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%PDF-1.4 endstream Who? endobj

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12 0 obj 19 0 obj 9 0 obj SELECTED SCENARIOS David Shlapak INTRODUCTION We used scenarios throughout this study, both as analytic organizing constructs and as ways of framing our results.

d{*!JJ����CMn�E�)�[MN�(�㔦@�m$�DI���f��. For example, if the Scout PLT is to destroy an enemy BMP as part of their scheme of maneuver, the Primary means to destroy the BMP may be a priority fires target from the Artillery Battalion. <> endobj �!��[��)�r 'k���1��P3���M�K!�QV@�5F�3��Y�i5 endobj Line 1: Date and time (Time submitting the report) Line 2: Reporting Unit (Unit making report) Line 3: Size Estimate the number of— a.


3 0 obj 13 0 obj What should SPOTREP answer?

Unit (Unit Making Report) Line 3.

<> 10 0 obj SITREP & SPOTREP With Bravo HQ & CPL CHOI G. H SPOTREP FORMAT CONTENTS State "SPOTREP", followed by pertinent information on these lines CONDITIONS & STANDARDS SPOT REPort SITREP - What is SITREP SITREP - The reason why we use SITREP system Line 1 : Date and time (DTG) Line 2 : endobj FM 17-15, FM 17-98, FM 7-7. SALUTE. <>

15 0 obj <> endobj Size (Size of Enemy Unit) Line 4.

U.S. ARMY RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR THE BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES A Field Operating Agency Under the Jurisdiction of the … <> 16 0 obj

endobj Battle Scenarios to Exercise Division Staffs DTIC ELECTE 3 AUG 01198911 May 1989 Fort Leavenworth Field Unit Systems Research Laboratory U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. When?

<> LINE 1 — DATE AND TIME_____(DTG) LINE 2 — UNIT_____(Unit Making Report) LINE 3 — SIZE_____(Size of Enemy Unit) LINE … Supporting Documentation Upload supporting documents, images, videos, etc.

89. 18 0 obj

<> SPOT REPORT [SPOTREP] SPOT REPORT [SPOTREP] Use to send information to provide timely intelligence or status regarding events that could have an immediate and significant effect on current planning and operations. 7 0 obj endobj References for SPOTREP. Persons: Military, Civilian b.

Activity (Enemy Activity at DTG of Report) Line 5 .

% {/���A�D"�Q�/h(��S�Q$(ɨW�K�6&TOYl&P�rOyhY��lm�%N�}���kN#1�&��i+ۙKfY����"^|g���M�����Jυ�/]�^w��p�2H�3�����:=���n�"�4�����-�E�Æ� �P�{�zXX sχ��y��UB[DOL�V��S;��a�Lb�! DTG (Date Time Group) Line 2. endobj Vehicles: Military, Civilian c. Equipment: Military, Civilian Line 4: Activity (Detected element activity at DTG endobj endobj <>stream Location (Grid Coordinates of Enemy Activity) Line 6.

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<> Where? �~���#Gt"!���%!_��R.>1J S1�}Ӻ�@yb�L�hʽ��9�e�|0��C��f��аD=$�����k�>l�����sf�%c�Ȅ:�;� &'�c�Ҵ�k�å���\�j ]�Ed��hJg�����*n��!�J�$"ĥ�܋�HJ=橇�s��I�����q �M�+��q��t�=&67���B�6�d�1�d8e�JHZoN��йeS�I��Ù�)/�5ue�ܐ�h(�3}But{���6{�����{�S�qg&ar1�v/[�0*�

In this appendix, we present a much smaller set of nine future planning scenarios based upon the sum of the three regional analyses. below.


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