming you managed to get the frequency of the bomb on the ship and Enrica's cancel code from her offices, you'll have three choices to make after Emile comes to check on your decryptions. He'll resist you, but you'll overpower him automatically and finish him off. It’s here that things get a little tough. The key things to remember here is that bashing doors makes a lot of noise, and that you'll rarely just happen to stumble across an enemy standing right next to a door; you'll probably have to lure them back to you with noise or whistling, which can be difficult to do with some of the more solid doors. Quickly head back out to the balcony and get out of sight. Note that the guards in Double Agent appear to be a bit more sensitive to movement and noise, so they’re not going to be as easy to sneak up on as they may have been in the past, at least in our experience. Getting hit by a doorbash is an instant kill. If you don't mind knocking people out here, start opening up doors to the quarters, making noise to lure the officers back to you, then hiding in the lockers and whistling to lure them over before bashing the door open to knock them out. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. The central tower isn't so difficult for this path. This is one of the best ways to "herd" guards away from you. This will lead you to the third floor of the central tower, where three guards will be stationed - it'll be difficult to take them down without the riot shotgun. The trick here is that the JBA soldiers are coming down from the meeting room in a helicopter, and intend to bust you out of the hotel room by smashing through the window with a zipline. I've tried my best to point out the best possible solutions, however in some of the missions I've disabled a few opponents or taken out the lights. Drop down through the hole to reach the bathroom in the basement and walk out from there to meet with Emile. Use whatever blank face you start out with for the top most block, then go from there. That’s...all it does! Line that one up, then start rotating the other way for the final cylinder. When they split up, pop out of the closet and disable or kill the soldier near the table by you. If you haven't used any yet in the mission, you should have five in reserve. Even if you somehow manage to lure a guard into an area where you’ve set one of these and make it go off, you’ll still have to manually reach them and either grab them or disable them before the effect wears off, which will be a relatively short amount of time.


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