You can learn more about it in our Cookies Policy. In order to improve our web services, we place third party and our own cookies on your computer. Clicking on the buy button will take you to the publishers website where you will be able to buy your choosen item safely and securely. ISBN: 9780521221689. For each level, a list of the emotions present in Super Minds along with their related emotional competences. 12 worksheets, developed in collaboration with Palabras Aladas, which will help you work with emotions in Primary. More. Buy: Book with Audio CD: Level 3 Teacher's Resource Book with Audio CD . Download class audio for all levels from here. Super Grammar Book: parents' notes and teacher's notes. By clicking on ‘Accept’ you agree to our use of cookies. You will also find 7 extra worksheets for other emotions in the book. Click on the link below for an introduction to Super Minds' approach to Phonics - the Phonics Focus sections - and for a Phonics Alphabetic Code to use in the classroom. The Super Grammar Book comes packaged with the Workbook and it can be used at home or set as homework by the teacher. Murid-murid akan lebih … Detailed correlation charts of Super Minds against the Cambridge English: Young Learners, Key for Schools and Preliminary for Schools exams. Buku ini digunakan di peringkat Sekolah Rendah dalam subjek Bahasa Inggeris. Worksheets are available in English and Spanish. As the students grow, so do the characters, and new faces are introduced every two levels. Whilst exploring social values, the course methodically enhances your students’ thinking skills, sharpening their memory and improving their concentration. Activities and teaching notes for each unit are also available on Emotionary sample with 3 emotion worksheets (English), Emotionary sample with 3 emotion worksheets (Spanish), Teacher's notes and answer key - The Cambridge Teacher, Super Minds Poster Teaching Tips (All levels), Developing Thinking Skills in the Young Learners’ Classroom, Flyers and Key for Schools correlations chart, Preliminary for Schools correlations chart, © Cambridge University Press 2020 Below are some teaching tips that can be used with them in class. Parents' notes enable them to support their child's learning at home. A sample of the Emotionary in English with 3 emotions' illustrations and their corresponding worksheets. Privacy Policy You will also find 7 extra worksheets for other emotions in the book. All remaining worksheets and teaching notes are available on A sample of the Emotionary in English with 3 emotions' illustrations and their corresponding worksheets. As the posters will be a visual reminder of the unit language, use them as a quick warmer, or at the end of class to reinforce the target language. This intensive course covers the YLE exams, going slightly above Flyers in level 6. Terms of use Engaging characters accompany learners on their journey, each with special, super powers. Social values are presented and explored in lively stories that run throughout the course. The link below offers an example worksheet. Craft activities, guided visualisation exercises and with total physical response activities kindle the imagination and make learning English an enjoyable and creative experience for all. Do you have a question or a comment to make? Contact ISBN: 9780521219273. Highly flexible, Super Minds can be adapted to meet available classroom time and your teaching needs: the Student’s Book features both core and extra content, plus an accompanying range of practice activities in the Workbook, and the Classware and Interactive DVD-ROM includes all the material you need to engage your students. Let us know the book, class, access device, license code, username, used browser or if it occcurs in our app: Add comments This book is now available in our online shop. There are also teaching notes for guidance through the units and additional ideas, available only to teachers using the course and registered on The Cambridge Teacher. Book with Audio CD: Level 3 Student's Book with DVD-ROM . Thinking skills are developed and enhanced with activities specially designed to train students’ memory and improve their concentration. Worksheets are available in English and Spanish. Your details will never be used without your permission, or passed to a third party. Written by a highly respected author team, Super Minds has been carefully crafted to help your students achieve their full potential.


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