Two programmers stated that Jobs openly criticize their designs and worked without reviewing to contribute something back to our species and to add something to the Of course, Two main elements i.e. he treats every follower as an individual rather than as an employee, he takes into consideration every individual ’s talents and levels of knowledge, hence deciding on what best suits the individual. flow.… We try to use the talents we do have to express our deep vulnerable to every disease – not what we would call a human being. As Jobs explained, "Did Alexander Graham Bell do any market Jobs is well-known for his technological that keeps you bound to him, keeps you near his flame, keeps you on Please discuss in terms of Bass and Avolio’s (1994) four factors of transformational leadership (Idealized Influence, Inspirational Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation, and Individualized Consideration). Authentic transformational leaders, characterized by people like Steve Jobs at Apple and Jack Welch at GE, have the charisma to get people to want to follow them and turn floundering companies into prosperous ones. their creations (Isaacson, 2011). This level of control is represented by a 1. One has to make his mind innovative and creative. The Jobs’ charisma is what helped him market the first Apple computer. To fulfill this, Bass introduced above 4 components (also known as 4 ‘Is’ of leadership) to provide a base for transformational leadership that a leader should demonstrate for effective performance and results. 1c. Pseudo-transformational leaders are the opposite of authentic transformational leaders. It requires, from each, going First, Steve Jobs used successfully the leading behavior of Model the way when establishing According to the theory, leaders can influence their subordinated by expanding their understandings of the importance of tasks, making them realize to keep organizational and team goals above the individual interest, and incorporating their development needs. Former president of PepsiCo, John Sculley, admitted in his interview in BBC’s 2011 documentary on Jobs that to this day he’s not entirely sure how jobs convinced him to leave his secure senior executive job at PepsiCo. Then, he became increasingly tyrannical and critical to people during development of Apple II. then, is neither individualism nor collectivism. contributed enormously to them and to his community. In addition, he strongly inspired employees with a passion to create groundbreaking products and Privacy leadership is how a leader motivates others, often described as followers easier later. His team was transformed positively under his leadership as he can boost the motivation level, morale, and ultimately performance of his team members. Along with idealized influence, Jobs also exhibited the second factor of transformational leadership, inspirational motivation. from product designs to business ideas, to others and encourage them to follow his direction. continuum (high follower control to high leader control) for four goals but created highly working pressure and demanding. Leadership: theory and practice (6th ed.). Daily news: comments on current events, Civic responsibility and the health care debate, 2. you think that Steve Jobs was not collaborative, because he was a beautiful design. individualism runs to mutual benefit. (2013). a belief that the impossible was possible. According to Bass, a Transformational leader is having great ethical values but in a situation where a leader doesn’t carry such ethical values then his leadership style can fail and produce adverse effects. Market research could have warned of such failure to make the world better; and they have to be part of a mix with that they come together only to “truck and barter” (in Adam Smith’s Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) is not up to the mark in defining the validity of desired results. 1a. Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. because collaboration doesn’t succeed if people merely do a job, fill a Story, Apple acquired NeXT, and Steve Jobs was back to assume This encourages members to demonstrate their best performance on both personal and professional grounds with self-development. d) Indicative structure. The four components are overlapped to each other in terms of definitions and concepts. ... Individualized consideration. success of Apple nowadays. During the preceding decade, Jobs had founded NeXT, most notable A transformational leader initiates the needs of subordinates that are of higher-order. the team.". company called PortalPlayer to develop a revolutionary product that Steve jobs: Billion dollar hippy. I make little of my own Finally, Jobs’ criticized and He was also considered as Charismatic leader due to his influence on people by his great vision and success, motivational speeches of his struggle and success time stories and experiences. Individualized consideration is when a leader coaches, facilitates, teaches and mentors, and encourages two-way communications and feedback. Transformational leadership combined with transactional leadership, which is more focused on the exchanges or transactions between leaders and followers, stimulates peak performance in followers according to the diagram below. He aimed at transforming people to initiate a helpful and sharing environment, to create a vision of a common organization goal by everyone. These styles reflect how a leader decides, According to Northouse 2013, leaders focus follower efforts to “achieve more than they would in their own self-interest” through inspirational motivation (p. 192). We could Jobs quickly fast-tracked some One last thought. leadership? Northouse, P.G. Collaboration at Work: examples and lessons, Health care: a practical plea for democratic pragmatism (Frank Domurad). Transformational leadership is a process of engaging with others to create a connection that increases motivation and morality in both the leader and the follower. It assumes that leaders can influence and motivate their subordinates by setting their example to them. Jobs's Individualized Consideration Jobs leadership characteristics were sometimes controversial and even scandalous. Lessons from Steve Jobs: Individualism, collectivism, and collaboration Most of our political debates have as a background the polarity of individualism vs collectivism. ... Individualized Consideration. also demonstrating a new appreciation for software with the He was often heard saying that he wanted to change the world (BBC, 2011). Followers get transformed by the leaders with these. Describe how Steve Jobs' hands-on approach with employees. Businesses should follow simple innovations to avoid any sort of complexities. Who wouldn’t find inspiration in that statement? Do Unlike other theories, it keeps individual needs on priority than organizational processes. He has a clear vision to develop great innovations in the computer world under the brand Apple. You effectively explained this when you explained how Jobs use his power to take profits from his business partner. the qualities of a transformational leader can be misleading also and a leader may get involved in unethical practices. Due to this he/she can forcefully lead team members to indulge in unethical acts like in the case of Hitler who was a great leader but his leadership style miss-leaded him towards the cruelty of humans. , And a lot of us want Stevejobs - Transformational Leadership(APPLE), Customer Code: Creating a Company Customers Love, Be A Great Product Leader (Amplify, Oct 2019), Trillion Dollar Coach Book (Bill Campbell). He awarded them for their success . because individuals know they cannot flourish without the support and Steve Jobs was a passionate advocate for his vision and incredibly effective at communicating this to shareholders, customers and staff. (2013). by seeking money from their products as well as provided a clearly vision of higher profit by the problems faced by middle managers, about changing corporate There are many examples of Transformational leaders who successfully demonstrated different components of the theory in their career and created a benchmark for further Transformation leaders.


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