>> %PDF-1.5 Grammatik [STATIVE AND DYNAMIC VERBS] 5 Lösungen EXERCISE 1 dynamic stative stative + meaning change 1 eat 2 make 3 work 4 find 5 take 6 buy 7 get 1 believe 2 belong 3 want 4 own 5 hear 6 know 7 notice 1 mean 2 love 3 look 4 see 5 be 6 have 7 think EXERCISE 2 Fill in the verbs in the progressive or the simple form in the present.

/CropBox [ 0 0 595 842 ]/Contents [ 19 0 R ]/Rotate 0/Parent 1 0 R/Resources << Use either the present simple or the present continuous. I’m … /Title (quiz to pdf.doc)

Please don’t make so much noise. << Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. /Author (osulln02) 3 0 obj

Thank you for the flowers.

endobj How can I make her change her mind? ) a) watches a) play b) is watching b) are playing 2. >> /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ]/Font << /F2 12 0 R >> 86  Do you believe that man?TrueAre you believing that man ?Do you believing that man ? << x��]ms㸑�>U��o�֙K��Lm�ռݮs7�dƗ�0����۵�4'���'�_���7l 7 0 obj

stream >> What are Stative Verbs? <> a) remember – Wrong – this is usually a stative verb but here it means the action of thinking of a specific memory. Stative/progressive verbs sorting worksheet This is a sorting exercise for helping students learn how to use verbs. H��T�n1��W̱�xf�Y�[�6p�C�%�P(RA P$�����[�zAV����ͳ=�2��HP>)�,�Q(Bv< /Length 5 0 R /CropBox [ 0 0 595 842 ]/Contents [ 16 0 R ]/Rotate 0/Parent 1 0 R/Resources <<

He’s a good looking and fun and fun-loving boy and we (have) a great time together, but my mum __(not/like) him at all. c) remembers – Wrong - you use 'remembers' with 'he', 'she' or 'it'. ��fc�э�/O7 9��/�?|�����$������7��? These verbs are not usually used with ing in progressive (continuous) tenses even though they may take on time expressions such as now and at the moment. endobj stream /Producer (pdfFactory 2.0 \(Windows 2000\)) ��� 2. It’s about a boy from school, Nick. /F2 12 0 R/F1 9 0 R/F3 15 0 R>> H�;���*��*����K'IhXU6b�)V)X��

My name is Mary and I’m thirteen years old. endobj �s(�iR�4���ʰX�X��@`GF�\Y5e4j�5�,��eꞺI� <<

endobj b) remembering – Correct - this is usually a stative verb but here it means the action of thinking of a specific memory. Stative verbs can be grouped into these categories: Verbs of emotion: care like need feel loathe prefer hate

�vT]/�r��T� Stative verbs worksheets and online activities. x��]ms�Fn��*�޷��i�~%y��j�r'�U��\*9�Rڕv��J�HZ;���/���� ����I�{�R��Ѝ���g��|��g�}���M��͗_�|���O>��j�;�y���OTӆ�W�SM�ۃwa�蚷��~�6oӿ���?~��_w�_(�{��f�����}�f�������o��'z! 1. <> My friend _____ a pet dog. /Type /Page/MediaBox [ 0 0 595 842 ]>> He (not/study) very hard but he (dance) very well and he (play) the guitar beautifully. /Type /Catalog/Pages 1 0 R>> endobj Mum (not/want) me to be friends with Nick. 4 0 obj <>>> stream Click on the button beside the correct answer. <<

ܺ�^�q�� ~'�C����� R����! /CropBox [ 0 0 595 842 ]/Contents [ 7 0 R ]/Parent 1 0 R/Resources << 3 0 obj <>>> STATIVE VERBS know hate hear smell* remember mean understand believe like have* weigh* taste* owe want own* prefer *Some verbs (such as *these) can be either ‘stative’ or ‘dynamic’, depending on their usage.

Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. endobj #Fb��-�$h�Tt!`$`WUYs����;L\�HJ'�X���®�Eu.��(��O:�T��BN�������={8�`P �K$=��Ə5���6͢*�p�s}>?��s��&C�1�H�af2)�F �GOM��W��VG����,D6V���k���G�^��6��-��=uGK�B�K�J=��cG�X3�9�u�y)�mf�����^��n˶5��1���S��d �t. %���� 11 I´m hoping that you pass your English exam. i�2߰���F�`��\���� <> �k8x��pY�;��*�] b) remembering – Correct - this is usually a stative verb but here it means the action of thinking of a specific memory. stative verbs. 22 I´m hating Maths so much this year.I'm hateing Maths so much this yearI hate Maths so much this yearI hating Maths so much this year. They are sometimes known as ‘ Dynamic or Active Verbs ‘. }������{�B�47I�I��S�:�y����/���OK�\|y�BW��f�54��cI"d�O/_|Z�y}&���Z����Y�z��d���ş^�x�;���,�NU1��i���L1/v��W�A�Sk���' ������v�&�̫�:-J_���4^����T9,��y�{��ڴ��g[��1�s�-�ިk���Sm�H=��ʤy���޿���?Q�4�)~������w�.�)�&եG®���Tl�`pj48 7rb|Y�@v�Bѳ����2���\�N��C>�V�.���.�ۻ�92��i��d����x�lQ��wC�}��,�2��/��$4?����$A�f&�����kT*�Ă��h�"�ER��N����|�l��`���O)�Љ����D�eZ�&—���VRY����eFTۋJ�Y�HYaE���_*�,a�f(n^Ή���I��y-��T����j��`%E�����D�N� ��Pˤ�Q6b�)D[�T�D�_@EQ�/� �r6��{���=v��J��pB�20L�A��Y�i!���[�3�qР*��8� z4H@[���s�?��$7�n��I��Cr����X�۴^���imY�w��6�4&m�-t� � 1 0 obj /Title (languagepoint to pdf.doc) <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>>

<< /Type /Page/MediaBox [ 0 0 595 842 ]>> << 2 0 obj Please contact me if … Right now, my bother … TV in the 10. The truth is that Nick isn’t a very good student. 1.

x��\Ko��ϯ������ 0 ��q�Fr���-��閼�z��M�yħ��4��W%�ՃEJ���ÇO?��G�O�����h��|@�>��X�iyx�>����.������?�����+b����N3����ϣ�!��jv�Xu�������N=��j{p�G\Z�������?�Vğ��8 ��'�{�>�ے���:L�=b\Y�B�+����\ɶ�G��HZ�c��d�FcVP�5ѹ8�n endobj

Stative and Dynamic Verbs 1. /CreationDate (D:20060809171603)


�Swg/��,��������V��)E��� �q � �7� ���' �Ե�~V8� ��/���H2�-a���+�oVK>�(�R��k�q�dX,`�÷��؛�+83� N����ш�c���])x���A�|y5�Fu��8�����M'Jx�K�I�r�Rh\BiL�)��x���S�����) 4v��f�a��z1d�'�����s���aP�+4�x��c�X��:����u����[�:��9�+�~vBnx LrP�r8�R����LiԦ�qfX,`b�38�;R@3�0Pd}l4=�Ma�̡�M\cM]����4/��W_�ɆBs��lR���IRIX�R 1 0 obj �\(p�kzu�G�ja��-�\"�'�a:!x��=��”Y$���$�6� Stative verbs – mixed exercise; Need more practice? /Filter /FlateDecode Get 3 months membership for just €10.49 (≈ $12.48). 1 0 obj 3 0 obj H���KoA���>��:3ϋ[Qq(��+q.UEjKB��ǞG6ݥHE�����c��0� �c�R� �-|����w��oJ�;D�w���p�׫k�Çq��X���Ub%3�0^����{=7h�"�6��N��?


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