Prime still has a chance here. Fate, and Dr. Doom are all working together to stop the two from fighting. Superboy-Prime ascends upon Apokolips. [43], During the war between the Legions of Super-Heroes and the Legion of Super-Villains, Prime battles several opponents with whom he has a history. Then he states to Red Queen that he will have some fun first before he gets serious. During the fight, the Trapper is revealed to be an aged Superboy-Prime. [32] When the Anti-Monitor is wounded by the Guardians and the destruction of War World, Superman-Prime impatiently flies through his chest and throws him into space, then battles both the Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps, until a Guardian willingly sacrifices himself to destroy Superman-Prime. This is a non-jobbing, fully powered Darkseid (not the one who gets whipped by Superman). Who wins? After Superboy-Prime attempts to kill Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), an enraged Conner Kent attacks him. Superboy-Prime ascends upon Apokolips. Lying on the floor, he becomes overcome by the emotions forced by the ring and devastated that "they" have turned him into a monster and made it so he cannot ever have a "happy ending." As magic can still hurt Superboy-Prime, both Shazam and Black Adam quote "Shazam" which knocks out Superboy-Prime. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. It's one of the weaknesses of the medium. [52] When Mister Mind had Doctor Sivana stab his magic eye with a magic dagger, Superboy-Prime senses that the Monster Society of Evil are being freed as he demands that Mister Mind releases him as well. Using his heat-vision, Conner manages to create a deep wound across the S-shield that Prime had carved into his chest. I don't know how Retcon Punch vs Omega beams would play out, so lets just assume that SBP can't retcon Darkseid to death and that Darkseid can't just erase SBP or anything wonky with his Omega beams. Superboy-Prime confronts Superboy, telling him that he (Superboy-Prime) is the only Superboy the Earth needs. When Shazam starts to work to undo Mister Mind's spell, Superboy-Prime interferes and defeats the Shazam Family until only Shazam remains standing. [48], During a battle with the Teen Titans, a young villain named Headcase opens up a wormhole that accidentally transports Superboy-Prime back to New Earth. He is the adopted son of Jerry and Naomi Kent. how will darkside fair against Superboy Prime if he was an Adult!!?? [22] During a battle between Alexander Luthor and the heroes freed from his tower, Superboy-Prime appears, wearing a power suit modeled after the Anti-Monitor's armor, which constantly feeds him yellow solar energy and boosts his power levels. Superman, and the historical records, implies that no one from New Earth is aware of what happened to Prime after the Sinestro Corps War. The dialogue seems to imply that Prime was the dark being whose example the villains follow. Fight takes place on an indestructible planet that neither party can leave. Upon hearing of the new plan, Superboy-Prime refuses to help him, as he believes New Earth to be hopelessly inferior. Uxas got beaten by Batman TWICE, Prime stomp The DC Universe ON MORE THAN 1 OCCASSIONS. 3 gives us avatar of Eternity Strange, as well as Beyonder Doom. Superboy-Prime vs Darkseid # Superboy-Prime Proof that Darkseid actually lost to Batman? Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. At the same time, the Earth-One Superman finds his way to Earth Prime and the two Supermen meet. The character first appeared in DC Comics Presents #87 (November 1985) and was created by Elliot S! It was destroyed during the assault on Earth. The heat melts away Superboy-Prime's armor and severely weakens all three Kryptonians, who then crash on Mogo. [42], He learns that the evil Legion followed a code of evil, inspired by a dark being whose "name was never spoken". That panel where's he is looking at his hands and goes 'I didn't mean to do it', that for me is the entire story for Superboy-Prime. True and it didn't help some writers made darkseid weaken down for certain heroes. Superboy Prime vs Darkseid. The elder Superboy-Prime states that he became an anomaly that could not be killed after being shunted into the multiverse by the Guardians of the Universe and became the sole survivor of all creation.[45]. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. No Omega Effect or prep. [24] Kal-El and Kal-L defeat Superboy-Prime by flying him directly through Krypton's red sun Rao, destroying his armor and diminishing their powers in the process. Is it the fact that now that he's got a big dent on his car, another one won't matter? Also the Baman Superman comic isn't fit to wipe a filthy ass. Quote More History; Done. Annataz is killed when Superman-Prime grows angry and gives up on using magic to achieve his goals. PC Darkseid will carve his boot on Prime's face. Is Superboy prime on any level of darkseid? I'm sure its possible for sbp to win but he won't. [46], Superboy-Prime continues to live his secluded life, unknowingly but constantly monitored by the prime universe Brainiac 5, still compulsively reading every comic book and message board post pertaining to the DC multiverse. [5] In that dimension, Superboy-Prime secludes himself from the others, using crystals to replay events from his life on Earth Prime. Superboy-Prime vs Darkseid. Might as well mention the Christopher Reeve Superman being owned by a redneck in a bar in Superman 2., Why cant darkseid use the omega effect?Anyway wicked fight,earth shattering power, but darkseid would win. [2], Superboy-Prime is drawn into the Crisis on Infinite Earths after his universe is consumed in the light of the Anti-Monitor. He'll never be Superman here". Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Would both parties just be immune to the other's nonsensical power? What becomes of him following the paradox and subsequent reboot of the multiverse caused by Barry Allen is left unknown[51], In the 2016 initiative DC Rebirth, Doctor Sivana and Mister Mind head to the Monsterlands' Dungeon of Eternity to free the Monster Society of Evil. "[61], In Dark Multiverse: Infinite Crisis, after Ted Kord takes over Checkmate when he kills Maxwell Lord, he manages to subvert most of Alexander Luthor's plans before confronting Luthor and Prime directly. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Superman and the three Legion founders transport him to the 31st Century, where the Trapper faces his younger self. Superboy-Prime beats Kal-L to death, but is then attacked by Kal-El. my bad sorry, im still reading into all the dc cosmology.


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